MT: August 21-27, 2000

VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 966 / Monday – August 21, 2000
Tannen’s Magic Camp has traditionally ended with an awards presentation for the winners of stage and close-up competitions. Many of the winners, who continued their study of magic, ended up getting national and international recognition as well as becoming well known in the magic industry. This year’s awards ceremony was held on Aug. 19 and the winners were: Senior Close-Up: Norman Ng (1st), Alex Bremner (2nd), Dane Grigas (3rd), Ben Shear (4th). Senior Stage: Eric Cicora (1st), Gavin Blankenship (2nd), Mike Barron (3rd), John Small (4th). Junior Close-Up: Danny Hill (1st), Sid Muralidhar (2nd), Noah Levine (3rd), Matthew Goldapper (4th). Junior Stage: Paul Denaro (1st), Joshua Cohen (2nd), Chris Chiappini (3rd), Max Nover (4th). Special awards were given to David Leopold (Creative Dude Award – in memory of Mark Nathan Sicher) and to Paul Denaro (Camper Of The Year Award in memory of Mario J. Gonzalez Jr). Attending this year’s ceremony was David Copperfield who presented the first annual “David Copperfield Scholarship” to Kimberly Naughton.(8/21)

David Regal, Billy McComb, Mark Jenest, Mark Edward, Alfonso, Ice McDonald, Gregory James & Kristi, and Dan Jordan appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 21-27. Alan Rich lectures on Sunday Aug. 27.(8/21)

Rafael Benatar performs close-up magic at Sashimi in Caracas on Aug. 23-24 at 9-11pm. The shows are being sponsored by Philip Morris.(8/21)

Henry Gartner who travels all over the US in a motor home and performs as “Flakey the Magic Clown” and “Flakey the Magician” is featured in the Portland Press Herald. To read the Aug. 19 story by Allan Drury titled “Cheers Of A Clown” click: HERE.(8/21)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 967 / Tuesday – August 22, 2000
David Copperfield who opens at the MGM in Las Vegas this week is featured in a lengthy Las Vegas Sun article. Commenting on the much smaller 630-seat theater at the MGM Copperfield said, “The MGM room is more intimate but I’m doing an arena show… It’s a great opportunity for the audience.” Copperfield also talks about some of the new illusions he is adding to his new show titled “Unknown Dimension.” The article continues with a step-by-step biography of Copperfield’s career. To read the Aug. 21 article by Kirk Baird titled “David Copperfield switches homes, reflects on career” click: HERE.(8/22)

Glen Gerard appears at the Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee, WI on Aug. 24-26. For tickets and information phone: 414-271-JOKE.(8/22)

Dixie Dooley freezes himself “…inside a 1 1/2-ton block of ice in front of the hotel [Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas]” as part of a publicity stunt to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. To read the Aug. 21 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Mike Weatherford titled “Magician keeps cool with MDA fund-raiser” click: HERE.(8/22)

Looks like the USA Network purchased the rights to the masked magician expose shows. They plan to air the first two Breaking The Magician’s Code TV shows on Sep. 25 at 9 and 10pm.(8/22)

Last week’s Erdnase article which appeared in the Wall Street Journal was reprinted in the Pioneer Planet. To read the Aug. 21 reprint by Rachel Emma Silverman titled “Hiding identity could be card trick author’s best secret” click: HERE.(8/22)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 968 / Wednesday – August 23, 2000
San Francisco’s Conjurors 4th Annual Stage Competition is on Friday, Aug. 25 at 8pm at the James Lick School Auditorium (1220 Noe St.) in San Francisco, CA. Scheduled to appear are: Charlie Martin, Johnny Extreme, Corrine & Dale, Willie Franklin, Alex Gonzalez, Imagique, Dan Chan, Jim Fitzpatrick, Allen Gittelson, Wily Bill, Smokey Sam, Thor, and Richard Meyer. The competition is open to the public. Tickets are $10-$15 and are available from the Misdirections Magic Shop at: 415-566-2180.(8/23)

David Copperfield appears at the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Aug. 24-30. Tickets are $95 per person and are available by phoning: 702-891-7777.(8/23)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 969 / Thursday – August 24, 2000
The Swann Auction Galleries announced some of the items slated for their annual Magic Auction on Oct. 26 in New York City. As in the past the Houdini items are very interesting. This year they include a set of three autographed books inscribed by Houdini to his nephew ($5000/7500), an autographed Houdini challenge from 1912 ($2500/3500), a very large Houdini/Buried Alive! lithograph ($10,000/15,000) and a Houdini broadside from 1915 ($3000/4000). Books of interest include the fourth edition of Hooper’s Recreations dated 1794 ($1500/2500), and the second edition of Entertaining Experiments from 1821 ($3000/4000). In the ephemera department there is a collection of more than 50 personal items and material relating to Arthur Lloyd to be sold as one lot ($1000/1500). The auction takes place on Oct. 26 at 10:30am at the Swann Galleries (104 East 25th Street) in New York City. Catalogs for the Magic Auction (auction number 1875) are available for $25 by phoning: 212-254-4710 or by clicking: HERE. The catalog will also be available for download the week of the auction.(8/24)

Stewart James is featured in the Aug. 21 issue of Maclean’s. The article by Allan Fotheringham titled “An obsession with magic” is available online to subscribers only. For more information or a subscription click: HERE.(8/24)

JAPAN: The 10th SAM Japan World Magic Symposium at the Nagasaki Prince Hotel in Nagasaki takes place on Aug. 25 -26. Scheduled performers include Greg Frewin, Topaz, George Saterial, Ken Masaki, Shinpei Ogawa, Bravo Nakatani, Mr. Isshu, and Jimmy Kikuchi. For more information contact the SAM Japan Head Quarters at: Phone: 03-537802882 or Fax: 03-5378-2883).(8/24)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 970 / Friday – August 25, 2000
Richard Robinson’s web site is featured in the newly released “Internet Cool Guide: Entertainment.” The guide which is now available at most book stores, music stores and computer stores is described as, “A savvy guide to the hottest entertainment sites,” it includes 500 sites that have been rated for content, design and originality. Robinson’s site is described as, “…a very inclusive guide to the world of magic, put together by people who have already mastered the craft.” The only other magic site included is Card Trick Central. If you look closely at the screen shot from Magic Show you will see a photo of your publisher musing. To purchase a copy of the Cool Guide from Amazon for $8.95 click: HERE.(8/25)

Terry Richison performs his full-evening illusion show on Saturday Aug. 26 at 7pm at the Family Arena (Interstate 70 and Fifth Street Exit) in St. Charles, MO. Tickets are $7-15 and are available by phoning: 636-896-4200.(8/25)

Michael J. Pagan who stars as Malik Sawyer in the USA movie Killers In The House is described as “…a self-taught magician who can levitate inches off the ground before your very eyes!” To read his bio in the movie promo click: HERE.(8/25)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 971 / Saturday – August 26, 2000
David Copperfield who opened at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is featured in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He describes his new illusion, “I take the trip with the audience members, ‘he claims. MGM audiences will’ see it happen with evidence and proof that it’s really happening.” Discussing his ever enlarging repertoire he said, “I have about 20 hours of material that I developed in my lifetime. That’s a lot of material when you think about it… Houdini had an hour and a half of material.” To read the Aug. 25 the preview by Mike Weatherford titled “Time for a Change: David Copperfield moves to new quarters at MGM Grand” click: HERE.(8/26)

Greg Frewin appears in the Basin Street Follies at the Showboat Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ with two shows per day through Sep. 2. Tickets are $10 per person and are available by phoning: 609-340-4003.(8/26)

Terry Richison’s “It’s Magic – Where Dreams Become Reality” is previewed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch where he explains that, “There’ll be people that fly. People will levitate. We’ll cut ’em in half. There’ll be a girl who crawls through the center of my body.” To read the Aug. 25 story by Dave Dorr titled “You can expect the unexpected at the Family Arena Saturday” click: HERE.(8/26)

Greg Frewin is described as, “…superb technically and manages to amaze as he conjures exotic birds from thin air and transforms objects in the blink of an eye,” in the Bergen Record. To read the Aug. 25 preview by Chuck Darrow titled “The Showboat overhauls its ‘Follies’ lineup” click: HERE.(8/26)

Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box opened this week in buffalo and the Buffalo News reviewer gave it three and a half stars, describing it as “…a surreal environment where past and present converge into fantastic 3-D storybook reflections on their life’s journey.” To read the Aug. 23 review by Jim Santella titled “The Roar Of The Crowd” click: HERE.(8/26)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 972 / Sunday – August 27, 2000
Ed Alonzo’s one-man show “Magic and Mayhem” will be returning to Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween Haunt, which is reputed to be the “World’s First and Biggest Halloween Theme Park Event and the Scariest Place on Earth,” this will be the seventh time Alonzo’s show will be a featured attraction. The show opens on Oct. 5 and runs on weekends through Oct. 31 at the New Wave Theater at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. The show is free to all who attend the Knott’s Scary Farm’s Halloween Haunt event which runs around $40 per person.(8/27)

David Copperfield filed a lawsuit in District Court on Friday against Fireman’s Fund Insurance trying to recoup the half-million dollars he spent to get his show out of Russia. The insurance company previously rejected his claim to be reimbursed for the ‘fees’ he incurred. To read the Aug. 26 article by Peter O’Connell in the Las Vegas Review-Journal titled “Magician sues over ordeal: David Copperfield says Fireman’s Fund wrongly denied his claim after his gear was taken in Russia.” click: HERE.
To read the Aug. 26 Associated Press story from the Las Vegas Sun titled “Copperfield sues over Moscow ordeal” click: HERE.(8/27)

David Acer, Rocco, Doc Swan, and Fred Anderson appear at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 28 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(8/27)
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