Friday, May 20, 2022

[MyMagic] Almost Real

This week I will introduce you to the second Obie O’Brien product that I acquired from his estate.

[MyMagic] Swiss Erasers

I recently ran out of the Walking Liberty Eraser Coins so in the process of making more I decided to add two more variants to the line.

[MyMagic] Kolossal

Before I start re-branding and manufacturing the three routines, I wanted to offer you the original stock. The first two items are jumbo card routines that were printed for Obie by Ton Onosaka’s Magic Land.

[MyMagic] Card Presses

I recently ordered some card presses for my gambling store and was surprised that there was a price drop on them. As I was restocking them, I realized that they could be ideal for holding decks of cards in an isolated condition to enhance predictions.

[MyMagic] Paul On Max

When I originally offered you the Max Malini book, I was also going to recommend the download of Paul Daniels’ show about Malini that he performed at the West End in London. What I didn’t realize is that I never converted it into a digital download.

[MyMagic] Rainbows

I am going to let you in on a secret. Many years ago, I came across the Bicycle Rainbow Decks that were made by the United States Playing Card Company.

[MyMagic] Malini

Max Malini who passed away in 1942 is a mysterious legend. It is amazing how a close-up magician can become so popular based on the many stories and tricks that his contemporaries shared about him.

[MyMagic] Show Biz

One of the other things I learned from Harry Anderson is his desire to give gifts to the audiences during performances, which give them something to remember him by, and possibly the routine that used that prop.

[MyMagic] One Thousand

A few weeks ago, Lisa Menna pointed out that I was approaching my 1,000th newsletter and I should make it something special.

[MyMagic] Appetizers

In the last newsletter I hinted that I purchased the rights to another product line. This time it was the three tricks and two books that were produced by one of my oldest friends in magic, Obie O’Brien, who passed away a few months ago.
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