MT: August 12-18, 2002

VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,687 / Monday – August 12, 2002
“Mind, Magic and Madness” runs for one-night only on Wednesday Aug. 14 at 8pm at the Trump Plaza Showroom in Atlantic City, NJ. Hosted by Jim Karol the show will feature Todd Robbins with headliner Ethan Bauer who is described as a “21-year old ‘phenom’ who can do amazing feats with his mind and body. …he will debut his incredible new routine ‘one in a million’ where over 300 audience members will be used. The audience members will be asked to think of any movie, celebrity and country. Ethan will correctly name all of them!” The show is scheduled for a long run next spring. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 800-736-1420 or clicking: HERE.(8/12)
–To read the Aug. 10 article by Todd Dawson about the show in The Morning Call titled “Jim Karol magically transforms” click: HERE.(8/12)

Ricky Jay’s show “Ricky Jay: On The Stem” which started running on Apr. 13, opened on May 2 and was scheduled run through Jul. 14 keeps selling out and getting extended. Most recently the show has been extended through Sep. 1 but rumors have it possibly continuing through December. Tickets for the show at the Second Stage Theatre (307 West 43rd Street) in New York City are available by phoning: 212-246-4422. Shows run Tuesdays-Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 7pm.(8/12)

Clyde Keeley who runs “The Magic Shop” explained in a Star Press article, “I have lots of interesting things here.” Keeley also pointed out, “I’ve found that magic is kind of a therapy for young children who are shy… It kind of brings them out of their shell.” To read the Aug. 11 article by John Carlson titled “Magic man delivers fun” click: HERE.(8/12)

Wayne Hinkel is featured in The Star Press where he is called “a compulsive entertainer.” Hinkel explained what he gets out of being a magician, “I did a show for senior citizens one night… Afterward, this lady looked me in the eye and said, ‘I’ve never believed in magic – until tonight.’ That’s the nicest compliment anybody could pay me.” To read the Aug. 11 article by Scott Underwood titled “Local magician is a compulsive entertainer” click: HERE.(8/12)

Bruce Cervon, Jonathan Levit, Gregory Wilson, Ivan Amodei, Brandon Scott, Brad Cummings, Alexander Mabros, and Dan Jordan appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Aug. 12-18. Dan Jordan lectures on Sunday Aug. 18.(8/12)

VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,688 / Tuesday – August 13, 2002
Gay Blackstone is profiled in the Sturgis Journal which caught up with her while she was attending Abbott’s Get-Together with Charles and Regina Reynolds. The article pointed out that “First she visits the gravesite of her late husband, Harry Jr. He died in 1997 and was buried in Colon along with his famous magician father, Harry Sr.” There is also mention of one of her next projects, “Wednesday, she starts working with actors Robert Stack, Eric Estrada, Lee Majors, Laura McKenzie and Jason Alexander on a new project for ABC, ‘American Adventurers.'” Blackstone commented that “…her new path of producing and directing films and lecturing around the world is done in true Blackstone style.” To read the Aug. 12 article by Terry Katz titled “Widow works visit in to busy schedule” click: HERE.(8/13)

Bryan Dean’s guide to Magic and Illusion is mentioned in a New Straits Times article that comments, “I found the exposure section where articles discuss the rights and wrongs of exposing magic tricks secrets fascinating.” To read the Aug. 12 article titled “Craft ideas for rainy days” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/13)

Todd Robbins performs at the 52nd Anniversary party for “Petey’s Palace” on Thursday Aug. 15 at 8pm at The Triad Theater & Lounge (158 W. 72nd St.) in New York City. Also scheduled to appear are: Casey Kennedy, The J. Walter Hawkes Trio,  Todd Londagin, Twirla, Stipteaser Lukki, Dana Pontani and The Pontani Sisters. Tickets are $10 plus a two drink minimum per person. For more information phone: 212-362-2590.(8/13)

Gopinath Muthukad takes his show “Vismaya Bharatha Yathra” (Magical Indian Journey) on a tour through all the states in India on Aug. 15 through Oct. 31. The show features many large illusions and a 25-member troupe. The five tons of equipment and the cast will be traveling by bus and lorry for its 4,000km journey. Muthukad was also instrumental in creating the Magic Academy and holding several magic conventions.(8/13)

MISSOURI: The Midwest Magic Jubilee takes place on Aug. 15-17 at the Airport Marriott Hotel in St. Louis. Traditionally this convention has attracted some of the best magicians in the business and this year’s lineup is once again top-nothch. Performers include: Gaeten Bloom, Kevin James, Mike Finney, Diamond Jim Tyler, John Carney, Dana Daniels, Sean Bogunia, John Mendoza, Bruce Block, Micheal Eaton, Tom Burgoon, Terry Richison, Steve Draun, Dan Fleshman, Dan Lornitis, Cherie Kay, Danny Cole, Jimmy Molinari, Steve Corbitt, Jason Baney, Rachel Wild & Tom Jones, Satoru Furukawa, Todd Lamanske, and some special guests. For more information and registration click: HERE.(8/13)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,689 / Wednesday – August 14, 2002
Marco Tempest who is appearing at the Techno Surprises Week in Dubai is featured in a Gulf News article that about his upcoming “Digimagical World” show. The article reported that, “Tempest explained that his show combines magic and computer technology, using computer-generated imagery, video screens, music and stagecraft.” Tempest pointed out that, “Technology is around us, but some people are still afraid of it. The show takes a positive approach to technology and suggests it can be used to have fun. People can be educated to enjoy technology and my performance is a step in this direction.” To read the Aug. 8 article by Barbara Bibbo titled “Techno week to get off to a magical start” click: HERE.(8/14)

Award winners at this year’s Abbott’s Magic Get-Together in Colon, MI were: Devlin (Jack Gwynne Excellence in Presentation Award), Chris Capehart (Senator Crandall Award for Comedy), and Julius Frack (Bill Baird/Neil Foster Award for Manipulation). The senior stage competition winners were: Zubrick Magic (1st Place), Kim Quinlan (2nd Place), and Kenneth J. Foley (3rd Place). The junior stage competition winners were: Eli Portala (1st Place), Ryan Makowski (2nd Place), and Ariel & Damara Chaudhuri (3rd Place).(8/14)

Bob Raynor who performs and teaches magic at Sierra’s Restaurant in Canoga Park, CA every Wednesday is featured in a Los Angeles Daily News article. To read the Aug. 10 article titled “Tricks And Eats; Kids Hungry For Fun Turn To Magic Bob” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/14)

The annual Abracadabra show at the Playhouse in the Park in Cincinnati, OH runs this week on Aug. 15-18. Featured performers this year are: Greg Frewin, Goldfinger & Dove, Jeff Hobson, and Pat Hazell. For more information click: HERE.(8/14)

“Magic Under the Stars” starring The Gleasons, Tina Lenert, Mike Caveney and Randy Pryor takes place on Friday Aug. 16 at 7pm at the Pearson Park Amphitheatre in Anaheim, CA. For more information click: HERE.(8/14)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,690 / Thursday – August 15, 2002
Marc Salem who continues to sell-out his “Mind Games” show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is getting great press in the local newspapers. An Evening News article on the 14th described him as, “With his schoolmasterly demeanour and liberal use of quick-fire humour, the diminutive New Yorker rattles through a simply wonderful (in the truest sense of the word) routine which has his audience agog in awe.” While the Daily Record commented, “With humour as sharp as a tack, Marc Salem’s mix of wit and wisdom is impossible to fathom out.” On Aug. 8 an Evening News article interviewed Salem about his careers, childhood and his future projects. Salem tipped his next TV project for BBC, “…I miss teaching every single day, which is why at the moment I am working with the BBC on a series that will wed my academic and theatrical backgrounds to produce a show that will be part chat show, part entertainment, but also teach you about memory and thought processes.” The show runs through Aug. 26 at the Assembly Rooms.
–To read the Aug. 14 article in the Evening News by Stuart Farquhar titled “Marc Salem” click: HERE.(8/15-Member Site).
–To read the Aug. 10 Daily Record article by Mike Wilson titled “Salem’s A Lot Of Fun” click: HERE.(8/15)
–To read the Aug. 8 article in the Evening News by Liam Rudden titled “One fringe act who is sure to speak his mind” click: HERE.(8/15-Member Site).

Ken McCreedy is teaching magic this week at the Bermuda Magic workshop where around 35 students have enrolled. A Bermuda Sun article quotes co-ordinator O’Brian Roberts, “The workshop is basically Bermuda Magic’s way of investing in Bermuda’s local talent.” To read the Aug. 14 article by Laura Bell titled “McCreedy’s magic touch” click: HERE.(8/15)

Six-year old Eli Portala who won the Abbott’s Junior Contest last week appears with the Toledo Symphony on Aug. 18 at 7:30pm at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater. HE will also appear with them on Aug. 31 at 7:00pm at the Maumee Bay State Park Amphitheater.(8/15)

Chris Priest in an Express & Star article talks about going to perform at the Magic Castle, “I won the British Close Up Magic Championship last year and the people at the Magic Castle saw a video of the show and asked me to go over to the States and perform…. They’ve asked me to go back again this year and there are three of us going over.” To read the Aug. 14 article titled “Magician conjures return to Hollywood” click: HERE.(8/15)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,691 / Friday – August 16, 2002
It has been twenty years since David Copperfield launched his Project Magic, which has been helping patients in hospitals around the world by teaching them simple magic tricks that act as physical therapy and motivate them to become healthier. In celebration, Project Magic will hold its first International Convention/Workshop on Oct. 31-Nov. 2 at the MGM Grand-Hotel in Las Vegas. Copperfield will attend and conduct the final event, which is a workshop with Julie De Jean. The convention is open to Project Magic members, magicians, health care professionals, special education providers, and the media. Registration is $70 per person. For more information click: HERE.(8/16)

CALIFORNIA: Eugene Burger presents his  “The Mystery of Myself: Uncovering My Magical Persona” Lecture on Tuesday Aug. 20 at the Ramada Inn (2900 N. San Fernando Blvd.) in Burbank. Admission is $25 per person. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(8/16)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,692 / Saturday – August 17, 2002
Jon LeClair who will perform at the North Port Library on Saturday Aug. 17 is featured in a Sun Herald article. LeClair describes himself as a “congenial conjurer” and explained that “…he endeavors to teach his audience about the world and some of its different cultures through his show.” LeClair also commented that, “I’ve felt for a long time that if you don’t have anything to say you shouldn’t be allowed up on stage.” LeClair’s wife, Kuniko Yamamoto, will be appearing at the library on Aug. 24. To read the Aug. 16 article by Anu Varma titled “Magician to appear at library Saturday” click: HERE.(8/17)

Marco Tempest’s show in Dubai on Aug. 15 is reviewed in a Gulf News article. The article described many of the incredible sounding effects that Tempest is now performing. An example of some of the magic is, “Together with the magician, the man entered the giant screen. Suddenly, the screen froze, and the man in the screen shrink into the size of a fly. Marco stepped out of the screen with the man in his hand, and showed this image to the audience through the screen.” To read the Aug. 16 article by Barbara Bibbo’ titled “Tech show proves a stunner” click: HERE.(8/17)

Ricky Jay in a Newsday article about con games pointed out that, “People often say to a magician, ‘Well, I wouldn’t play cards with you,’ but I think most people who can do magic would have no idea how a con mob operates… I have a genuine interest in confidence games and magic, but they’re different genres. And one is illegal.” To read the Aug. 16 article by Robert Kahn titled “There’s No Conning This Card Trickster” click: HERE.(8/17)

Patrick Drake who is performing at the Halifax International Busker Festival is featured in a Halifax Daily News article that described his show as a stand out “for his rather old- fashioned, low-tech act, using simple props like coins, cards and cups, and dazzling with sleight of hand.” To read the Aug. 16 article by Marilyn Smulders titled “The word from…Patrick Drake” click: HERE.(8/17)

Torkova, Kenny Brown, and Rocco headline at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 19 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(8/17)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,693 / Sunday – August 18, 2002
72H (72 Hours: The Ultimate Mentalism Gathering) is the latest in a growing number of specialized magic conventions which target and cater to magicians that specialize in a particular branch of magic. 72H is the brainchild of Andy Leviss and Quinn Pearl and will focus on mentalism. Asked about what will make this convention special, Leviss told MagicTimes, “We’re getting rid of the typical ‘stuck in a meeting room for three days’ atmosphere of most conventions, and pulling out all the stops in making this truly the most incredible learning and sharing experience we possibly can, for both those seriously experienced in mentalism and those just starting out in the field.” The guest of honor for the inaugural event is Banachek. Featured performers and lecturers include Craig Browning, Quinn Pearl, Michael Phillips, Rick Maue, and Andy Leviss. 72H will take place on Oct. 11-13 in Portsmouth, NH. For more information phone: 617-448-7124 or e-mail:

Denny Haney, Puck, Andrew Goldenhersh, Mallory Lewis & Lamb Chop, Chris Dugdale, Phil Jay, Chris Priest, and J. C. Dunn appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Aug. 19-25. J. C. Dunn lectures on Sunday Aug. 25.(8/18)
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