MT: April 1-7, 2002

VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,554 / Monday – April 1, 2002
Ascanio was one of the most influential figures in close-up card magic of the 20th century. Most of his impact was absorbed by the many talented magicians of Spain who have become stars due to the respect for the art and analytical approach taught by Ascanio. In honor and memory of the fifth anniversary of Ascanio’s passing the Madrid circle of the Spanish Magic Society (SEI) has organized a year of theoretical lectures which feature a whose who list of the thinkers and philosophers of magic. March speakers included Juan Tamariz, Antonio Ferragut and Jesús Etcheverry. Future speakers scheduled for the year are: Henry Evans (Apr. 4), Rafael Benatar (Apr. 22), Antonio Romero (Apr. 29), Miguel Gómez (May 6), Bernard Bilis (May 20), José Luis Soler (May 27), Tommy Wonder (Jun. 3), Camilo (Jun. 10), Jorge Blass (Jun. 24), Donald (Oct. 7), DarMan (Oct. 21) and Roberto Giobbi (Nov. 11). For more information click: HERE.(4/1)

Penn & Teller appear at the Carpenter Center in Richmond, VA on Apr. 2-7 and then go back to Las Vegas where they will perform at the Samba Theatre in the Rio Hotel & Casino on Apr. 12 through May 5.(4/1)

John Carney, Bruce Cervon, Jonathan Levit, Tom Ogden, Mark Haslam, Schneedles, and Joshua Seth appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Apr. 1-7. Jay  Scott Berry lectures on Sunday Apr. 7.(4/1)

MICHIGAN: Dan Garrett, Peter Marucci, Rick Fisher and Gordon Miller appear at the annual Michigan Magic Day on Apr. 6 in Lansing. Sponsored by IBM Ring 54, the one-day convention features lectures, contests, closeup and evening shows. For more information e-mail:
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,555 / Tuesday – April 2, 2002
Mac King’s new book “Tricks With Your Head: Hilarious Magic Tricks and Stunts to Disgust and Delight” is discussed in a Las Vegas Sun article which describes it, “With co-author Mark Levy, King has compiled a slew of goofy gags sure to stun and amaze unsuspecting audiences big and small.” The article then explains how you can apparently break your nose after stipulating that “Yes, folks, even you can learn to eat a flame, swallow a knife and gulp a goldfish.” To read the Apr. 1 article by Lisa Ferguson titled “Messing with your head” click: HERE.(4/2)
–To buy the book for $8.80 click: HERE.

Murray Hatfield & Teresa, Sean Bogunia, Jay Mattioli, R.G. Smith, and Marty Putz star in “R.G. Smith’s 15th Annual Comedy & Magic Spectacular” which will tour through Pennsylvania and Maryland during April with stops at: The Forum in Harrisburg, PA on Apr. 5 at 7pm, Weinberg Centre in Frederick, MD on Apr. 6 at 7pm, Eichelberger Centre in Hanover, PA on Apr. 19 at 7pm, and the Capitol Theare in Chambersburg, PA on Apr. 20 at 2:30pm and 7pm. Shows are a benefit to fund local centers for the prevention of child abuse. More than $1.25 million have been raised over the past 15 years. For more information e-mail:

Jason Rowton who is working toward becoming an escape artist and illusionist is featured in a Statesman Journal where he explained “It’s perfectly normal to try and blow yourself up or throw yourself into a pool with shackles, he said, especially if you want to be the next David Copperfield.” To read the Apr. 1 article by Stefanie Knowlton titled “Magician defies textbook tricks” click: HERE.(4/2)
Yves Doumergue and Laurent Beretta goofing around during the taping of the upcoming DVD/Video release of Doumergue’s “Ripped & Restored” card routines. (Photo: MagicTimes). (4/2)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,556 / Wednesday – April 3, 2002
Geoffrey Durham who performs under the name “The Great Soprendo” and was a co-host of the Best Of Magic TV series is featured in The Western Mail where they report on his career as a live and TV performer and his upcoming one-man show touring the UK. Durham explained, “It certainly wasn’t the normal way to start a TV career… I called myself Scappy Lambert and I had a big beard and quite a lot of hair, which even I find hard to imagine now.” His career which has lasted more than 25 years began “…as a busker on the streets of Liverpool.” Describing what his audiences will experience Durham said, “I will be showing the audiences the ways in which magicians can manipulate our minds.” To read the Apr. 2 article titled “Great Soprendo reveals the tricks of the trade” click: HERE.(4/3)

Andre Kole presents his illusion shows with a message on Apr. 5-6 at The Citadel (480-832-7600) in Mesa, AZ and at The Buenna Fine Arts Center (520-458-4673) in Sierra Vista, AZ on Apr. 13.(4/3)

Wayne Hinkel is called a “compulsive entertainer” in a Star Press article that describes part of his show, “…by the middle of the performance, Hinkel has the kids in the palm of his (sleight of) hand. As the theme from Star Wars blares from a boom box, playing cards mysteriously change colors and numbers, scarves disappear and reappear, ping- pong-size balls pop from his mouth as if birthed spontaneously in his throat.” To read the Apr. 2 article by Scott Underwood titled “Local magician is a compulsive entertainer” click: HERE.(4/3)

Silvio Mantelli who asked Pope John Paul II to declare St. John Bosco a patron saint for magicians is mentioned in The Lutheran. To read the Apr. 1 article titled “Sleight-of-hand saint” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(4/3)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,557 / Thursday – April 4, 2002
An article about women in magic focuses on Dorothy Dietrich, Luna Shemada, Suzanne, and Maritess. The Columbia News article looks at the difficulties in being a female in the male dominated field and points out that “Historically, women in magic have been either sawed in half or relegated to carrying props on and off stage. Shemada and others estimate that 15 professional female magicians work nationwide, compared to several thousand professional male magicians. But 20 years ago, there were just two or three women in the field.” Each of the performers is quoted about their career and thoughts. Dietrich is described as “…one of the first women to break through and achieve professional success 20 years ago…” To read the Mar. 4 article by Emily Fancher titled “Presto! Female magicians starting to appear in greater numbers” click: HERE.(4/4)

Richard & Joanne Gustafson star in “The Amazing World Of Magic” on Apr. 5-7 at the Village Players Theatre (401 Jefferson Ave) in Hatboro, PA. The two-hour show also features Candi Remphrey. Tickets are $8-$10 per person and are available by phoning: 215-657-3311.(4/4)

A follow up on Joe Raven who blew off his fingers during a show appears in the Pocono Record where the describe his situation “He came back with four fewer fingers, but with more inner strength and determination than ever.” Raven commented “I’m going to be more deceiving than ever… It’s going to be kind of cool. If you thought I was good using two hands, wait until you see me with one.” To read the Apr. 3 article by Kevin Amerman titled “Magician who lost some of his fingers comes home from hospital, upbeat” click: HERE.(4/4)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,558 / Friday – April 5, 2002
Tony Blanco is featured in the Henderson View where he promotes his Apr. 13 appearance at the Clark County Parks & Recreation Children’s Festival and talks about the style of show he is working on. He explained, “We all can’t have big illusions… Some cost from $5,000 to $10,000 a piece and you can only get about five minutes play out of them. I’m going toward more of the comedy and entertainment magic as opposed to the spectacle magic which is filled with very high tech illusions with lights, sounds, fog and dancing girls.” To read the Apr. 3 article by Ginger Mikkelsen titled “Mesemerizing magician” click: HERE.(4/5)

David Copperfield continues touring his Portal show with appearances at the Benedum in Pittsburgh, PA (Apr. 6-7), Kentucky Center Of The Arts in Louisville, KY (9-11), Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, IN (12-14), Morris Auditorium in South Bend, IN (15), Coronado Theatre in Rockford, IL (16), IU Auditorium in Bloomington, IN (18), Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO (19-21), Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City, IA (24), Washington Pavillion in Sioux City, SD (25), State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN (26-28), and the Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs, CO (Apr. 30-May 1).(4/5)

Steve Wyrick’s show at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas has just been signed for a two-year extension.(4/5)

EUROPE: Simon Lovell and Randy Wakeman on a lecture tour through France, Belgium and Switzerland. You can catch them in Bordeaux (Apr. 3), Toulouse (4), Nîmes (5), Lyon (6-7), Grenoble (8-9), Geneve (10), Paris (11), Lilles (12), Strasbourg (13-14), Reims (15), Liege (16), Anvers (17) and Dunkerque (18). For more information e-mail:

TEXAS: The third Dallas Close-Up Convention  takes place on Apr. 6-7 with featured performers: Chad Long, Bob Sheets, Troy Hooser, Doug Conn, Lonnie Chevrie, John Mendoza, Paul Cummins and others. The event takes place at the Holiday Inn Select (4400 Airport Freeway) in Irving. Registration is $100 perperson.For more information phone: 972-399-1010 or click: HERE.(4/5)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,559 / Saturday – April 6, 2002
Jerry Sadowitz is featured in an Evening News article in conjunction with his upcoming appearance at the Comedy Store on Apr. 9 in Manchester. The organizer of the show explained that Sadowitz  “…is the most outrageous and dangerous man in comedy. He makes Bernard Manning look tame. People in the audience will be offended and they will be uncomfortable. I’ll be hiring two extra members for the security team in case things get out of hand.” The article concludes “It’s unpredictable, controversial and often offensive, but also some thing of cult in comedy land.” To read the Apr. 5 article by Belinda Hanks titled “Manchester vs. Jerry Sadowitz” click: HERE:(4/6)

Mike Sharples is featured in an Oldham Chronicle article where they quote him about magic, “Some of the techniques are quite complicated and have taken years to master, but from certain methods you can go on to develop others.” To read the Apr. 5 article by Dawn Bunnell titled “Mike’s magic moment!” click: HERE.(4/6)

David Oliver, Doc Swan, Jamy Ian Swiss, Jon Stetson, Michael Chaut, Frank Brents, and Carl Mercurio appear at Monday Night Magic on Apr.8 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(4/6)

PENNSYLVANIA: Marc DeSouza presents his new lecture “DeSouza’s DeCeptions” based on his new book and video on Monday Apr. 8 at 7:30pm for IBM Ring #6 in Springfield. For more information click: HERE.(4/6)
VOLUME: 52 / ISSUE: 1,560 / Sunday – April 7, 2002
Harry Anderson told MagicTimes that his new magic/curiosity shop in New Orleans officially opened on Apr. 1. The Spade & Archer shop which is located in the heart of the French Quarter operates by appointment only and sells some unique hand-made products which are also signed by Anderson for authenticity. Also available are the pieces of magic and memorabilia Anderson has collected over the years. In the first couple of days Anderson has already sold a one-of a kind illusion that came right out of his show. The design of the store is reported to be very impressive. Photos from the shop are scheduled to appear in People magazine in the next month. Only a handful of appointments will be scheduled per day so if you are in the area you will need to schedule an appointment by phoning: 504-581-2004. Plans are also underway for a website which will feature some of his new products.(4/7)

Jerry Andrus, Joe Monti, Steve Dobson, Monty, Eric Buss, John Shryock, and J.C. Dunn appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Apr. 8-14. John Shryock lectures on Sunday Apr. 14.(4/7)

OHIO: Alain Nu lectures on Tuesday Apr. 9 at 7:30pm at the The Spaghetti Warehouse (42 South Superior Street) in Toledo. For more information phone: 419-810-1292.(4/7)

CALIFORNIA: Kevin James lectures for the Misdirections Magic Shop on Tuesday Apr. 9 at 7:30pm at the Fort Mason Center (Building C, Room 260) in San Francisco. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(4/7)

NEW JERSEY: Pete White lectures on Wednesday Apr. 10 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. Hall (20 Pennsylvania Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit — Linden train station) in Linden. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. For more information phone Carl Bajor at: 732-969-2566 or click: HERE.(4/7)
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