MT: March 11-17, 2002

VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,533 / Monday – March 11, 2002
Dixie Dooley’s new “Houdini Lives Again” show is the focus of a Las Vegas Sun article which looks at Dooley’s 20+ year career of performing in Las Vegas. This is his largest venture yet, he explained, “This is the first time I’ve ever taken over a theater…It’s a dream come true for me. This will be a venue where people will realize they can see some good magic.” Speaking about his fame Dooley said, “I think (stardom) will come in time… But it’s not going to affect me if it doesn’t. But in time people will start to recognize my accomplishments, what I’ve done with the magic over the years.” In addition to his show Dooley is also producing Christian Augustine in “That’s Magic.” To read the Mar. 8 review by Jerry Fink titled “Whistlin’ Dixie” click: HERE.(3/11)

The Harry Houdini statue which was recovered last week is the subject of a New York Times article which contacted several Houdini specialists for their take on the situation. Sidney Radner said that “This is going to make news around the world,” and speaking about the annual séances Milbourne Christopher said, “Houdini has never said anything yet… But people keep trying.” Also quoted in the article were John Bohannon and Dr. Bruce J. Lish. To read the Mar. 10 article by Dean E. Murphy titled “With Police Help, a Bust of Houdini Reappears” click: HERE.(3/11)
–The same article also appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for that edition titled “Houdini statue makes a reappearing act” click: HERE.(3/11)

A New York Post article about the found Houdini bust reported that “A marble bust of legendary escape artist Harry Houdini stolen from the magician’s grave site nearly 20 years ago has finally been found in a Long Island home, Nassau County police said.” To read the Mar. 10 article by Clemente Lisi titled “Here’s one robbery that went bust” click: HERE.(3/11)

The Houdini bust story also made it into The Indianapolis Star. To read the Mar. 10 article titled “Magic of family discord helps Houdini reappear” click: HERE.(3/11)

“Byrd-lesque” a program of choreography by Byrd and magic by Steven Cuiffo is reviewed in Newsday where they say of Cuiffo, “[He] likes to destroy things – a rope, a newspaper, a balloon – and then put them back together again.” The review concludes, “Cuiffo’s canny magic interludes should keep them [children] in their seats, however, while grown-ups marvel at something else: the remarkable similarity in the looks both the magician and the dancers throw at the audience as they’re about to uncork something amazing.” The show runs through Mar. 17 at the New Victory Theater (209 W. 42nd St) in New York City. To read the Mar. 7 review by Sylviane Gold titled “A Kinda-Sorta Blend Of Music and Magic” click: HERE.(3/11)

Earl Nelson, Aldo Colombini, Dana Daniels, Terry Lunceford, Ully Loop, Jason Baney, Brian Gillis & Sue, and Monique appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Mar. 11-17. Tom Jones and Rachel Wild lecture on Sunday Mar. 17.(3/11)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,534 / Tuesday – March 12, 2002
“Spooky House” which was made in 1999 may finally be released in the US. The movie is about a magician, The Great Zamboni (played by Ben Kingsley), who becomes a recluse after his wife vanishes during a show. The story revolves around a group of children who befriend the magician who then helps them using magic. Magic consultants on the project were John Gaughan, Dean Gunnerson, and Shawn Farquhar. The film has already received several awards at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. It is scheduled to open in the southwest on Apr. 19. To read the Mar. 11 Variety article titled “Kingsley, Ruehl Get ‘Spooky'” click: HERE.(3/12)
–To visit the official website click: HERE.

Tommy Nugent will premiere his one-man show, “Burning Man,” on Mar. 15-16 and 21-23 at Gabriel’s Corner in Cincinnati, OH. The show is described as “The magic and mayhem of one man’s journey… from a teenager consumed with rage to a fiery Pentecostal preacher to a street magician discovering the meaning of life in the middle of a Nevada desert.” Admission is $10 per person. For information and reservations phone: 513-871-1429 or click: HERE.(3/12)

PENNSYLVANIA: A partial cast of regulars from NYC’s Monday Night Magic appear at The Deception Convention on Mar. 15-16 at The Ramada Inn in Pittsburgh. Headliners include Jamy Ian Swiss, Todd Robbins, Simon Lovell, Doc Dixon, Rick Maue, Eddie Ace, Adrian Deery, and Eric Starkey. Registration is $65.00 per person. For more information phone: 412-823-4323 or click: HERE.(3/12)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,535 / Wednesday – March 13, 2002
Marc Salem’s Mind Games which runs at the New Yorker Theatre in Toronto through April 21 is reviewed in The Globe and Mail where the review takes on a whimsical turn as the fictional Sherlock Holms and Dr. Watson discuss the show. As Holmes tried to explain all, Watson concluded, “More amazements followed, all put down by Holmes as trickery, fakery and the power of observation and persuasion. …I sensed, however, more than a touch of jealousy in Holmes’s countenance, mixed with a touch of envy and a grudging admiration. These were, after all, the types of skills on which Holmes had built his reputation. …With that, Holmes jumped from his seat and quickly exited, leaving me alone to query the remarkable display I had just encountered.” To read the Mar. 8 review by Alan Niester titled “Even Sherlock would be amazed” click: HERE.(3/13)

Aaron Isaacs is featured in a Finger Lakes Times article which describes one of his recent shows and looks at his career and thoughts about entertaining with magic. Giving advice to future magicians Isaacs “said aspiring magicians should read a lot of books on magic and become involved in magic clubs.” He also explained that entertainment “gives [the children] a chance to witness a live performance of an art form they wouldn’t normally be exposed to… It opens their eyes to a whole new performance style.” To read the Mar. 11 article by Gina Muscato titled “The hand is quicker than the eye; Magician wows kids, adults alike” click: HERE.(3/13)

Glen David Gold’s “Carter Beats the Devil” is reviewed in the Pantagraph where it is recommended that “This is one case where you shouldn’t wait for the movie. Read the book. The bygone world that Gold so ably conjures in his readers’ imaginations far outstrips anything that Hollywood special effects could produce.” To read the Mar. 10 review titled “Carter’s stage magic shows in ‘Devil’ book” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/13)

The recently released Georges Melies DVD is reviewed in Nando Times where he is called “…cinema’s first great pioneer of special effects and fantasy illusion, a man often described as the spiritual father of Walt Disney, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and other movie artists known for creating impossible worlds and magical visions.” To read the Mar. 12 review by John Beifuss titled “Cinema’s pioneer of special effects on DVD” click: HERE.(3/13)

An East Bay Business Journal article reported that “Business and civic leaders in Fairfield are hoping a touch of magic will help revive the city’s downtown commercial district. They mean that literally, with magicians performing on stage every Sunday afternoon.” Mentioned in the article is Johnny Ace Palmer who used to be managed by one of the organizers. To read the Mar. 8 article by David Goll titled “New theater stars in Fairfield hopes” click: HERE.(3/13)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,536 / Thursday – March 14, 2002
“Lorenzo & Lorraine” (Dutch Haling and Stacy Maddux) opened in “Magic in the Market” on Mar. 8 at the 400-seat private party room at the Spaghetti Works in Omaha, NB. Haling told MagicTimes, “The new venue offers us great opportunities… The ceiling height allows us to debut our newest illusion, the ‘3 in 1.’ It’s a vertical levitation that takes Lorraine five feet off the ground.” The 45-minute show will feature a number of large stage illusion including the “Schezhuan Cabinet of Death” and “Metamorphasis.” The show runs on Fridays at 8 pm and Saturdays at 7:30pm and 10pm through Apr. 27. Tickets are $10-$12 per person. For reservations and information phone: 402-951-5555.(3/14)

MARYLAND: Millard Grubb lectures at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore on Sunday Mar. 17. Admission is $15 per person. For more information and reservations phone: 410-686-3914.(3/14)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,537 / Friday – March 15, 2002
David Copperfield’s appearances in Chicago gets him a feature in the Chicago Sun Times where he gets to talk about his magic and what he likes about the city. Speaking about idols the article points out that, “Though Houdini is clearly one of his biggest influences, Copperfield cites the 19th century magician, Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin, as his idol. Houdini would ultimately adapt the French magician’s name to his own.” The article concludes with Copperfield naming his Chicago favorites. To read the Mar. 8 article by Miriam Di Nunzio titled “Speaking of Chicago with David Copperfield” supplied by Infoseek and Yellowbrix click: HERE.(3/15)

OHIO: The 30th annual Glass City Conjurors Conclave hosted by IBM  Ring #68 takes place on Mar. 15-16 at the Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg. Featured performers include: Bev Bergeron, Stuart & Lori MacDonald, Joshua Jay, John Osborn, Jessica Reed, Hope Anderson, and Fr. Mark Davis. Evening shows are open to the general public. For more information phone: 419-810-1292.(3/15)
VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,538 / Saturday – March 16, 2002
Lance Burton will perform at the “Best of Las Vegas Awards Show” on Saturday Mar. 16 at 2pm at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It is a combination fund-raiser and awards show sponsored by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which will be presenting 22 of the award winners from their 215-category Best of Las Vegas poll. The show is hosted by Clint Holmes and will feature appearances by Rita Rudner, Sheena Easton, Bob Anderson, Vince Falcone, the cast of “Storm,” and many others. Proceeds will go to the Sunrise Children’s Hospital Foundation. Tickets run $25-$50 per person and are available by phoning: 702-632-7580. To read the Mar. 15 article by Mike Weatherford titled “The Envelope Please” click: HERE.(3/16)

Jim Merrills “Marcellus” who performed his anti-drug and anti-violence magic show in New York City is featured in a South Bend Tribune article which quotes one of the teachers, “The kids loved him. They were really impressed… It’s nice for them to know that, six months later, there are some places outside New York City … where people still care about them. It’s a nice message, that you’re never alone in this world.” To read the Mar. 15 article by Lou Mumford titled “Magician lifts New York spirits” click: HERE.(3/16)

David Blaine will be participating in a “live auction benefit at the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles on Tuesday Mar. 19. The benefit is for “People And Places With No Name” which provides awareness and aid to victims in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Angola. To read the Mar. 10 Launch article by Billy Johnson Jr. titled “Lauryn Hill To Perform At Event To Benefit Afghanistan, Ethiopia, And Angola” click: HERE.(3/16)

Rob Tarry who moved from Oneida, NY to New York City to pursue “the dream of becoming a magician, and to try out acting” is featured in a Oneida Daily Dispatch article that quotes him, “I always make sure people have a good time; that’s the most important part. If I entertain an audience, I’m happy.” To read the Mar. 13 article by Danielle Elliott titled “Sherrill man makes himself disappear” click: HERE.(3/16)

CALIFORNIA: Ivan Amodei lectures at Mind Over Magic (2214 Burbank Blvd) in Burbank on Monday Mar. 18 at 7pm. Admission is $25 per person. For more information phone: 818-843-5955.(3/16)

VOLUME: 51 / ISSUE: 1,539 / Sunday – March 17, 2002
Fielding West’s show, “Comedy, Tricks & Naked Chicks,” at the Bourbon Street in Las Vegas is reviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where they conclude “It’s great fun. You won’t do better for the price.” West is described as “…equal parts very funny comedian and proficient magician, using constant comedic commentary and humorous audience involvement.” The show concludes with, “West reproduced the balloon, which he had previously swallowed, then brought back Bob the Bird, who was shot from a cannon and caught between West’s teeth. West, Bob, Dixie and Trixie took bows together to very heavy audience response.” To read the Mar. 15 review by Joe Delaney titled “West and ‘Chicks’ offer strong show at Bourbon Street” click: HERE.(3/17)

Three young magicians have admitted to stealing much of William Brewe’s magic collection which they sold to a Dealer in Las Vegas. According to a Cincinnati Post article “Police have contacted a dealer in Las Vegas who bought much of the collection for next to nothing. About half already is back with Brewe.” To read the Mar. 16 article by Kimball Perry titled “Teaching his tricks loses its magic” click: HERE.(3/17)

The 80th anniversary of the WA Society of Magicians’ celebration at the Day of Magic on Sunday Mar. 17 is reported in The West Australian. To read the Mar. 16 article by Andrew Shipp titled “Magicians conjure up a party” click: HERE.(3/17)

Tom Durnin, Peter Kougasian, and Rocco appear at Monday Night Magic on Mar. 18 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(3/17)
Murray at the taping of NBC News Las Vegas Channel 3 with Sue Manteris on March 7. The appearance was part of a promo for his show at the New Frontier Hotel & Casino which opened on February 1 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Murray Productions). (3/17)
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