MT: July 29 – August 4, 2002

VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,673 / Monday – July 29, 2002
The annual “Juniors Future Stars Week” at the Magic Castle runs on Jul. 29-Aug. 4 where the Junior members will have an opportunity to showcase their talents in one of the best environments for magicians in the world. Featured performers include: David Stryker, David Gabbay, Matthew Grunwald, Yuri Drell, Daniel Bradshaw, Justin Rivera, Farrah Siegel, Kristi Toguchi, Joel Broock, Jessica Phillips, Joel Ward, and Jessica Reed. On Wednesday Jul. 31 the Castle will also lower its strict age limit to 13, allowing young magic enthusiasts to visit the Magic Castle and see the shows. For more information click: HERE.(7/29)

The Wizards of Winter Haven (WOW) are featured in a Winter Haven News Chief article that looks at the members of the club and what they are trying to accomplish. Club president James Songster explained, “Our club policy is that if you’re interested in magic, if you have a genuine desire to learn, then you’re welcome to come.” Also mentioned in the article are Joe Vecciarelli, Art Thomas, Nick Pineda, Jason Wethington, Jim Fisher, Homer Pembleton, and Irv Luther. To read the Jul. 22 article by Kimberlee Bethany titled “Wizards gather to wow their compatriots” click: HERE.(7/29)

Steven Parker who teaches, “…the importance of working together, treating everyone equally, obedience and determination through his magical tricks” is featured in a Hawk Eye article that describes part of the show. To read the Jul. 28 article by Katrese Kirk titled “Magic show teaches life lessons” click: HERE.(7/29)
VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,674 / Tuesday – July 30, 2002
Jamy Ian Swiss will present the inaugural “Card Clinic” this year on Sep. 13-15 in New York City. Roberto Giobbi will be the special guest and along with Swiss and some surprise guests will offer intense sessions and events that every card enthusiast will cherish. Unfortunately admission is limited to only 20 participants. When asked why he decided to present this format Swiss told MagicTimes, “The purpose is to offer an alternative to the lecture scene, which seems to grow more dismal by the day. Lectures and conventions are more about selling and performing than they are about teaching and learning.” Explaining what makes this event different Swiss offered, “I think we can give our attendees a memorable and effective experience, that will have long-lasting effects on their magic, from their sleight-of-hand down to their very thinking. Every single student will receive personal, hands-on attention from both Roberto and myself.” Plans are to eventually expand the clinic format to other cities and perhaps other subjects. For more information and reservations click: HERE.(7/30)

Dennis Watkins who is a founding member of The House Theatre ensemble will be staging “Death & Harry Houdini” beginning Oct. 31 at the Viaduct in Chicago. According to a Chicago Sun-Times article “The show, which celebrates the life and death-defying acts of the man called ‘the greatest escape artist of all times,’ will include a re-enactment of the Water Torture Cell stunt by Watkins, along with original music, puppetry and various sorts of magic.” To read the Jul. 29 article by Hedy Weiss titled “The next big thing” click: HERE.(7/30)
VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,675 / Wednesday – July 31, 2002
Jason Michaels and Nelson star in “Magic: Pursuit of a Dream” on Aug. 2-11 at the 80-seat Lakewood Theatre (2211 Old Hickory Blvd.) in Old Hickory, TN. Michaels has worked with Brett Daniels, The Pendragons and The Hamners in the past and this is the first time he will present his own show. The show features “powerful magic, dynamic dance and breathtaking illusions.” Michaels commented, “My show was created to touch my audience at their very core.” Admission is $10 per person. For tickets and information phone: 615-847-9393.(7/31)

Stuart MacDonald in a Daily Telegram article that explains what he is planning, “The act involves MacDonald’s escape from the path of a speeding car that will ram a wall that he is on the other side of.” To read the Jul. 30 article by Jennifer Burd titled “Family Day Celebration features firefighters” click: HERE.(7/31)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,676 / Thursday – August 1, 2002
Criss Angel is planning a stunt on Monday Aug. 26 titled “Submerged” where he will remain submerged upside-down (for the first hour) inside a Water Torture Cell for 24 hours while shackled. At the end of the 24 hours his air supply will be cut off and he will have to escape from the restraints and the water chamber. Throughout the day he will remain in the water without food, sleep or use of a bathroom. The cell, which will hold more that 220 gallons of water, will be on display beginning on Aug. 19 at The World (corner of 43rd Street and Broadway) in New York City.(8/1)

Lance Burton recently taped an interview about Limousines while riding in a giant 38 1/2-foot limo, which was converted into a television studio. The spot is scheduled to air on Wednesday Dec. 4 on The History Channel’s “Modern Marvels — Then and Now.”(8/1)

Felix Snipes’ “Magical Wonder-Full Week-Ends” is scheduled to appear in Dermott, AR (Aug. 2-4), Jackson, TN (Aug. 9-11), Tuscumbia, AL (Aug. 16-18) and Crossville, TN (Aug. 23-25). Admission is free. For more information phone: 770-938-8073.(8/1)

NEVADA: Jeff McBride’s Summer School for magicians takes place on Aug. 2-4 in Las Vegas. Scheduled instructors include: Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Alan Ackerman, Tobias Beckwith, and Channing Pollock. Tuition is $495 per person. For more information click: HERE.(8/1)

Lance Burton with Brittany Evans who is vying for the job of hosting the “Wild on…” series on E! This is part of a big media campaign where 12 women are competing for the vacating star Brooke Burke. Burton sawed Evans in half during one of his live shows and was then interviewed. The segment will most likely air on September 3. (Photo: Wayne Bernath).(8/1)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,677 / Friday – August 2, 2002
The unofficial “National Psychic Week” is scheduled for August and The James Randi Educational Foundation is in the news. An ABC News story looks at the million-dollar challenge and why the prominent TV psychics are not going for it. Randi is quoted, “This is easy money for the thousands of people out there who claim to have special powers… Prove it. Take our money. Please. Operators are standing by.” Uri Geller is also said to be “…speaking to NASA officials to get the singer [Michael Jackson] booked on a future space flight. He also says he’s been mentally preparing his pop-star pal for blastoff.” To read the Jul. 30 article by Buck Wolf titled “Big Bucks for Psychics” click: HERE.(8/2)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,678 / Saturday – August 3, 2002
Derren Brown in a Mail on Sunday article which describes him as “…fast becoming Britain’s best-known mind-reader.” The article described his home, asked about his magic and reported his upcoming projects, “This autumn he has his first series, followed by another special and, next year, a nationwide tour.” Describing what magic should be Brown said, “What magic should offer people is that Harry Potter, wizard thing. It should be on the one hand quite childlike, and on the other intellectually challenging. It should get under your skin.” To read the Jul. 28 article titled “I can read your mind” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(8/3)

Ramsay Gardens which was named after magician Johnny Ramsay is scheduled to be turned into a beer garden. According to an Evening Times article a Magic Circle spokes-man said, “Johnny Ramsay is world famous. It’s sad he’s not held in the same high esteem in his home town. An ugly beer garden being built is just an insult.” To read the Aug. 1 article titled “Garden of magician to vanish” click: HERE.(8/3)

A 3,700-year old Egyptian birth-brick was recently found in outside Abydos in southern Egypt. What makes this interesting is that according to a Discovery News article “Magical wands appear to have been used by a magician or magical practitioner to delineate a protective boundary around the birthplace and subsequently to protect the newborn from harmful forces.” The article also reported that “Remains of magic wands were found with the Abydos birth-brick, which likely was used by Egyptian princess Renseneb.” To read the Aug. 1 article by Jennifer Viegas titled “Ancient Egyptian Birth Brick Found” click: HERE.(8/3)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,679 / Sunday – August 4, 2002
Rolando Santos is featured in a Hispanic Business Magazine article that looks at his career in television and his interest in magic. Currently Santos is the executive vice-president and general manager of CNN Headline News who explained, “Laughter and entertainment are universal. In any country that I’m in, I can do a magic trick almost without speaking and it’ll get a laugh or a smile.” He is described as, “…an accomplished magician. His specialty is card tricks, though he also dabbles with coins. He contributes to and is an associate editor of The Linking Ring, the official magazine of the international brotherhood of magicians. He’s also a member of the Magic Circle — a society of magicians based in London – and has written for Magic magazine.” To read the Jul/Aug article by Tim Dougherty titled “Man Behind the News” click: HERE.(8/4)
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