MT: March 25-31, 2002

VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,547 / Monday – March 25, 2002
James Randi tests 10-year-old Natalia Lulova for supernatural powers and a chance to win one million dollars. According to a Sunday Telegraph article “She could allegedly read and see colours while blindfold.” The article continued, “The magician next placed tape around the edges of the blindfold, with an extra strip across the bridge of Natalia’s nose. This time, her apparent powers vanished. After more than an hour, her lawyer conceded defeat.” But the article then takes a turn with the comment, “Unmasking one impostor does not invalidate a whole phenomenon, however. Many scientists, particularly in Russia and China, accept the reality of eyeless sight, also known as dermo-optics or bio- introscopy.” The story continues with examples and research projects where people are trained to read with their skin. To read the Mar. 24 article by Paul Sieveking titled “Supernatural ‘sight’ fails the blindfold test Eyeless Vision” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/25)

Billy McComb, Fernando Keops, Jay Scott Berry, David Stryker, Brandon Scott, Jason Latimer, Kenneth Havard, and Blake Maxam appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Mar. 25-31.(3/25)
Adam Steinfeld picks up the new MagicLive! poster for his Alhambra Casino show which has been extended through November. Making it the longest running illusion show in Aruba. (Photo: Adam Steinfeld). (3/25)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,548 / Tuesday – March 26, 2002
Yhovany Delossantos who performs magic on the streets of Jersey City, NJ is featured in The Jersey City Reporter where he talks about his ambitions to become a professional magician. Explaining the reactions he got when first performing in school, he said, “They were calling me the devil and running away… It was cool.” Explaining that “You have to be comfortable with your magic before you can perform it,” Delossantos explained that he is “Learning from other magicians about the lucrative children’s birthday party circuit, he has become motivated to develop the theatrical aspect of his craft so he can tap into the market.” To read the Mar. 24 article by Prescott Tolk titled “Disappearing act” click: HERE.(3/26)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,549 / Wednesday – March 27, 2002
The 2002 edition of the PCAM (Pacific Coast Association of Magicians) is scheduled to take place on Aug. 6-10 in Page, Arizona. Currently scheduled to attend are a star-studded cast which includes: Gaetan Bloom, Andre Kole, Marvyn & Carol Roy, Kevin James, Jim Steinmeyer, Don Wayne, Mark Kornhauser, Dick Zimmerman, Ed & Nancy Keener, Tom Jones, Rachel Wild, Shawn Farquhar, Dick Barry, James Spence, Harry Allen, Roy Shank, Danny Cole, Brad Zinn, and David Womach. Registration is around $135 per person. For more information phone: 435-564-3451 or e-mail:
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,550 / Thursday – March 28, 2002
Max Howard is featured in The Daily News in conjunction with a recent performance of his “Nutrition Magician” show. The article explained, “Howard, who is a corporate motivational speaker by day, turns into the Nutrition Magician twice a year. He performs for schools during March, which is National Nutrition Month, and during National Lunchroom Week in October.” During the performance Howard taught, using magic, “…about the food pyramid, the five food groups and exercise. He also informed them about the dangers of candy, fried foods and too much salt.” To read the Mar. 27 article by Taylor Loyal titled “Nutrition magician” click: HERE.(3/28)Joe

Raven in a Post-Gazette article which recounts his recent accident when he “…lost three fingers when some flash powder exploded prematurely while he was performing a Saturday show at the Pocono Family YMCA in Stroudsburg.” To read the Mar. 27 article by Dan Majors titled “A little less up his sleeve” click: HERE.(3/28)

Robert Stevenson who’s father (Frank) is a magician handcuffed himself, thinking he could easily get out, and had to contact firefighters to get him out. To read the Mar. 26, This is Nottingham, article titled “Locked In Cuffs – Just Like That!” click: HERE.(3/28)
— To read a similar story that appeared on Mar. 26 in This is Derbyshire titled “Magicians Son Is Caught Out By Trick Cuffs” click: HERE.(3/28)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,551 / Friday – March 29, 2002
Lawrence Hass’ “The Theory and Art of Magic Series II” is scheduled to take place on Aug. 29 – Nov. 21 at the Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. This year’s featured speakers and performers are: Max Maven, René Lavand, Marc DeSouza, Robert E. Neale, Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, Abbi Spinner, and Lawrence Hass. Although geared toward Hass’ students these appearances would be most appreciated and useful to magicians. Luckily they are all open to the public. Tickets for the seminars, which range in price from free to $20 per person, will go on sale on Apr. 2 at the Collage Box Office and are available by phoning: 484-664-3333. For more information click: HERE.(3/29)

Cassandra Roberts and Jessica Boady are a team of young magicians who are profiled in a Palm Beach Post article. To read the Mar. 20 article titled “10-Year-Olds Share A Friendship Filled With Magic” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(3/29)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,552 / Saturday – March 30, 2002
Fielding West and Murray’s shows in Las Vegas are the subject of a Las Vegas Review-Journal article which compares them, “…it’s interesting how many illusions he [Murray] and West actually share in their shows. The two make a case study in how magic is way more about the performer than the hardware of the tricks.” After describing the two performers and their shows the article concludes “West may finally be coming into his prime, while Murray still has plenty of time to attain the distinct persona of top daytime draw Mac King.” To read the Mar. 29 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Magic acts more about performances than hardware” click: HERE.(3/30)

The legendary Milton Berle who died on Mar. 27 at the age of 93 was an amateur magician with very good card and coin skills, often performed for friends and always showing his chops when meeting magicians. An obituary in the Los Angeles Times recounted one of those times, “One day at lunch, he demonstrated a trick that involved one of my fellow editors picking a card, concealing it back in the pack and then telling Berle what the card had been. Berle then invited my colleague to find the card in the pack again. My friend went through the pack, card by card, while the rest of us grinned. The card was stuck to Berle’s forehead.” To read the Mar. 29 obituary by Charles Champlin titled “A Favorite Uncle Who Found His Medium” click: HERE.(3/30)

Bob & Lucy Sanders appear at the April Fools’ Day Magic Benefit on Monday Apr. 1 at 7pm at the  Performing Arts Center (1000 Selma Avenue) in Selma, AL. Admission for the two-hour stage show is $7.50 per person with the money used for the Central Alabama Animal Shelter. For tickets and information phone: 334-874-2145.(3/30)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,553 / Sunday – March 31, 2002
Quentin Reynolds’ show “Adventures In Astonishment” has been extended through May 8 at the Bewley’s Cafe Theatre (Grafton Street) in Dublin, Ireland. Although he is best known among magicians for his childrens’ shows and his outstanding routine using a pocket-handkerchief Reynolds is a very well respected mentalist and this one-man mentalism show showcases his talents. The show, which opened on Oct. 15, 2001, runs every Wednesday at 8:30pm. Admission is 10 Euro per person. For tickets and reservations phone: (01) 872-0104.(3/31)

Puck, David Merry, Just Alan, and Denny Haney appear at Monday Night Magic on Apr.1 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(3/31)
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