MT: October 9-15, 2000

VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,015 / Monday – October 9, 2000
Siegfried & Roy, Lance Burton, Rick Thomas, and Melinda are all featured with photos and separate stories about their lives and current shows in the Oct. 8-14 edition of Las Vegas Showbiz. Siegfried is quoted: “We’ve witnessed a myriad of changes on the Las Vegas entertainment scene through the years… We opened the showroom doors to family entertainment, eliminating topless dancers and adding exotic animals to our show.”
–To read “Magicians of the Century Siegfried & Roy strive to change Las Vegas entertainment” click: HERE.
–To read “Death-Defying Houdini would be proud of Master Magician Lance Burton” by Lance Juracka click: HERE.
–To read “Forging Ahead Rick Thomas had it all planned out” by Lance Juracka click: HERE.
–To read “Wonder Woman Melinda rescues audiences from boredom” by Richard Abowitz click: HERE.(10/9)

T.C. Tahoe, Steve Valentine, Martin Lewis, Jillian Gotlib, Lorenzo Clark, Joe Monti, Joe Harrison & Lisa, and Jeff Martin appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Oct. 9-15. Yigal Mesika lectures on Sunday Oct. 15.(10/9)

Michael Finney performs at the Funny Bone Comedy Club (West Port Plaza, Interstate 270 and Page Avenue) in Maryland Heights, MO on Wednesday Oct. 11 at 8pm. Tickets are $7-$10. For more information and reservations phone: 314-469-6692.(10/9)

GERMANY/AUSTRIA: Rafael Benatar lectures at Zauberzentrale in Munich, Germany (Oct. 12), Convention in Saalbach, Austria (13-14), Willi Seidl in Vienna, Austria (16), Magischer Klub Wien in Vienna, Austria (17), and at the Magischer Circle in Vienna, Austria (19). For more information e-mail:

NEVADA: John Lovick lectures in Las Vegas, NV on Oct. 11. For more information check with your local magic clubs or e-mail the Magicians Lecture Network by clicking: HERE.(10/9)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,016 / Tuesday – October 10, 2000
Lance Burton and his many contributions to children’s charities in Las Vegas are profiled in the Las Vegas Sun. Burton, Peter Reveen and their publicist Wayne Bernath are on the board of the Variety Club of Southern Nevada, Tent 39 which serves 33 local nonprofit organizations. On Oct. 23 the organization will hold a Golf Classic to raise money for the charities which has helped around 18,000 children. The article concludes, “Very few performers who appear regularly in Las Vegas can match Burton’s contributions to the community.” To read the Oct. 6 column by Joe Delaney titled “Burton’s community endeavors deserve applause” click: HERE.(10/10)

Steve Wyrick is on his way to becoming a recognizable face in Las Vegas is the theme of a Las Vegas Sun article. The article also gives a chronology of Wyrick’s career in magic and the many delays associated with his current show. To read the Oct. 6 story by  Kirk Baird titled “After months of delays, magician Wyrick settles into Sahara” click: HERE.(10/10)

Terry Evanswood created The Haunted Manor in the Charlestowne Mall in St. Charles, IL which is profiled in the Daily Herald. To read the Oct. 2 article by Tona Kunz titled “Haunted Manor scares with sleight of hand, not bloody slashers” click: HERE.(10/10)

Lance Burton was scheduled to tape a segment for A&E’s new series “After Dark” on Monday.(10/10)

Adam Williams performs at Kent State University (at the Student Center Ballroom) on Thursday Oct. 12 at 8pm. Admission is free to students. All others are $2 per person.(10/10)

VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,017 / Wednesday – October 11, 2000
Dick Staub who is 71-years old and a former army officer and executive took up performing magic after retirement, “I’ve always loved magic… Actually, while I was working I would arrange my travel schedule so I could attend magic meetings in various towns. When I came here, I joined the Wilmington magic club, Coastal Carolina Conjurers, and started to build up my show.” Also mentioned in the Wilmington Morning Star article was Don Potts, 75, who said that while traveling on his job before retirement, “I invented a lot of stuff in hotel rooms when I had time to sit and noodle about things.” The article surmised, “Despite schedules that would discourage many men half their age, both senior magicians insist they wouldn’t want life any other way.” To read the Oct. 10 article by Marita Bon titled “Finding fun after retirement easy as saying ‘abracadabra'” click: HERE.(10/11)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,018 / Thursday – October 12, 2000
David Blaine and iCast have combined forces to create which is already running with, “…video clips from his past TV specials, chats, a radio channel, e-postcards and a biographical photo gallery.” Blaine said, “With iCast my goal is to re-create the way magic is shown to people… By using this new medium, we can create an innovative way of directly interacting with whomever is on the other side of the screen.” Plans have already been made to cover Blaine’s next stunt in November where “…iCast will provide round-the-clock coverage. Netizens will be able to view Blaine and chat with one another in real time, as well as access his vital statistics, which will be updated regularly by a medical staff.” To read the Oct. 11 Variety article by Tim Swanson titled “iCast, Blaine Conjure Up Icy Web Deal, Magician to freeze himself for three days” click: HERE.
–To visit click: HERE.(10/12)

Dick Zimmerman who is best known to magicians as a creator of magic is also an outstanding musician with a huge following. The Bangor Daily News ran an article about a recent concert at the Camden Opera House where he was described, “Zimmerman’s nimble fingers seemed to roll over the keys during the tune, one of the highlights of the Harvest Ragtime Revue… Zimmerman also took time to show off his considerable abilities as a magician, pulling silvery coins from air and ear, but he performed his real magic on the ivories.” To read the Oct. 11 article by Roxanne Moore Saucier titled “Ragtime Revue celebrates lost era of popular music” click: HERE.(10/12)

Le Grand David’s Anthology of Stage Magic will appear on Saturday Oct. 14 and 28 at 2pm at the Larcom Theatre (13 Wallis Street) in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more information and tickets phone: 978-927-3677.(10/12)

“Jedlie’s Totally Interactive Magic Circus!” performs ay the Hanover Mall, DARE Fair in Massachusetts on Oct. 14-15. For more information e-mail Jed Doherty at:
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,019 / Friday – October 13, 2000
MASSACHUSETTS: The Boston Magicale 2000 sponsored by the Herman Hanson Assembly #9 takes place on Saturday Oct. 14 at the Copley Theater (New England Life Bldg., 225 Clarendon Street) in Boston. The all-day event will feature outstanding talent in both close-up, lectures, and stage. The performers include: Mike Caveney, Tina Lenert, George Saterial, Meir Yedid, Aldo Colombini, The Majestix, Hank Moorehouse, David Oliver, Danny Cole, and Bob Little. Registration will be available at the door for $65 per person. Evening show tickets range from $25-$30. For more information click: HERE.(10/13)

George Saterial, who has won the SAM and IBM Gold Medals last year and received a FISM award this year, is featured in a Boston Herald which also mentions this weekend’s Magicale where Saterial will be performing. Saterial gives advice to up and coming magicians, “Learn all you can about performing in general… A big problem is that everyone focuses on tricks. But you also need performance skills. It’s the same as an actor, because it is theater.” To read the Oct. 12 article by Dana Bisbee titled “Dracut magician pulls off a hat trick” click: HERE.(10/13)

David Garrity’s “Haunting Illusions” at Six Flags New England (Rockville Gymnasium) in Springfield, MA runs everyday until Oct 31. The show that explores the paranormal, ESP and ghosts and is suitable for ages 5 and up by being kept family friendly. For more information click: HERE.(10/13)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,020 / Saturday – October 14, 2000
The Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM), a new organization which was just inducted as a member FISM (being the first time Canada is officially represented), will hold its first magic convention on Jun. 8-10, 2001 in Waterloo, Ontario. Already booked are Greg Frewin, Carl Cloutier, Richard Saunders, Derick Finn, Jeff Collins, and Larry Moss. For more information e-mail Joan Caesar at: For a registration form click: HERE.(10/14)

Richard Robinson’s AllMagicGuide is recommended in the London Telegraph where it is described as, “Trainee magicians will find all the links and information they need at” To read the Oct. 12 article, “Netlife: Richard Longhurst presents his personal pick of new and interesting web sites” click: HERE.(10/14)

Mahka Tendo and Spirit Momose perform at the El Park Sendai in Sendai, Japan on Monday Oct. 16 at 7pm. Tickets are 2,500 Yen and are available by phoning: 22-261-1111.(10/14)

ENGLAND: The Magic Circle’s Stage Magician Of The Year competition takes place on Sunday Oct. 15 at 6pm at the Center For The Magical Arts (12 Stephenson Way) in London. Ten performers are expected to compete. Admission is £12 per person.(10/14)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,021 / Sunday – October 15, 2000
Caesars’ Magical Empire in Las Vegas is called, “…one of Las Vegas’ best entertainment buys,” in a Las Vegas Sun article. The article reviews, in some detail, what you can expect at an average show. It is described as “…a very enjoyable three hour-plus dining and entertainment experience.” The article closes by mentioning that the venue is scheduled to close at the end of the year — even though it operates at a profit — with hopes that the new management changes its minds and allows the Empire to continue. Magicians mentioned in the article were: Joseph Gabriel, Earl Nelson, George Tovar, Tony Arias, Joey Burton, Bram Linetsky, Armondo Lucero and Sophie Evans. To read the Oct. 13 article by Joe Delaney titled “Caesars’ ‘Magical Empire’ continues to amaze — for now” click: HERE.(10/15)

R.J. Lewis, Kevin King, Simon Lovell, Jamy Ian Swiss, Frank Brents, and Michael Chaut  appear at Monday Night Magic on Oct. 16 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(10/15)

PENNSYLVANIA: Kevin King lectures on Tuesday Oct. 17 for Marc DeSouza in Gulf Mills. The cost is $15.00. For more information phone: 610-941-4132 or 6l0-668-9300.(10/15)
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