MT: September 28 – October 4, 1998

VOLUME: 9 / ISSUE: 273 / Monday – September 28, 1998
Jon Stetson, Marcelo Contento, Don Konick, Steve Kradolfer, Mike Bent, and David Oliver appear in “Magicians & Spirits” at The Green Street Grill in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday Sep. 29. Show starts at 10pm, bar magic at 9pm. All seats $10. For more info phone: 617-876-1655.(9/28)

Mike Barger, Barry Price, Earl Nelson, Sylvester the Jester, Peter Pit, Andy Amyx, Loren C. Michaels, and Aldo Colombini appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Sep. 28 – Oct. 4.(9/28)

Shaun Yee is the star lecturer at the Magic Circle in London, England on Monday Sep. 28 at their new premises. Lecture is open to Magic Circle Members only.(9/28)
VOLUME: 9 / ISSUE: 274 / Tuesday – September 29, 1998 
The Magic of Allen Valentine opened on Sept. 20 at the Tropicana Casino Resort in Atlantic City and is scheduled to run through Nov 27. The show promises “…a vanishing tank in a gangster’s hideout, magical frolicking on a deserted island, mysteries in a haunted house and then jet-pack to action and adventure high above the Manhattan skyline…all without leaving your seat.” Tickets range from $7.50 to $15 and are available through Ticketmaster by phoning 800-736-1420.(9/29)

John Dudley from Grand Junction, MI interviewed in the August issue of “Business Start-Ups,” about going from part-time to full-time magician and how he books more than 400 shows per year.(9/29)

“The Blackstones: The Father” traces the 50 year career of Blackstone Sr. through music halls, theatres, television and Las Vegas on “Grand Illusions: The Story Of Magic” on the Canadian Discovery channel, Tuesday Sep. 29 at 9:30pm and again on Sep. 30 at 1:30am & 4:30am, Oct. 3 at 7pm and Oct. 4 at 2:30pm ET.(9/29)
VOLUME: 9 / ISSUE: 275 / Wednesday – September 30, 1998
Bruce Barnett, Glen Brooks, Craig Dickson, Greg Gulamerian, Larry Lessner, Simon Lovell, Dave MacDonald, Mike Mills, Larry Moss, Alain Nu, Helen Patti, Scott Payne, Pete Petrashek, Jason Purdy, Paul Richards, Shaun Robison, Jack Shea, Jeff Sterling, Jim Snack, Jania Taylor, and Peter White are featured at NYCAN ‘98 held at the Quality Inn in Albany, NY on Oct. 1-3. For more info visit their website by clicking: HERE.(9/30)

Ali Bongo, Terry Herbert, Neil Martin, Marc Paul and Richard Griffin star in “Unbelievable! Mindblowing Magic for The Millennium” at “The Secombe Theatre” in Sutton, Surrey England. Oct. 1 and 2. For tickets call the box office at: 0181-770-6990.(9/30)

Alfonso Rios, Mark Taylor, Mark Shortland, Jon Allen, and Frank Allen were the big winners at the Shield competition held during the I.B.M. British Ring Annual Convention.(9/30)
VOLUME: 10 / ISSUE: 276 / Thursday – October 1, 1998
Richard Robinson who runs the All Magic Guide and Magic Show has just launched the first magic web site devoted exclusively to video performances by magicians. Magic Theater ( uses both RealVideo and VivoActive streaming video formats, you can see magic performed 24 hours a day. Currently appearing is Torkova with his new Cone & Ball video, Skilldini and Richard Robinson. Robinson told MagicTimes, “Since we put up our first web video in 1995, the interest in watching magic on the web has grown tremendously. At this point it warrants a unique domain dedicated to providing this form of entertainment.” To visit Magic Theater click: HERE.(10/1)

Alan Ackerman, John Bannon, Lennart Green, Chad Long, Jeff McBride, Dale Salwak, and Juan Tamariz are booked for the 27th International Magic Convention on Dec. 4-6 in London, England. For more info e-mail the International Magic Studio by clicking: HERE.(10/1)

David Copperfield in the Circus Maximus Showroom at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas through Oct.14. You can get tickets by phoning: 800-445-4544. (10/1)

Penn and Teller perform on “Saturday Night Live” (episode #449 from the 1985-86 season) on Friday Oct. 2 at 3pm ET on Comedy Central (US-cable-TV).(10/1)
VOLUME: 10 / ISSUE: 277 / Friday – October 2, 1998
The “7th Magic Hand Day” held in Boom, Belgium will feature lectures by Dan Garrett and Pit Hartling on Saturday, Oct. 3. The day will also include a magic competition, ten magic dealers and an evening show. For more information you may phone: 00323/888.27.33 or E-mail:

Julius Frack (Germany), David & Monica (Hungary), Sylvester the Jester (USA), Don Giovani (Belgium), Boris Wild (France), Tony Binarelli (Italy), Juliana Chen (China), Greg Frewin (Canada), Fan Yang (Vietnam), and Netcheporenko (Russia) perform at the “Monte-Carlo Magic Star” held at the “Princess Grace Theater” in Monaco on Oct. 15-18. The magic festival will be presided over by Princess Stephanie. Some of the acts will also be filmed for the TV special “Champions of Magic 3.” Tickets cost around $40 and are available by phoning: (377)

Tom Burgermeister, Ron Fable, Jeffrey Jene, Mark Bond, Bob Bohm, and Len Radde, appear in “Magic Magic 98” at Wehr Hall, Alverno College, 3401 S. 39th St. in Milwaukee, WI on Saturday Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. The show is being sponsored by S.A.M. Assembly No. 61. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for children. Tickets can be purchased at the door or by phoning 414-257-2400.(10/2)

More Secrets Revealed exposes a levitation on Saturday Oct. 3 at 5pm ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(10/2)
VOLUME: 10 / ISSUE: 278 / Saturday – October 3, 1998
Wayne Alan, Jimmy Brown, Marc DeSouza, Rob Roy, and Meir Yedid appear at Magicians 3’s Magic Funday on Sunday Oct. 4 at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Somerset, NJ. The 12 hour day will include 2 lectures, 18 magic dealers, a close-up contest, auction, and an evening show all for only $29. Doors open at 10am with the DeSouza lecture at 1pm, the Yedid lecture at 2pm and the evening show at 7:30pm. For more information phone: 732-291-7323, e-mail:, or visit their website at:

New England’s longest-running theatrical attraction Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company, now in its 23rd year, performs every Sunday in October at 3pm at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more info and tickets call: 978-927-3677.(10/3)

Jerry Lewis stars as a magician who stumbles from one chaotic situation to the next when he joins a U.S.O. tour in the 1958 movie, “The Geisha Boy,” on Sunday Oct. 4 at 10:30am, Oct. 8 at 2:30pm, Oct. 13 at 4:15pm, Oct. 16 at 10:30am  Oct. 20 at 1pm, Oct. 23 at 3:15pm and Oct. 27 at 9:15am ET on HBOFAM-TV (US-cable).(10/3- updated 10/23)
VOLUME: 10 / ISSUE: 279 / Sunday – October 4, 1998
The Millennium Theatre is a 1500-seat theater in Orlando Florida which is looking for acts to perform 2-3 day events. If you have such an act and would like to do it you can contact, the operating manager, Robert Dane by phone: 407-397-9800 # 224, by e-mail:, or you can send a promotional package to: Grand Illusion Productions Inc., P.O. Box 22909, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830.(10/4)

Fred Anderson, Alain Nu, Jeff McBride, Todd Robbins are among the performers appearing at Monday Night Magic on Oct. 5 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(10/4)

Penn and Teller perform on “Saturday Night Live” (episode #454 from the 1985-86 season) on Monday Oct. 5 at 3pm ET on Comedy Central (US-cable-TV).(10/4)
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