MT: August 26 – September 1, 2002


VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,701 / Monday – August 26, 2002
Melinda, who decided to close her, “First Lady of Magic,” show on Sep. 8 explained why in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article. The article reported that she, “…is hanging up her  title to try to start a family with her husband, local restaurateur Mark Evansvold.” Melinda explained, “I’ve been trying for a year… but it’s very hard with the show and the stress of working. This type of show is very hard for me.” Asked if she will come back to performing she said, “If we have a family, I’m going to take it from there. I may decide I really like being a mom.” To read the Aug. 25 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Melinda ready for next stage” click: HERE.(8/26)

Brian Ross Flora (June 14, 1950-Aug. 24, 2002) died on Saturday Aug. 24 at the age of 52. Flora was the founder of Flora & Company which produced many instructional videos, audio tapes and books. Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico he performed under the names Professor Flora and Ian Ross.(8/26)

Criss Angel is featured in a New York Post article that opens, “Harry Houdini may be long dead, but he’s got a new challenger.” The article reported on his upcoming stunt, Submerged, and that “the outcome became a little murkier last Monday, when Angel passed out during a practice run.” The article also pointed out that, “Angel has spent hours preparing, meditating and coordinating to make sure that the stunt goes off as planned. The consequences would be too dire if it didn’t.” To read the Aug. 25 article by Will Romano titled “Houdini Jr.?” click: HERE.(8/26)

Steven Max Droge who performs under the name “Magic By Max” will be entertaining the crowds at the Chase Manhattan Bank (3 Times Square) in New York City on Monday Aug. 26 at 10am-1pm and on Tuesday Aug. 27 at 1pm-4pm.(8/26)

VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,702 / Tuesday – August 27, 2002
Criss Angel’s stunt on Monday Aug. 26 is described in an Associated Press article as, “Shackled and submerged in a phone-booth-sized tank of water in Times Square, Criss Angel meditated to pass the time Monday – and probably to calm his nerves.” The article points out that “Angel looked like a heavy metal singer trapped in an aquarium, with black nail polish on his fingers and toes, hoops and studs in his ears, and long brown hair in skinny braids swirling in the water. His arms and legs were shackled to his waist and neck, and he wore a scuba-like breathing regulator and mask.” The stunt is scheduled to end live on Good Morning America (ABC-TV) at 8:30am ET. To read the Aug. 26 article by Sara Kugler titled “Illusionist attempts 24-hour underwater stunt” click: HERE.(8/27)

Harry Anderson comes back to television in a cameo spot as Bull Cracker on “The Long Hot Johnson” episode of “Son of the Beach” which will premiere on Tuesday Aug. 27 at 10pm on the FX channel. It will be re-run on Aug. 30 at 10:30pm ET.(8/27)

Criss Angel in an ABC News article that reports about his submerged stunt and officially releases the air date of his “Criss Angel Mindfreak” television special which will broadcast on Oct. 20 at 9pm ET on the ABCFamily channel. To read the Aug. 26 article titled “Magician Criss Angel in 24-Hour Water Tourture Routine” click: HERE.(8/27)

Phil Schwartz is featured in a Sun-Sentinel article that announced his retirement and his future plans, “…to focus on family, real estate investments, poker and — as an amateur magician — his magic skills.” To read the Aug. 26 article by Jeffery D. Zbar titled “An old advertising pro decides it’s time for retirement” click: HERE.(8/27)

The “All India Conference of Magicians” which takes place on October 21-23 is featured in a Hindustan Times article. To read the Aug. 26 article titled “All India Magicians conference in October” click: HERE.(8/27)

TEXAS: The Texas Association of Magicians 2002 Convention takes place on Aug. 30-Sep. 2 in Fort Worth. This year it is being hosted by IBM Ring #15. Featured performers include: David Regal, Bob White, Shawn Farquhar, Bob King, George Saterial, Cellini, Michel Clavello, David Seebach, Jay Schwausch, John Shryock, Todd Charles, Lee Freed, Funtasio, Greco, David Kaye, Joe Lefler, Howard Hale, Jerry Guyer, Ken Wallace, Tommy Worrell, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Chuck Lehr, Eric Evans, Merlin, Stringbini, and The Side Street Circus. For more information click: HERE.(8/27)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,703 / Wednesday – August 28, 2002
Criss Angel’s Submerged stunt was picked up by many TV stations and newspapers around the world. The Associated Press story which was reprinted in dozens of newspapers and on websites gave a detailed account of how it ended, “His skin crinkled and his eyes bloodshot, illusionist Criss Angel emerged Tuesday morning after spending 24 hours in a Times Square water chamber.” The last moments of the escape were recapped as, “Angel yanked out the air hose that allowed him to breathe. Then assistants pulled a black curtain over the 220-gallon chamber to block the view of television cameras and about 100 people gathered outside the window in which he was displayed. …Under cover, Angel apparently escaped from the shackles that bound his arms, legs and neck, before pulling himself from the watery chamber with a celebratory scream.” At the conclusion Angel vomited, passed out and “was loaded onto an ambulance, which took him to St. Clare’s Hospital in midtown.” To read the Aug. 27 article by Ted Shaffrey titled “Underwater Illusionist Finishes Quest” click: HERE.(8/28)

A Reuters story describes Criss Angel as, “A New York illusionist emerged shaken and exhausted on Tuesday morning after spending a full day shackled and submerged in a water tank the size of a telephone booth.” To read the Aug. 27 article titled New York Illusionist Spends 24 Hours in Water Tank” click: HERE.(8/28)

The conclusion to Criss Angel’s stunt is described an Ananova article that summarized, “He thanked his family and friends and then passed out.” To read the Aug. 27 article titled “Illusionist emerges after 24 hours underwater” click: HERE.(8/28)

Criss Angel’s escape is reported in The Sun, which stated, “American illusionist Criss Angel this afternoon finally emerged from his watery tomb after successfully recreating one of legendary escape artist Harry Houdini’s most dangerous tricks.” To read the Aug. 27 article by Dave Masters titled “Houdini star makes splash” click: HERE.(8/28)

Criss Angel’s event is described in the New York Daily News as “the latest test of endurance and showmanship by modern-day illusionists using Times Square as the backdrop.” To read the Aug. 27 article by Ralph R. Ortega titled “Illusionist makes splash with Times Square stunt” click: HERE.(8/28)

Criss Angel in a Submerged article in the New York Post which touts a rivalry between him and David Blaine reported that “A spokeswoman for Blaine, who has stood inside a block of ice and on a flagpole in Bryant Park, scoffed at the challenge, saying: “David is out of the country, and he doesn’t care.” To read the Aug. 27 article by Bill Hoffman titled “H2O-Dini Takes The Plunge” click: HERE.(8/28)

Jason Michaels and Nelson star in his new show “Magic: Pursuit Of A Dream” on Aug. 31 and Sep. 1. at Volunteer State Community College’s Wemyss Auditorium (1480 Nashville Pike) in Gallatin, TN. Shows run on Saturday at 5pm and 8pm and on Sunday at 3:30pm. Tickets are $10 per person and are available at the theater on the day of performance.(8/28)

Brett Daniels’ rehearsals for his upcoming three-month tour through China is reported in The Democrat. The tour includes appearances “…in five major cities in China from September 21 through December 1. After that tour is over, he may be performing in Beruit, Lebanon.” To read the Aug. 27 article by La Juan Tallo titled “Making magic in Looxahoma” click: HERE.(8/28)

Harry Houdini’s popularity and career are in a Birmingham Post article that reports that the “…incredible illusionist and escapologist extraordinaire of yesteryear, is back in the limelight once more, almost 80 years after his death.” The report on the recent stamp and give a brief history of his career. To read the Aug. 24 article by Harry Hawkes titled “Antiques and collecting” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/28)

Matthew Haicken who is studying magic at the H. Adrian Smith Collection of Conjuring and Magicana located at the Brown University in Providence, RI. A Providence Journal article quotes Haicken about the collection, “It’s like the Pentagon… You have to be buzzed into a room. You’re not allowed to go in the stacks, check out books or bring in pens or backpacks.” To read the Aug. 26 article titled “Now You See It – Aspiring magician learns the tricks of his trade at Brown library” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(8/28)

Jason Byers is featured in The Idaho Statesman where they describe his recent “Grand Illusions” show with Jake Robinson and also give a brief history of their careers so far. To read the Aug. 27 article by Mike Butts titled “There’s no trick to entertaining for these high school magicians” click: HERE.(8/28)

TENNESSEE: The 2nd annual Nashville Festival of Magic takes place on Saturday Aug. 31 at the Nashville Airport Marriott. Featured performers and lecturers include: Stephen Bargatze, Andy Dallas, Troy Hooser, Glenn Strange, Jim Ford, Tom Gibson, Rick Green, and Cliff Kelley. Registration is $40 per person. For more information click: HERE.(8/28)

Criss Angel is pictured, on Tuesday August 26, after being Submerged in a Water Torture Cell on Times Square in New York City. He remained in the 220-Gallon tank through the day and escaped from the shackles and the tank on Tuesday morning Aug. 27. (Photo: Rene Clement).(8/28)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,704 / Thursday – August 29, 2002
“The Theory and Art of Magic, Series II” at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania begins on Aug. 29 with the introductory course by Dr. Lawrence Hass titled “What is the Theory and Art of Magic?” The series runs from Aug. 29 through Nov. 21 with performances and lectures by Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Marc DeSouza, Robert Neale, Eugene Burger and Rene Lavand. The first series took place in 1999 and was a huge success being described as “a scholarly celebration of the magical arts.” In the past the events have sold out so if you can make it you should reserve in advance. Tickets and information for all the events are available from the college box office by phoning: 484-664-3333 or clicking: HERE.(8/29)

R.J. Lewis and Christina Racek who star in “Stage Struck” are reviewed in Theater Mania where Lewis and the show are described as, “Stage Struck will strike a chord with anyone who believes in the magic of theater. ‘Do what you were born to do,’ Lewis tells us, and watching the passionate abandon with which he performs, it’s abundantly clear that this talented performer has taken his own advice.” To read the Aug. 21 review by J. Cooper Robb titled “Stage Struck” click: HERE.(8/29)

Criss Angel’s publicist released a story that Angel expects to continue performing his show Mindfreak as early as Friday night and will be announcing the plans for his next stunt shortly. To read the Aug. 27 press release titled “Master Illusionist Criss Angel Emerges From Water Tank After Being Submerged for Over 24 Hours” click: HERE.(8/29)

Criss Angel health is covered in the New York Post which reported that “He was listed in good condition late yesterday and was expected to be released today.” To read the Aug. 28 article by Bill Hoffman titled “Dehydrated Magic Man Under-Watered” click: HERE.(8/29)

A Criss Angel follow-up story by the Associated Press reported that “Doctors were treating him for dehydration and keeping his body wrapped in blankets to raise his body temperature.” To read the Aug. 28 article titled “Docs: Angel Weak But Improving” click: HERE.(8/29)

Magicians in northern England are once again able to use rabbits while performing on City Council property. An Associated Press article quotes Martin Duffy who pointed out the importance of livestock in children’s magic shows, “The whole show builds up to the climax of the rabbit appearing, the kids expect it.” In a related story, “a Newcastle council employee had banned a clown from performing a traditional Punch and Judy show because the knockabout puppets could encourage domestic violence.” To read the Aug. 28 article titled “Rabbit ban misses by a hare” click: HERE.(8/29)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,705 / Friday – August 30, 2002
David Copperfield who has just returned from at tour through China performed for more than 200,000 fans who paid more than US $15 million to see him. An average ticket during the tour ranged from $70-$240 per person with the largest audience of around 80,000 people caught the show at the Beijing Capital Arena. To read the Aug. 29 press release titled “David Copperfield Shatters Records in China” click: HERE.(8/30)

Michael Jackson mentions David Blaine after receiving the “Artist of the Millennium” award at the 19th annual Video Music Awards show on Aug. 29. An MTV article reported, “Jackson then went on to thank everyone from God and his family to street magician David Blaine, whom he said he really believes in.” To read the Aug. 29 article by Joe D’Angelo titled “Eminem, White Stripes Set Pace So Far; TLC’s Chilli, T- Boz Remember Left Eye” click: HERE.(8/30)
–Turns out that due to confusion Jackson never received an award–but thought he did.(8/30)

A Criss Angel follow-up story in the New York Daily News that reported what happened at the conclusion of the stunt, “…he quickly developed trouble breathing and holding his head up – and passed out in front of the horrified audience.” Describing what he looked like at the end, “The rigors of the stunt were evident from Angel’s face, swollen from a diving mask, and jaw, sore from a breathing tube. Also, his hands and feet were severely wrinkled.” To read the Aug. 29 article by Ralph R. Ortega titled “Daredevil’s collapse caps water tank stunt” click: HERE.(8/30)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,706 / Saturday – August 31, 2002
The Estate of William Spencer will be auctioning his magic collection on Saturday Sep. 21 at the Knights of Columbus (2100 E. 71st St.) in Indianapolis, IN. The collection will feature thousands of books, periodicals, posters and even a letter from Houdini to Keller. Other highlights include a John Rogers “The Traveling Magician” statue, several signed Goldston books, Parlour Magic (1838), Hocus Pocus (1886), a number of Robert-Houdin books from the 1800s, Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft (1830), many first edition Hoffman books, and a large number of items which are more than 100 years old. The auction is being handled by Robert J. Brown Appraisal Services. A preview will be held on Sep. 20. For more information, a listing of the items and a downloadable list click: HERE.(8/31)

The Tony Curtis version of “Houdini” and “The Mad Magician” starring Vincent Price are being presented as “a double feature fund-raiser this weekend for the Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum.” A Bristol Press article gives insight about both movies and reports that “In addition to the feature films, [Cortlandt] Hull will make a short presentation on Price, whom he knew personally.” To read the Aug. 30 article by Jackie Majerus titled “Catch Houdini film before it disappears” click: HERE.(8/31)

David Copperfield who appears at the MGM Grand through Sep. 4 is featured in a Showbiz Weekly article that recaps his career and mentions some of the newer illusions he will be performing. Asked about what he has left to, “Copperfield said he’s always wanted to put a woman’s face on Mt. Rushmore, straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa and vanish the moon.”To read the Sep. 1-7 article by Carla Zvosec titled “Portal To The Unknown” click: HERE.(8/31)

Andy Tate who does magic while calling bingo is feature in a Chester-le-Street article reports that  “has been a huge hit with players at Testo’s bingo club in Consett, County Durham, since he started eight months ago.” He is also a finalist in “the Bingo Caller of the Year contest, taking place in Manchester on September 26.” To read the Aug. 30 article titled “Eyes down, look in, for a magic caller with winning way” click: HERE.(8/31)
VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,707 / Sunday – September 1, 2002
Max Maven appears at “The Theory and Art of Magic, Series II” in Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. “Max Maven In Concert” takes place on Sep. 4 at 8pm the Baker Theater and a Performance-Lecture will be presented on Sep. 5 at 7:30pm at the Recital Hall. Maven will also present a lecture for magicians only on Tuesday Sep. 3, at 7pm at The Hoffman House (325 N. 23rd Street). Cost for the lecture is $30 per person at the door. Tickets and information for all the events are available from the college box office by phoning: 484-664-3333 or clicking: HERE.(9/1)

A Criss Angel update in Newsday reported that Angel, “…made his first post-hospitalization appearance, bearing a wound under his nose from his breathing apparatus.” Angel commented, “My nose is the scar I bear… I hope this thing disappears in the next week or two.” To read the Aug. 31 article by Robert Kahn titled “Notes From Backstage” click: HERE.(9/1)

R.J. Lewis, John Graham, Chris Capehart, Todd Robbins, Rich Marotta, and Randy Shine headline at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 2 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/1)

NEW YORK: Michel Clavello & Greco appear and lecture on Thursday Sep. 5 at 7pm at Michael Canick Booksellers (200 East 82nd Street, #3B) in New York City. Admission is $25 in advance or $30 at the door. For more information phone: 212-585-2990.(9/1)
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