MT: May 27 – June 2, 2002

VOLUME: 53 / ISSUE: 1,610 / Monday – May 27, 2002
A reader asked a David Blaine question in the FYI section of the New York Times and the answer included a story about Houdini and some of his escapades. The article reported that the stunt which opened the doors for Houdini was on July 7, 1912 when he, “…charted a tugboat from McAllister Towing and was ready to be tossed into the river when he was told it was against the law to hold public performances on a Sunday. Undeterred, Houdini instructed the captain, J. P. McAllister, to pilot the tug to Governors Island, federal property where New York laws did not apply. Houdini was then shackled, with the locks checked by McAllister and others, and put in a pine box that was nailed and roped shut and attached to two sewer pipes to ensure that the container was headed for the bottom of the river. The box was then dumped into the water. One minute later, Houdini surfaced.” After the event, “Requests for endorsements and book and film deals poured in.” To read the May 26 article by Ed Boland titled “Houdini’s Sunday Dip” click: HERE. (A members only site).(5/27)

Marc Salem’s Mind Games has just been extended through Jun. 23. The show, which opened on Apr. 30 at the New Ambassadors Theatre in London, has been receiving incredible reviews in all of the newspapers. The Sunday Telegraph called it “the most dazzling evening in town” and it has received several “5-star” and “critics choice” ratings.(5/27)

VOLUME: 53 / ISSUE: 1,611 / Tuesday – May 28, 2002
Frances Ireland Marshall (March 25, 1910-May 26, 2002) died on Sunday at the age of 92. Marshall was the owner of the Chicago magic shop Ireland Magic Co., which she later named Magic Inc. and is perhaps the most influential woman in the male dominated field of magic. Her entire life was spent with magic, as a performer writer and promoter. Marshall was also the founder, in 1938, of Magigals an association for female magicians. She has spent the last few years in a nursing home and is survived by her husband Jay Marshall. Her career as a writer included the following: You Don’t Have To Be Crazy (1946), With Frances In Magicland (1952), Kid Stuff (six volumes/1954-75), How to Sell by Magic (1958), The Sponge Book (1960), The Success Book (four volumes/1973-84), The Happy Birthday Business (1978), My First 50 Years (1981), Those Beautiful Dames (1984), the long running “Around Chicago” column in the Linking Ring Magazine and many other books, booklets, manuscripts and articles. Services will be held in Chicago. For more information you may contact Magic Inc. at: 773-334-2855.(5/28)

Explaining the fascination of the David Blaine stunt is explained in a New York Daily News article, “…the stunt felt like more than the sum of its parts. There’s something simply compelling about a man and his pole — and has been, it seems, forever.” The article also pointed out, “When, after 35 hours at the top, he finally plunged off — and lived — Blaine proved that not only is he brave, strong and nuts, he’s also brilliant.” To read the May 26 article by Lenore Skenazy titled “From One Columnist To Another” click: HERE.(5/28)

Rafael Benatar presents his full-evening show at La Cripta Mágica (Tarragona 15) in Madrid, Spain on May 31 and Jun. 1. For more information phone: 915399696.(5/28)
VOLUME: 53 / ISSUE: 1,612 / Wednesday – May 29, 2002
Tom Mullica will be taking his popular “RED — A Performance Tribute” show to Branson this summer. Scheduled to open on Tuesday Jun. 4 at the Branson Mall Music Theatre (2200 West Highway 76) in Branson the show will feature many of Red Skelton’s best comedy and pantomime routines as interpreted and performed by Mullica. The show is currently scheduled to run on Tuesday-Sunday at 5pm through Jun. 30 with possible extensions. Tickets are $16 per person and are available by phoning: 417-335-5300.(5/29)

Frances Marshall is described in a Chicago Sun Times obituary as, “Unlike many women of her time, she was also a magician, writer and small- business owner.” The obituary also gives pertinent funeral information: “Visitation will be from 4 to 9 p.m. today at Drake & Son Funeral Home, 5303 N. Western. Services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Transfiguration Church, 2609 W. Carmen.” To read the May 28 obituary by Julie Patel titled “Frances Ireland Marshall; ran magic shop” click: HERE.(5/29)

A Frances Marshall obituary appears in the Chicago Tribune. To read the May 28 death notice click: HERE.(5/29)

Dixie Dooley’s show at the Greek Isle Casino in Las Vegas has just been upgraded and the name has changed to “The Houdini Experience.” The new show runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8:30pm. Tickets are $45 per person and are available by phoning: 702-228-7591.(5/29)
VOLUME: 53 / ISSUE: 1,613 / Thursday – May 30, 2002
David Garrity stars in “Illusion Quest,” an illusion show that opened on May 25at Six Flags New England. Garrity told MagicTimes that this “Is the largest illusion show ever produced at Six Flags New England” with more that $250,000 in production costs. The show will run as often as five times a day through Sep. 29 at the Rockville Theatre. Six Flags describe the show, “Mystery and suspense surround this all-new show featuring astonishing appearances, death defying escapes and magical wonder!” “Illusion Quest” is co-produced by Entertainment Magic, Silvertree Productions, and Six! Flags Entertainment. Admission to the show is included with the park’s admission. For more information click: HERE.(5/30)

David Blaine and Michael Jackson to appear for Uri Geller at St James’ Park on Jun. 14 for a benefit for South African charities. To read the May 28 article titled “Jacko Goes To Exeter” click: HERE.(5/30)

Leola E. Wain (Jul. 21, 1905-May 23, 2002) died on May 23 at the age of 96. According to a Pantagraph obituary she “…assisted “LaWain” in their Magic performance throughout the United States and Canada. They performed magic and Punch and Judy shows in area schools, homecomings and on tour of the Southern States in 1938. “Toly” also continued in the magic supply business LaWains House of Magic in Monmouth, at her home at 522 S. 5th St., for more than 25 years.” To read the May 25 obituary click: HERE.(5/30)
VOLUME: 53 / ISSUE: 1,614 / Friday – May 31, 2002
PENNSYLVANIA: John Cassidy will headline at Bob Little’s Super Sunday, on Sunday Jun. 2, with a lecture and his award-winning act with gigantic balloons. Featured performers include John Shryock, Ron Geoffries, Dave Smith, Dominic, and Nadine & Bill Dickson. Admission is a very low $25 per person for this 12-hour (10am-10pm), one-day convention held at The Warrington (Route 611) in Warrington. Auction hosted by Hank Moorehouse, free Champagne, cake, and homemade chocolate. For more information phone: 215-672-3344.(5/31)

“Ayala and Tanya, a Magical Passion” which is currently appearing at Caesars Magical Empire is featured in the Las Vegas Sun where they also give a thorough biography of how Ayala got involved with magic and his career so far. To read the May 30 article by Kristen Peterson titled “Tricked out: Magician Joaquin Ayala still captivated by his craft” click: HERE.(5/31)

Penn & Teller’s show at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills is reviewed in the Los Angeles Times where they point out that, “Some magic fans may not appreciate being asked to consider any subjects outside the world of illusion, but Penn & Teller have never especially catered to that crowd. They’ve always wanted their audiences to think about the meaning of magic and reality.” To read the May 30 review by Don Shirley titled “Unfurling a Banner Act” click: HERE.(5/31)

“The Turk” written by Tom Standage is reviewed on CNN where they quote Standage, “One of the most striking experiences, he says, was visiting the workshop of John Gaughan, a Los Angeles magician and prop-maker who built a Turk reconstruction. ‘He has this amazing old workshop full of automata; it was like stepping back in time to the workshops of Kempelen and Maelzel.” To read the May 30 article by Todd Leopold titled “The computer wore a turban and played chess” click: HERE.(5/31)

Paula Paul and Shedini star in Sexy Secrets, “An all-female topless magic cabaret show,” which will open on May 31 at the Greek Isle Casino in Las Vegas. The show will run on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30pm. Tickets are $39.95 per person and are available by phoning: 702-228-7591.(5/31)

Steve Rodman and Infantino perform at the Manhasset Library in Long Island, NY on Sunday Jun. 2 at 2:30pm.(5/31)

Dirk Arthur opens for Jay Leno on May 30-Jun.1 at the EFX theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. Arthur is scheduled to feature his trademark Helicopter production.(5/31)
VOLUME: 54 / ISSUE: 1,615 / Saturday – June 1, 2002
Theater II at Borough of Manhattan Community College on Chambers St. in lower Manhattan was the site of several showings of a work in progress, elements from a potentially Broadway bound production with a magic theme, a magic story, and lots of magic entitled, “The Magician, Love Conjures All.” Those who attended the five performances presented May 21st through May 23rd witnessed a variety of illusions and smaller magic presented as excerpts from the play. Effects included Things that Go Bump in the Night, The Blackstone Buzz Saw, production of livestock from baby ducklings to bunnies to full grown tigers. …Go to full story.(6/1)

Lance Burton has donated his show and theater for the “Magic of Hope” benefit on Sunday Oct. 6 at 3pm. The show will benefit children through the combined Milton I. Schwartz Hebrew Academy and the City of Hope Pediatric Care charities. The show will take place at the Lance Burton Theatre in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The $100- $250 ticket holders and Corporate Sponsors will also be invited to a V.I.P. reception with Burton.(6/1)

Thomas Chan is profiled in the Jakarta Post where he is described as, “…an award-winning magician who has traveled around the world, amazing people from all walks of life, including the president of the United States and the Queen of England.” To read the May 31 article by Hera Diani titled “Chan’s key to magic: Originality” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/1)

David Garrity’s show “Illusion Quest” at Six Flags New England is covered in a East Hartford Gazette article that also recounts his career as a magician. To read the May 31 article titled “Success no illusion for local magician” click: HERE.(6/1)

Danny Alan, Michael Chaut, Torkova, Peter Samelson, Todd Robbins, Carl Mercurio, and Rich Cohn appearing at Monday Night Magic on Jun. 3 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(6/1)

“Evenings Of Wonder” is a series of magic shows scheduled for every Saturday at 9-10pm at the Rogue Magic Shop (85-08 Queens Blvd.) in Elmhurst, NY. The shows will feature magicians and occasional variety artists. General admission seating is $5 per person. For more information and reservations phone: 718-505-0316.(6/1)

IL,WS,MA,CT,PA,NY,NJ: Legendary street magician and Slydini student Jim Cellini is on a lecture tour throughout the United States with stops in Franklin Park, IL (Jun. 3), Milwaukee, WS (6), Watertown, MA (15), Wallingford, CT (17), Philadelphia, PA (18), New York, NY (21) and Linden, NJ (24). For more information click: HERE.(6/1)
VOLUME: 54 / ISSUE: 1,616 / Sunday – June 2, 2002
After a long absence, the weekly magic show in Boston “Magicians and Spirits” will be back on Monday Jun. 3 at a new location and under a new name. The new series is called the “Mystery Lounge” and will take place every Monday at 8pm at The Comedy Studio (1236 Massachusetts Ave.) in Cambridge, MA. Featured performers will include: Mike Bent, Jon Stetson, David Oliver, Erik Rochelle, Steve Kradolfer, and Alexander. Admission is $10 per person and reservations can be made by phoning: 617-661-6507.(6/2)
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