MT: July 17-23, 2000

VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 931 / Monday – July 17, 2000 
New IBM president Jack Greenberg is profiled in a Post-Gazette article. The article traces his interest in magic from childhood through today. As a child he was inspired by Gene Kelly’s brother Fred who was a magician. He has a collection of thousands of magic books and continues to perform today for small groups. He recalls a time during Hanukah when he produced rabbits out of a hat his two children. Greenberg reminisces, “They kept those rabbits… They’d put leashes on them and walk them all over the place.” To read the Jul. 17 article by Rebecca Sodergren titled “Newsmaker Jack Greenberg: Magic still captivates him after 61 years” click: HERE.(7/17)

Bruce Cervon, Handsome Jack, Dana Daniels, John George, Fenik, Matt Marcy, Andy Amyx, and Allen Hayden appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jul. 17-23. Pavel lectures on Sunday Jul. 23.(7/17)

When asked about David Blaine at a recent “X-Men” premier David Copperfield sneered commenting, “He walks the streets making no money.” To read the Jul. 16 New York Post, Page Six gossip by Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich, and Chris Wilson click: HERE.(7/17)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 932 / Tuesday – July 18, 2000 
Penn Jillette plays Albert in the newly released movie “Fear of Fiction.” The New York Times review describes his character as, “…a motormouth obsessed with garage bands. A big man with huge hands wrapped around a tiny steering wheel, Albert riffs on music as intensely as he drives.” And they describe him as, “Mr. Jillette’s gig as a performer is to pull everyone else along with him; he has his own gravitational field.” To read the Jul. 13 review by Elvis Mitchel titled “Taking a Ride Around the Writer’s Block.” You will need to Join the NY Times for free to read this. Click: HERE.(7/18)

The Magic of Damian (Damian Muniz) will be performing close-up magic at the following clubs in New York: Amazuras in Queens on Jul. 21, Chelsea Lounge in Manhattan on Jul. 22, and Krash in Queens on Jul. 24.(7/18)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 933 / Wednesday – July 19, 2000 
David Blaine’s next TV special has been scheduled to air on Wednesday Nov. 29 at 10pm on ABC-TV. Tentatively titled “David Blaine 3” it’s big finish will be a live segment from New York City where Blaine’s “Frozen Alive” stunt will conclude when he comes out of a block of ice in which he has been buried in for the previous 72 hours. The rest of the show will feature him performing magic on the streets of Manhattan. To read the Jul. 17 article titled “It’s Ice, Ice Baby For Magician Blaine” click: HERE.(7/19)

J. Wm. “Mr. Joe” Johnson is scheduled to appear live on Hometown Today on KSN-TV (NBC affiliate) on Thursday Jul. 20 at 6am. The show airs in the Joplin, MO area.(7/19)

Bob Stone performs at the Buena Park Library District (7150 La Palma Ave.) in Buena Park, CA on Jul. 20 at 7pm. For more information phone: 714-826-4100, Ext. 126.(7/19)

VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 934 / Thursday – July 20, 2000 
PAX TV which gave us magic specials by Marc Salem and Larry Wilson has announced plans for, “Masters Of Illusion,” a weekly magic series whose first of 22 scheduled episodes will air on Oct. 2. The one-hour shows will feature all types of magic including close-up and mentalism. To kickoff the series they will air the “2000 World Magic Awards” (the 1999 Awards Show aired on FOX-TV last year) on September 25 at 8-10pm ET. The series will air on Mondays at 8-9pm ET and will culminate in May 2001 with the “2001 World Magic Awards.” To read the Jul. 19 company press release titled “Every Monday Night…Right Before Your Very Eyes…PAX TV Presents…`Masters of Illusion!'” click: HERE.(7/20)

“Magic: The Science of Illusion” is a new exhibit at the California Science Center in Exposition Park in California. The Exhibit, which features a number of illusions, opens on Jul. 22 features information on how “…magicians use psychology, physics, math, engineering and the art of performance to create complex, and visually stunning effects.” Consultants on the project which will run through Feb. 28, 2001 were Penn & Teller, Jade, Max Maven, Goldfinger & Dove, Doug Henning, Jim Steinmeyer and Milt Larsen. There is also a live magic show presented at the Abracadabra Theater. To read the Jul. 18 company press release titled “Get Into the Act! ‘Magic: The Science of Illusion’ at the California Science Center Opening July 22, 2000” click: HERE.(7/20)

Guy Lanphere will be selling collectible magic and theatrical posters at the San Francisco Antiques & Collectibles Market on Jul. 22-23 at the Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason Center. Admission to the market is $5. For more information phone Bill Weinstein at 707-578-7772. To read a San Francisco article on the Market click: HERE.(7/20)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 935 / Friday – July 21, 2000 
Teller is starring in the MGM Movie “The Fantastics” based on New York’s longest running play. The movie was made five years ago and is finally being released. It also stars Joel Grey and Joey McIntyre and is scheduled to open in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on Sep. 22 and should be released on video at the end of the year. To read the Jul. 16 Playbill article titled “Eric Grode’s STAGE TO SCREEN: Fantasticks Found & Reddin Rages on the Small Screen” click: HERE.(7/21)

David Copperfield performs at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City, NJ on Jul. 21-23 and then moves to the Foxwood Casino in Ledyard, CT from Jul. 28 through Aug. 4.(7/21)

Penn & Teller perform at the Oneida Pavillion in Green Bay, WI on Jul. 21-22 at 9pm. Tickets are $10 per person. For more information and tickets phone 800-895-0071.(7/21)

Jerry Sadowitz whose magic shows sold out in London for the past two weeks was extended with a few more shows this weekend at the Soho Theatre (21 Dean Street) in London. For tickets and information phone: 020 7478 0100.(7/21)

The “Magic: The Science of Illusion” exhibit which opens on Saturday at the California Science Center is previewed in a Los Angeles Times article. To read the Jul. 20 article by Jon Matsumoto titled “Sleight of Hand’s Weird Science California Science Center’s ‘Magic’ exhibit looks at the principles of illusion” click: HERE.(7/21)

David Blaine was asked what he is afraid of, “Insects. I’m afraid of germs and mosquitos,” he said. To read the Jul. 20 Toledo Blade article by Elaine Liner click: HERE.(7/21)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 936 / Saturday – July 22, 2000 
Siegfried & Roy are interviewed in the August issue of Esquire Magazine. Memorable quotes include Roy speaking about competition, “Rivalry helps partnership. Siegfried and I are partners, but at the same time, we are competitors. Each one wants the spotlight. Each one fights for it. Guess who gets it? The cat. Cats always get the spotlight.” Siegfried speaks of creating a new show, “Liberace taught us that when you change your show, never change more than 50 percent. Be recognized for what you have done best.” To read Siegfried & Roy’s wisdoms interview by Bill Zehme click: HERE.(7/22)

The Amazing Kreskin performs at the Oneida Pavillion in Green Bay, WI on Jul. 23 at 9pm. Admission is free. For more information phone 800-895-0071.(7/22)

Andrew Martin and his Science of Magic show are featured in the Toledo Blade. Martin will be performing on Saturday Jul. 22 at 1pm and 3pm at COSI Toledo. The show is free with museum admission. For more information phone: 244-2674. To read the Jul. 21 article titled “The magic of science is coming to COSI” click: HERE.(7/22)

The comic book “Jar of Fools” by Jason Lutes which features Al Flosso as a main character will be made into a movie. It will be produced by Wicked Monkey Prods. The plot is a “tale of a young magician searching for the truth behind his brother’s death amid the decaying world of Coney Island.” To read the Jul. 21 Variety article click: HERE.(7/22)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 940 / Sunday – July 23, 2000
A new Houdini Museum opened on Jul. 1 at the Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. The museum was created by Geno Munari and sits alongside his new Houdini’s Magic Shop on the second floor of the Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian. Sidney Radner is the Curator of the Museum and Morris N. Young is on the board of directors. “It took more than three years of research and 40 years of collecting to bring this Houdini exhibit to fruition,” said Munari, “We have assembled some of the most interesting items, including Houdini’s straight jacket, his famous Pillory Escape, the spare glass for the original Water Torture Cell, and hundreds of other items.” Assisting Munari in this endeavor were Henry Mueller and  the Houdini Historical Center.(7/23)

David Copperfield who has been a mainstay at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace has moved to the 630-seat Hollywood Theater at the MGM where Penn & Teller have been the regular magic attraction. The reason for the move is the demolition of the Circus Maximus theater at Caesars to make room for high-roller villas. Copperfield’s first stint is scheduled for Aug. 24-30 with a new show titled “Unknown Dimension.” To read the Jul. 21 Las Vegas Sun column by Kate Maddox titled “Copperfield reappears at MGM” click: HERE.(7/23)

Chick Kelman performs at the New Britain Public Library in the Chamberlain School (120 Newington) in New Britain, CT on Tuesday Jul. 25 at 10am. For more information phone: 860-223-3832.(7/23)

Torkova, R.J. Lewis, Simon Lovell, Jamy Ian Swiss, Frank, and David Groves appear at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 24 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(7/23)

Rick Thomas’ show is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal as, “Overall, his well-paced hour — which clocks in almost on the minute — leaves audiences feeling they’ve been both entertained and in the presence of a genuine personality.” To read the Jul. 21 review by Mike Weatherford titled “Rick Thomas changes magic show for the better” click: HERE.(7/23)

Marc Salem’s Mind Games and All That Jazz is reviewed in the NY Theater. It is described as, “Marc Salem’s powers–I can’t think of another word that more aptly describes what we observe in Mind Games–are thrillingly awesome. To read the Jul. 12 NY Theater review by Martin Denton click: HERE.(7/23)

Melinda, who is performing at the Venetian’s C2K showroom, is discussed in a short article in the Las Vegas Sun. To read the Jul. 20 article by Joe Delaney titled “Venetian believes in ‘First Lady’ Melinda’s magic” click: HERE.(7/23)
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