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The long awaited and much anticipated creative card magic of Ray Kosby is finally here on a one- hour video. These routines and sleights have never been explained on video before. The few magicians who saw Kosby do these things have never forgotten them — just ask anyone who has seen Kosby do his Raise Rise what they think. This may be your only chance to see him perform these impossible looking routines  — and then learn how to do them yourself.

The new video is actually the sequel to his non-card video titled “WOW: It’s Ray Kosby” which was released in 1997 by Kaufman & Company. If you do not already own that video you can have both “Impossible Card Magic” and “WOW: It’s Ray Kosby” for only US $55 postpaid anywhere in the US. (Also available in PAL for US $65 for the set — mention MagicTimes when you order and we will pay the Air Mail postage to anywhere on earth).

Ray Kosby’s
Impossible Card Magic

Ray Kosby’s card magic is quick, visual, and is guaranteed to have a powerful impact on any audience.

Impossible Card Magic is a perfect title for this video. Every item on this tape is impossible to figure out when you first see it — you will be fooled. The skill level involved ranges from intermediate to advanced but the effort involved in learning these routines will surely put you ahead of the crowd. All the routines are very creative in both effect and method. Card magic that will fool and entertain.

Includes performances and explanations to:

• Smudge: The card case is used as a vacuum cleaner to visually erase the center pip of a three. The three is now a two and an ace is found inside the card case.

• Recased: The cards are removed from a card case and the case is put away. In an instant the case is back in your hand with the cards back inside.

• Pac Jacks: A sandwich routine where fifty-one cards visually appear sandwiched between two jacks while the selection remains in the hand where the deck was a moment ago.

• Deep Thought: A spectator thinks of a card seen in the deck. The deck is shuffled and fanned. A single card is pulled out of the fan so it sticks out of the deck. The spectator names her card as the deck is turned over to show the card sticking out of it is the thought-of selection. 

• Raise Rise: One of the routines Ray is best known for is this visual ambitious card sequence where a signed selection is placed near the bottom of the deck so it sticks out for half its length. All of a sudden it visually jumps to the middle of the deck, near the top of the deck, it becomes the top card and finally ends up on the bottom of the deck – you will not believe your eyes. 

• Venus Fly Trap: Two queens are placed together face up in the deck so they are sticking out for half their length. A card is selected and placed face down protruding from the deck. In an instant the two queens seem to jump through the deck and encircle the selection. 

• Half Right: A quick and visual torn-and-restored card routine where a card is torn in half and then restored as the spectator pulls it out of the deck. 

• Freedom Of Choice: A spectator freely touches the backs of four cards as the deck is being spread between your hands. The touched cards are pushed forward. When the spread is turned up the four cards are shockingly seen to be the four aces. 

• Oil And Water: A devious three phase oil and water routine like no other. It is quick, visual and easy to follow as four red cards and four black cards magically separate and remix. 

• The Other Cheek: Three selected cards are held face down in your hand. A quick shake causes them to visually turn face up one at a time. The effect and method are unbelievable. 

 Jack In Box: A jack is placed on top of a card case and in an instant it vanishes to reappear inside the case.

• Out Of Space: An impossible looking routine which begins with four kings. As the kings are counted three aces appear between them. The aces are placed on the table as the four kings magically change into the fourth ace.

Suggested retail price: only US $29.95. (Available in PAL for our European customers for US $35).

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