MT: July 10-16, 2000

VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 924 / Monday – July 10, 2000 
John Edward, a self-proclaimed, psychic medium who hears the dead is getting his own TV series on Mondays at 11pm on the Sci-Fi Channel. Edward who has been making the talk show circuit lately is one of the best “cold readers” you can see. If you know anything about cold reading, watching him work is very educational. In a Toledo Blade article James “The Amazing” Randi explains some of the techniques Edward uses and challenges him to submit to a test under controlled conditions. To read the Jul. 9 article by Elaine Liner titled “Sci-Fi series focuses on psychic” click: HERE.(7/10)

Amos Levkovitch, Barry Price, Bob Jardine, Ed Ellis, Bill Chaudet, Mark Haslam, Jerry Layne, and Ross Horwitz appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jul. 10-16. Barry Price lectures on Sunday Jul. 16.(7/10)

Harvey Simpson performs at the Rancho Santa Margarita Library (30902 La Promesa) in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA on Jul. 11-12 at 2pm. For more information phone: 949-459-6094.(7/10)

Jerry Sadowitz continues to get press in conjunction with his live magic show. The latest is an article in The Times where he is called, “…one of comedy’s best-kept secrets.” To read the Jul. 8 article by Stephanie Billen click: HERE.(7/10)

NEW JERSEY: Darwin Ortiz gives one of his very rare lectures on Wednesday Jul. 12 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit – Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. Cost to non-members is $12. For more information phone Al Hillman at: 732-257-3456 or click: HERE.(7/10)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 925 / Tuesday – July 11, 2000 
After six successful years at the exclusive Boca Raton Resort and Club Bill Malone will be opening a new revamped club with illusions designed by Jim Steinmeyer on Nov. 1. Malone told Magic Times that the new club will be “the nicest and most elegant magic venue in the world.(7/11) …Go to full story

Jerry Sadowitz’ show is reviewed in the London Evening Standard. Sadowitz is described as, “He’s rated as among the top six close-up magicians in the country, but he performs his tricks so casually that you begin to take his brilliance for granted; or maybe Sadowitz is just too funny to be given the credit he deserves as a magician. This show comes highly recommended in any case.” To read the Jul. 10 review by Andrew Martin titled “Jerry Jerry Good Indeed: An Evening with Jerry Sadowitz” click: HERE.(7/11)

David Oliver performs an extended bar show on Tuesday Jul. 11 at 9pm at the Green Street Grill in Cambridge, MA. While the “Magicians & Spirits” cabaret show goes on hiatus for the summer a magician performs behind the bar each week throughout. The show is free to all patrons. For more information phone: 617-491-8609.(7/11)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 926 / Wednesday – July 12, 2000 
George Schindler’s World of Illusion Show has toured the east cost on and off for more than 25 years with various supporting casts. This year’s edition features George & Nina Schindler along with Jeff O’Lear and Mario Christopher. “Cecil” will also make a special appearance. The 90-minute show featuring comedy magic, audience participation, and illusions will be at the Sullivan County Festival of the Arts in Loch Sheldrake, NY on Thursday Jul. 13 with shows at 3pm and 8pm. For tickets and information phone: 914-434-5750.(7/12)

An Evening with Jerry Sadowitz featuring Close-up magic and stand-up comedy on Jul. 13-16 at the Soho Theatre (21 Dean Street) in London. For tickets and information phone: 020 7478 0100.(7/12)

Jim Bentley performs at the Oak Ridge museum (300 S. Tulane Ave.) in Oak Ridge, TN on Thursday Jul. 13 at 7pm. The show which mixes magic, science and comedy is open to the public and is free.(7/12)

Marc Salem and All That Jazz is reviewed in the New York Post. The reviewer closed with a statement that has never been associated with any other mentalist, “This unprepossessing fellow offers an unusual show, one you may wish (as I did) could have gone on longer.” To read the Jul. 11 review by Chip Deffaa titled “Salem’s Lot: Pure Magic” click: HERE.
–For more information click: HERE.(7/12)

Jerry Sadowitz’s one-man show is reviewed in The Guardian where it is described as, “The magic itself is better than fine, a constant flurry of swiftness that is worth the price of admission alone. But it is also the grounding of normality which keeps him together. There is nothing of conventional show business in his performance. …In any rational world, Sadowitz would be star. But this is an irrational world and dominating it is enough.” To read the Jul. 11 review by Peter Preston titled “The manic magic man” click: HERE.(7/12)

Lyn Dillies will be producing two Asian elephants (Emily and Ruth) in front of a live audience on Friday Aug. 11 at 9pm for the reopening of the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, MA. To read the Jul. 11 company press release titled “Nationally Renowned Illusionist To Defy The Depths Of Animal Illusions At Massachusetts Zoo Opening” Click: HERE.(7/12)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 927 / Thursday – July 13, 2000 
One of the most difficult things of late was to find the actual competition results for the 21st FISM World Magic Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal on Jul. 3-8. Finally, we contacted Hank Moorehouse who was the U.S. representative on the F.I.S.M. jury and he gave us all of the facts. There were close to 150 competitors entered in the eight categories. Around a third of them competed in the close-up and cards divisions. Click below to get all of the detailed results.(7/13) …Go to full story

All-Star baseball player Ryan Dempster who pitches for the Florida Marlins is also a magician. In a Toronto Sun article he was described as, “…the ace of the Marlins staff as well as being the lone magician in their clubhouse. He is in Atlanta to put on a show, both with his sleight-of-hand card tricks and on the mound.” Asked if he would perform magic in the clubhouse, “If they want them, I’ve brought them …I’ve brought some A material, yeah.” The Jul. 11 article by Mike Rutsey was titled “Magical time for Dempster.”(7/13)

Glen Gerard headlines at the Comedy Cafe (615 E. Brady) in Milwaukee, WI on Jul. 13-15 with one show on Thursday at 8pm and two shows Friday and Saturday at 8pm and 10:15pm. For more information and reservations phone: 414-271-JOKE.(7/13)

CALIFORNIA: Pavel lectures for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Squished Eye Ball Theatre (340 Mason St.) in San Francisco on Wednesday Jul. 19 at 7:30pm. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(7/13)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 928 / Friday – July 14, 2000 
Melinda who opened in Las Vegas this month with a new show, “Melinda: First Lady of Magic,” at The Venetian’s C2K is the Las Vegas Showbiz’s cover story. She describes her show as, “This is a brand-new show. It is nothing like what I’ve done in my shows in Vegas before. It’s much larger and the illusions are way grander than before. We have four female dancers and five guy dancers. I go through 15 to 20 costume changes and the magic is constant and on many levels.” Included in the story is a detailed biography and chronology of her live show, TV appearances and her career in general. She also describes how she continuously improves her show. To read this week’s article by Richard Abowitz titled “Melinda, First Lady of Magic: A Vegas legend is reborn” click: HERE.(7/14)

The Amazing Johnathan performs at the Comedy Forum (4141 North Cloverleaf Drive) in St. Peters, MO on Jul. 14-15 at 8pm and 10:15pm. Cost is $15-$17.50 per person. For more information phone: 636-498-1234.(7/14)

Teller recounts a hysterical incident that happened to him while in Calcutta, India in the New York Times. The story is part of Richard Ford’s “Short Stories by Writers Who Got Away” feature. To read the Jul. 12 story titled “Making Bubbles in Calcutta” click: HERE. (You may have to join the NY Times – for free – to view this).(7/14)

The Amazing Johnathan who is performing at a comedy club in the St. Louis area this weekend is profiled in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He describes his show as, “It’s kind of a magic-gone-wrong type of a show… I’m like an evil magician. There’s a lot of horror in the show, but it’s offset by the comedy.” To read the Jul. 13 article by Doug Kaufman titled “Amazing comedian’s spectacle is swarming with outrageous stunts” click: HERE.(7/14)

Tyler Allen an 11-year old magician from Pass Christian, MI is featured in The Sun Herald. Asked about his magic he said, “I go over and over it until I master a trick… Some tricks take 30 minutes, and some take days.” To read the Jul. 13 article by Marti Schuman titled “Magician has trick up his sleeve” click: HERE.(7/14)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 929 / Saturday – July 15, 2000
The United States Playing Card Co. in Norwood, OH which has been supplying all of us some of the best quality playing cards in the world since 1894 is featured in a Cincinnati Post article. The focus of the article is their Playing Card Museum which has the largest playing card collection in the US (worth between $3 and $4 million) and the effect of playing cards in our culture, and language. Museum curator Ronald Decker talks about visiting magicians, “I’ll be discoursing on the early history of Chinese cards, and they’ll be pulling coins out of my ears.” We also get a brief history on the origin of playing cards. To read the Jul. 13 article by Geoff Williams titled “House Of Cards: Museum mirrors popular culture” click: HERE.(7/15)

The “Basin Street Follies” at the Showboat in Atlantic City featuring Murray is reviewed in The Bergan Record. To read the Jul. 14 review by Chuck Darrow titled “Why Vaudeville Died” click: HERE.(7/15)

Michael Kaplan who performs under the name of Gandalf the Wizard Clown all over Long Island, NY settled with Tolkien Enterprises who have been suing him for the past seven years for the use of the name. The Gandalf character appeared in a 1937  book, “The Hobbit,” by Tolkien. Kaplan asserts that both used a name from 10th century Norse mythology which made the name public domain. The resolution will allow him to continue using the name but it will be under license from Tolkien Enterprises. To read the Jul. 14 Associated Press article by Larry McShane titled “Gandalf Clown Cuts Deal To Keep Name” click: HERE.(7/15)

A fundraiser for the family of Ronnie Cee (Ronnie Chunn) featuring Al the Only (magician), Jim Oakley (juggler),  Jill Washburn (comedian), and Bill Thomas (comedian), will take place on the next two Saturdays at 2pm and 7pm at Wunderground Upstage Magic Theater (Main Street and 11 Mile in Royal Oak) in Detroit, MI. Next weeks shows are held on Jul. 22 at 2pm and 7:30pm at Clintondale High School in Clinton Township. To read the Neal Rubin Detroit News article click: HERE.(7/15)

Triple Espresso featuring magician Bill Arnold is reviewed in the Providence Journal Arts. Arnold is described as, “…a terrific magician. In fact, he’s so good that he can make doing bad magic, in which everything goes wrong at just the right moment, look good.” To read the Jul. 11 review by William K. Gale titled “Triple Espresso is just decaf at PPAC” click: HERE.(7/15)

VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 930 / Sunday – July 16, 2000
Siegfried & Roy and their motion picture “Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box” recently received a “FAB Award of Excellence” from The Film Advisory Board.  Previous recipients include Ted Turner, Liza Minnelli, Jack Lemmon and Bette Davis. President Elayne Blythe presented the award backstage at the Mirage  saying that the film, “…epitomizes excellence in family and children’s entertainment, surpassing every criterion of the award requirements. It was sheer joy to watch.” The IMAX-3D feature has also garnered multiple Maximum Image Awards, being named Best 3D Picture and Best 3D Cinematography of the new millennium.(7/16)

Michael Chaut, Chris McDaniel, Jamy Ian Swiss, Simon Lovell, and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 17 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(7/16)
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