MT: April 24-30, 2000

VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 847 / Monday – April 24, 2000
The “True Hollywood Story” series on E! will begin airing a one-hour Siegfried & Roy episode on Sunday Apr. 30. The show will chronicle their lives, how they met, their amazing career and their animals. They will also focus on how the legendary duo, with their long and very successful run as Las Vegas headliners, helped transform Las Vegas into what it is today. Interviewed on the show will be their manager Bernie Yuman and friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. The show will be repeated throughout May – check TV Magic Guide for the up-to-the-minute schedules.(4/24)

Joseph Gabriel, Gazzo, Whit Haydn, Jeff Parmer, David Groves, Joshua Seth appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Apr. 24-30. Steve Mayhew lectures on Sunday Apr. 30.(4/24)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 848 / Tuesday – April 25, 2000
Paul Daniels is interviewed in the Sunday Mercury where he discussed the way he deals with being the brunt of many jokes and criticism in the press. Paul who just turned 62 and celebrated his 12th Anniversary said, “ lot of the criticism is destructive, not constructive, and you should ignore it completely.” To read the Apr. 18 article supplied by NewsReal click: HERE.(4/25)

Robert Lamberti’s Magic Avenue which opened on Apr. 1 in Upper Nob Hill, Albuquergue, NM was featured in the Albuquergue Journal. Last year the store began as a website and is now “Albuquerque’s only store for professional and hobby magicians and jugglers.” To read the Apr. 24 article by Michelle Pentz click: HERE.(4/25)

CALIFORNIA: Jeff McBride lectures for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Laurel School (350-9th Ave) in San Francisco on Thursday Apr. 27 at 7:30pm. McBride will also give one of his Masters’ Workshop on Saturday Apr. 29. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(4/25)

VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 849 / Wednesday – April 26, 2000
MARYLAND: The annual collector’s convention will be held in Hunt Valley on Apr. 27-29. It is being hosted by the Society of Osiris Magicians, Inc. of Baltimore. The featured speakers will include: Michael Edwards (on Richiardi Jr.), Mike Rose (on Joe Karson), Wittus Witt (on Remarkable and Unusual Magic Sets from Two Centuries), Mark Walker (on A Potpourri of Baltimore Magicians’), Robert Spencer (on Phil Thomas & Hen Fetsch), George Goebel (on Milbourne Christopher), Bill Kuethe (on the Heyls of Baltimore), Bill Rauscher (on When Thurston Came to Town), McCarl Roberts (on Dantini Revisited), George Daily (on Dr. Henry Ridgely Evans), Jack Gaylin (on The Eck Brothers), Daniel Stashower (on his book Teller of Tales: Arthur Conan Doyle),  Ken Trombly (on Obscure and Unusual Lithographs), Bill Kalush (on Unknown English Conjuring Books before 1700), Mike Caveney (on Allan Shaw), and Robert Orben (on Magic and Me 50 Years Ago). Appearing on the Saturday night show will be Mark Walker, Mike Rose, Denny Haney, and Jerry Rowen. The convention is limited to 250 people and is open to members only.(4/26)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 850 / Thursday – April 27, 2000
Bill Malone is the guest of honor at the 30th annual Fechter’ Finger Flicking Frolic on Apr. 26-29 in Batavia, NY. This is the first and still the best close-up magic convention in the world. 175 of the world’s best close-up magicians will be attending — many will also perform during the four formal close-up shows. Organized by Obie O’Brien this “by invitation only” convention has continued to attract the best creators, technicians, performers, professionals and amateurs in the field — with dozens of magicians being turned down every year it is the hottest ticket in close-up magic. This year magicians will be attending from England, Japan, Canada, Finland, Argentina, Italy, France, Australia, and the United States.(4/27)

Watch the David Copperfield interview with Bryant Gumbel on The Early Show which aired on CBS on Apr. 26. You will also get to see him perform the Twisting Arm Illusion. To view the video and read about Copperfield click: HERE.(4/27)

Jeff McBride and Abbi Spinner will be presenting their “Forbidden Magic” show on Friday, Apr. 28 at 8pm at the James Lick School (1220 Noe St. – Auditorium) in San Francisco, CA. For more information contact the Misdirections Magic Shop at: 415-566-2180.(4/27)

Rafael Benatar performs his one-hour stage show at the Esotherea 2000 trade show on Apr. 28 at 7pm at the Centro Internacional de Exposiciones de Caracas, (zona rental de la Universidad Metropolitana en Terrazas del Avila, Caracas) in Venezuela. Last year the trade show was attended by more than 10,000 people. While in Caracas he also lectured and conducted a workshop for the local magicians.(4/27)

David Copperfield is featured in USA Today where he discussed his comeback to TV, his current show, his life and his upcoming projects. Regarding his next special, scheduled for December, Copperfield promised to, “make people disappear and then reappear on the other side of the planet. And I make it credible.” To read the Apr. 26 article by Jefferson Graham, titled “For his next trick, Copperfield’s back,” click: HERE.(4/27)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 851 / Friday – April 28, 2000
Paul Wesley Swinford (1/29/1931-4/26/2000) who has been battling cancer for the past year or so died on Wednesday Apr. 26. Swinford was a protégé of Stuart Judah and is best known for his two books Faro Fantasies (1968) and More Faro Fantasies (1971). He also was a major contributor to Pallbearers Review, Epilogue, and was the Parade editor for the Linking Ring (1974-78). Over a 20-year period he also performed at various restaurants in the Cincinnati area. He is survived by his wife Margaret, his two sons Richard and Steven and their families. Visitations will be held on Sunday Apr. 30 at 6-9pm at T.P. White & Sons Funeral Home (2050 Beechmont Ave, – 513-231-7150) in Cincinnati, OH. On Monday May 1 at 1pm services will be held in the Norman Chapel at the Spring Grove Cemetery (4521 Spring Grove Ave. – 513-681-6680) in Cincinnati, OH.(4/28)

PENNSYLVANIA: The 3rd Annual Magical May Day sponsored by IBM Ring #20 and SAM Assembly #110 will be held on Apr. 29 in Dillsburg. Performers include Todd Robbins, John Beinhuar, Christopher Chiappini, Joey Z, John Martzall, and Marc Lederman. Registration is $35 per person. For more information click: HERE.(4/28)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 852 / Saturday – April 29, 2000
Franz Harary’s “Mega Illusion Show” opens  at the Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Dai 2 Taiikukann in Tokyo on April 29 and will run through May 7. Tickets cost 7,000 – 9,000 Japanese yen (about US $70-90) and are available by phoning Ticket Pier at: 03-5237-9999. For more information phone: 03-3237-9111.(4/29)

NEW YORK: Dan Garrett lectures for the LI Mystics SAM Assembly #77 at the Copiague Public Library in Copiague, NY on Monday May. 1. He will also give a special workshop earlier in the evening. For more information phone: 516-757-2236.(4/29)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 853 / Sunday – April 30, 2000
A special Monday Night Magic All-Star Night featuring David Oliver, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, Peter Samelson, Todd Robbins, Michael Chaut, Simon Lovell, and Steve Walker on May 1 at 8pm in NYC. There are also scheduled to be some surprise guests from all over the world attending. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(4/30)

Siegfried & Roy are profiled in the TV Guide Insider regarding their upcoming documentary as part of the E! True Hollywood Story series. Roy is quoted, “Our audience is giving us what we missed in our childhood — love.” Siegfried also confessed that for a while he had a drug addiction and was hallucinating onstage. To read the Apr. 28 article by Rich Brown click: HERE.(4/30)
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