MT: August 7-13, 2000

VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 952 / Monday – August 7, 2000
Medicine Lake in Canada’s Jasper National Park,
located between Maligne Lake and the Maligne River Canyon was legendary amongst the native Stoney Indians and early settlers as the lake that “disappears.” The Indians believed the lake vanished each autumn due to “big medicine” or magic. Medicine Lake, a large body of water by any standard, has no visible outlet. Yet each fall it would disappear. It was not until recently that geologists determined that the lake drained away through many tiny holes in it’s bottom. …Go to full story. (8/7)

David Copperfield’s new illusion which will be the main theme of his upcoming TV show has been titled the “Global Encounter” and a story about him and his upcoming show appeared in the Sacramento Bee. Describing Copperfield’s strength, “Now, bigger stages and higher budgets lead to more-dazzling sleights, but Copperfield is still wise enough to know he is the center of it all. A quiet, self-effacing man who enjoys performing, he still manages to keep a sense of wonder about what he does.” To read the Aug. 6 Mel Shields article titled “Nevada Gambol: David Copperfield still the grand illusionist” click: HERE.(8/7)

It seems that David Copperfield might be thinking of adding to his already huge apartment in New York City by buying the 7,300 square foot duplex in his building at a bargain price of less than $1,000 per square foot! To read the Aug. 6 New York Post article by Braden Keil titled “Buck and Dave Crave High-Class, $6.5M Galleria Cave” click: HERE.(8/7)

George Schindler, Marvyn Roy, Earl Nelson, Mystina, Cheri Soleil, Mark Hendrickson, Mike Elkan, and Doug Hoover appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 7-13. Greg Wilson lectures on Sunday Aug. 13.(8/7)

TENNESSEE: The Ninth Annual KIDabra, the convention for children’s entertainers, takes place on Aug. 9-12 in Pigeon Forge. Scheduled to appear this year are: Docc Hilford, Terry Evanswood, Mark Wade, B.J. Hickman, Samuel Patrick Smith, David Ginn, Tim Sonefelt, Sue Kleinwachter, Charles Pecor, Duane Laflin, Ralph the Great, Scott Francis, Joe Lefler, Bruce Bray, J.T. “Bubba” Sikes, Steve Kissell, and Bill Wood. For more information click: HERE.(8/7)

VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 953 / Tuesday – August 8, 2000
The 27th Annual Guide to the Best of Boston published in August featured a story on “Magicians and Spirits” which has been running on a weekly basis since 1996. The story titled “Mystery Men,” and written by Michael Blanding describes the evening as, “You won’t find any hokey hocus-pocus here. These tricks reward viewers who pay attention.” Joe McClure and Jon Stetson who created the show and continue to produce it are also interviewed. Performers mentioned in the article include Alexander, Mike Bent and David Oliver who is described as the highlight of the show.(8/8)

James Randi is in his debunking mode in the Salt Lake Tribune. It seems that a digital camera attached to a computer is being used to photograph people’s aura. Randi said, “You could get the same [aura] effect using a turnip or a rat,” it is basically photographing electrical discharges. To read the Aug. 7 story by Steven Oberbeck titled “What Color Is Your Halo” click: HERE.(8/8)

“Melinda — First Lady of Magic” is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The verdict: “There may just be room for a new first lady in the new Las Vegas after all.” To read the Aug. 4 review by Mike Weatherford titled “Melinda updates her magic show for Venetian run” click: HERE.(8/8)

VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 954 / Wednesday – August 9, 2000
In a Chicago Sun Times story Gene Hackman is described performing magic for a reporter; “Using his wife, Betsy, as his assistant, he opens his palms to show they’re empty and cups one hand over his wife’s face; then she sneezes, and a couple of shiny coins appear to fall from her nose into his other hand.” Hackman is currently on a book tour promoting his first novel, “Wake of the Perdido Star.” To read the Aug. 6 story by Michael Sheldon titled “Hackman out of hiding” click: HERE.(8/9)

Jerry Sadowitz’ show is reviewed in the Evening News-Scotland where he is described as, “Whether it’s the quickness of his hands or, as Jerry claims, the slowness of our brains, his slick card tricks are astonishing.” To read the Aug. 7 article titled “Jerry is the pacemaker . . ” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/9)

David Copperfield performs at Caesars Palace in Lake Tahoe, NV on Aug. 8-13.(8/9)

NEW JERSEY: A Magic Contest takes place at the New ShowBarn Theatre in Smithville (outside of Atlantic City) on Sunday Aug. 13. The event is open to the public and organized by the Make-It-Magic magic shop. If you want to compete or watch phone Betty at: 609-748-0846.(8/9)

PENNSYLVANIA: Paul Wilson lectures on Wednesday Aug. 9 for Marc DeSouza in Gulf Mills. The cost is $15.00. For more information phone: 610-941-4132 or 6l0-668-9300.(8/9)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 955 / Thursday – August 10, 2000
David Ben’s The Conjuror’s Suite which was the cover story of a recent Genii Magazine began a short run at the Studio Theatre in Confederation Centre (145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown) on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The show which features Ben’s reinterpretation of classic magic from the past century opened on Jul. 25 and will run through Aug. 19. The show plays on Tuesday through Saturday at 7pm with matinees on Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children and are available from Island Tel Box office at: 800-565-0278.(8/10)

J. Wm. “Mr. Joe” Johnson and Alisha Culbertson are scheduled to appear on “Good Morning 4-States” on KODE-TV (ABC affiliate – Joplin, MO area) on Friday Aug. 11.(8/10)

VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 956 / Friday – August 11, 2000
Hiro Sakai consulted on Hachigatsu Ni Nemure (Sleep in August) which features several illusions incorporated within the story line. The vanishing cast members and animated chairs are part of the “Senritsu Taikan Theater” (Shudder Sensation Theater) which tries to have audience members experience a show through all of their senses. The show takes place at Keio Plaza in Tokyo, Japan on Aug. 10-13 with 25,000 yen ticket prices which include dinner. For more information phone: 3-3344-0251 or click: HERE.(8/11)

Lance Burton’s best trick is described in the Associated Press as “…his own unlikely transformation: from toiling in seedy adult nightclubs and rural amusement parks in Kentucky to headlining one of the most dynamic and popular shows on the Las Vegas strip.” To read the Aug. 10 story titled “Presto! Kentucky magician turns himself into top Vegas act” and supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/11)

Merrill McCubbin, who gives magic an juggling lessons as part of the MerMan’s Magic Circus is featured in The Virginian-Pilot. To read the Aug. 6 article titled “Hard Work Puts The Real Magic In Clowning Around” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/11)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 957 / Saturday – August 12, 2000
Obituary: John Pomeroy April 11, 1938 – July 27, 2000…
John Pomeroy along with his wife Mitsy operated Gem Mfg. Co. out of Edmonds, Washington for many years. He was the creative force behind many new illusions and parlor effects and modified existing effects to the point of becoming new. His work is held in high esteem by those fortunate enough to own a Gem made product. …Go to full story.(8/12)

Jackie Flosso, son of the legendary Al Flosso and owner of Martinka Magic (the longest running magic shop in the US), has been named as the guest of honor at Magic On Manhattan (MOM2000). Booked to perform and lecture are: Harry Lorayne, Rocco, Simon Lovell, Micah Lasher, Robert Baxt, Andy Leviss, Mike & Mike, James Lazzarini, Rachel Wild, Tom Jones, Lucy Gonzalez, and more. The festivities also include a magic auction and a magic competition. The fourth annual event will be held on Saturday Sep. 9 at its new venue: The Tribeca Performing Arts Center (195 Chambers St.) in New York City. Registration is $61 in advance or $67 at the door. For tickets phone: 800-903-8971, for information phone: 516-483-9610.(8/12)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 958 / Sunday – August 13, 2000
The Oakland Magic Circle will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary with a one-day convention on Oct. 21. Booked so far are: Mike Rogers, Alain Nu, James Hamilton, Dan Harlan, Andrew Goldenhersh, Margaret Steele, Walt Anthony, Kostya, Santiago, Andrew Hershgold, Kostya Kimlat and many others. The OMC was originally founded on Jul. 25, 1925 in Oakland. The convention will be held at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center (Pacific Renaissance Plaza, 388 Ninth Street) in Oakland, CA. Cost for the one day event is $60. For more information phone: 415-704-3181 or e-mail James Hamilton at:

Joseph Fleischman who performed under the name “Jozef” and was a past president of the Chicago IBM died on Aug. 9. He was 85 years old. To read the Aug. 12 obituary from the Chicago Tribune click: HERE.(8/13)

David Oliver, Peter Kougasian, Simon Lovell, Todd Robbins, Michael Chaut, and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 14 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(8/13)

NEW JERSEY: Mike Bornstein lectures on Wednesday Aug. 16 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit – Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. Cost to non-members is $12. For more information phone Al Hillman at: 732-257-3456 or click: HERE.(8/13)
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