MT: April 22-28, 2002

VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,575 / Monday – April 22, 2002
NEW YORK: Max Maven will be the guest of honor at the 32nd Annual Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic “The Original Close-Up Magic Convention” in Batavia on Apr. 24-27. The “by invitation only” convention regularly attracts many of the best close-up magicians in the world who perform, lecture, party and discuss magic during the four sleepless nights.(4/22)

Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster are featured in a recently released book titled “The Two Of Us” whose subject is “true stories about remarkable relationships.” The stories have been culled from the “Good Weekend” column in the Morning Herald Sydney. For more information about the book click: HERE.(4/22)

John Coppin featured in a Green Bay News-Chronicle article which quotes him about the art of magic, “We (magicians) never like calling what we do a trick, because we aren’t trying to trick you… We are creating an illusion or an idea of something happening.” To read the Apr. 21 article by Heather Chrudimsky titled “Local magician has handle on comedy, magic and fun” click: HERE.(4/22)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,576 / Tuesday – April 23, 2002
Reed McClintock’s life story is recounted in The Oregonian, which traces his interest in magic from childhood until now. He got serious about making magic his career when, “At the age of 25, he graduated from college with a degree in visual communications. In a bar on the Oregon coast, he performed nights and practiced days, sometimes 30 hours straight. He dedicated his life, he says, to making each sleight perfect.” The article concludes with McCLintock’s goal for the future, “Through the daily practice of his art, he says, he hopes to someday be seen as the best close-up coin magician in the world.” To read the Apr. 22 article by Spencer Heinz titled “Up his sleeve” click: HERE.(4/23)

Jeff Simon who performed at the Enchanted Kingdom’s (EK) recent press conference is featured in The Manila Times where they report that he “…is set to perform at the Enchanted Kingdom on April 28, and May 4 and 5 in a show entitled Jeff Simon’s World of Magic at the Launch Pad.” To read the Apr. 23 article by John Graciano Roson III and John Paul Tolledo titled “Magic unmasked at The Kingdom” click: HERE.(4/23)
Lennart Green doing coins during his marathon close-up performance on Friday Apr. 5 in Atlanta. The impromptu show lasted several hours as he thoroughly enthralled a group of mathematicians, scientists, artists and puzzlers during the invitational G4G5 event. (Photo: MagicTimes). (4/23)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,577 / Wednesday – April 24, 2002
Charles Bach has taped a live performance of the “World’s First Bungee Jumping Card Trick” in Thailand on Apr. 1.  Fifty-two jumbo cards were spread on the water as he plunged toward them from a height of 52-meters and found the selected card. The video will be used as part of his live shows. Currently Bach is touring Asia with Star Cruises on SuperStar Virgo with his Wonders show. He is also scheduled to appear at the Tucson Magic Convention on May 17-18. Bach credits Bob Massey for the routine.(4/24)

Autumn Morning Star’s show is described in the Starkville Daily News as “…an hour of education and entertainment that include storytelling, flute playing, drumming, dance, sign language and magic. She will be appearing at the Starkville library on Apr. 24. To read the Apr. 21 article by Casey Moore titled “Story teller brings talents to Starkville” click: HERE.(4/24)

The sixth annual “Magic at the Wells” shows sponsored by SAM Assembly #146 on Saturday, Apr. 27 at 4pm and 8pm at the Wells Theatre in Norfolk, VA will feature Michael Rappa, Albers & Co., John Kingry & Family, and Pete Pedersen & Maria. Tickets are $12.50-$15 per person and are available by phoning: 757-627-1234.(4/24)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,578 / Thursday – April 25, 2002
The 94th annual Salute To Magic, which is sponsored by SAM Parent Assembly #1, takes place on Saturday Apr. 27 at 8pm at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center (199 Chambers Street) in New York City. Featured performers include Chuck Jones & Jan, Gay Blackstone, George Schindler & Nina, and Ted Lee. This year’s “Magician of the Year” honor will be given to Bill Andrews who will also recreate Howard Thurston’s “Eggs from Nowhere.” Tickets are $25-$35 per person and are available by phoning: 718-651-7335. On the day of the show tickets will be available at the theater box office.(4/25)

Daniel Madison Byrd Jr. who died on Apr. 21 at the age of 87 was described by his son in The Herald, “As a youth, Byrd worked as a magician and was a student of Houdini… He was noted for driving an automobile while blindfolded down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.” To read the Apr. 23 obituary titled “Former Springs lawyer Byrd dies” click: HERE.(4/25)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,579 / Friday – April 26, 2002
Marc Salem’s upcoming show at the New Ambassadors Theatre in London is the subject of a This Is London article that praises the show and then probes into the hows. The article points out that “He [Salem] does not claim to be a psychic, even if he gives a convincing impression of one.” The article concludes that, “Salem’s job is to fool you. He does it with his slick presentation, gag-a-minute patter and impressive audience skills. Perhaps the biggest tribute is that, having explored the subject more deeply and having worked out some of his methods, I’m still gobsmacked.” To read the Apr. 25 article by Bruce Dessau titled “Theatre of the mind is Salem’s lot” click: HERE.(4/26)

An article about magic in JoongAng Ilbo observes that “Magic defies even science. How then can we explain people floating in the ir, or beautiful assistants being cut in half, only to be put together again with apparent ease? Everyone knows that there is no such thing as real magic. But for unexplainable reasons, people willingly love to suspend their disbelief.” Magicians highlighted in the article are Lee Eun-gyeol and Park Hye-seong. To read the Apr. 26 article by Lee Sang-bok titled “In their world, everything is wonderful” click: HERE.(4/26)

Michael Mander, a former judge, who performed a magic show for charity is featured in the Shropshire Star where it is reported that he “…who was influenced by TV magician Paul Daniels and has been a member of the Magic Circle for a number of years, performed to raise money for Shropshire Air Ambulance and RoadPeace.” To read the Apr. 25 article by David Burrows titled “Former judge showing magical side” click: HERE.(4/26)

NEW YORK: The 57th annual MAWNY takes place on Apr. 28 at the Holiday Inn (8250 Park Road) in Batavia. Headlining is Max Maven with additional performances by Alan Marchese, Jupiter,  Paul Richards & Mike Seege, Jay Mattioli, and Robbie Allen. Registration is $35 per person. For more information click: HERE.(4/26)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,580 / Saturday – April 27, 2002
The “Strolling Olympics” at the Magic Castle on Wednesday Apr. 24 is covered in a Los Angeles Times article which describes it as “…a competitive event in which performers are judged by a panel of their peers. Organizers from the Academy of Magical Arts envision it as the equivalent of stand-up comedy at the Improv.” The winner of the competition was David Shimshi. After the competition Brian Ochab pointed out that “There is a “hipness to [magic] that wasn’t there before… We’ve moved past the old idea of the bad tux and the bad jokes.” Also mentioned in the article are Hillel Gitter, Gordon Bean. To read the Apr. 26 article by Gina Piccalo and Louise Roug titled “Things Get a Little Tricky” click: HERE.(4/27)

Max Maven headlines with Puck and Alex Feldman appearing at Monday Night Magic on Apr.29 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(4/27)

Dixie Dooley was pictured in the Apr. 18 issue of the Henderson Home News where he presented a water escape dressed like an IRS officer in sympathy with the Apr. 15 tax-filing deadline. Last year he escaped after being tied up with red tape by an IRS employee.(4/27)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,581 / Sunday – April 28, 2002
Siegfried & Roy and their ascent to Las Vegas headliners is reported in the Las Vegas Sun where they look at magic in Vegas before and after Siegfried & Roy’s arrival in 1967.Blackstone and Carl Ballantine appeared in Vegas before S&R’s climb from a novelty act in the “Folies Bergere” show to their own show at the Frontier in the early 1980s, which led to their multi-million dollar deal at the Mirage. The article points out that “it was Siegfried & Roy who made magic in all its forms the No. 1 attraction in Las Vegas.” Lance Burton’s career is also recounted, as he too began with the “Folies Bergere” then got his own show and parlayed it into a multi-million dollar production in his own theater. Also mentioned are the Las Vegas careers of David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Steve Wyrick, and Melinda. As a final note the article mentions that Darren Romeo will be opening at the Siegfried & Roy Theater on May 28th with daily afternoon shows. To read the Apr. 26 article by Joe Delaney titled “No trick to making magic work on the Strip” click: HERE.(4/28)

Boris Wild, Allan Hayden, Ray Pierce & Co., Jeff Ezell, B.J. Hickman, and Mark Hendrickson appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Apr. 29-May 5. Boris Wild lectures on Sunday May 5.(4/28)
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