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NEW JERSEY: MyMagic just release a new mentalism routine that comes complete with the special cards that make the magic happen.

It is based on the old “Feel The Colors” principle originated by Tan Hock Chaun that was reimagined to ESP Cards by Kaifu Wang, combined with some devious strategies to create an impossible routine. The accompanying video tutorial also teaches additional routines and exposes some secret properties of the cards and envelopes.

This is a very limited release.

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ESP Feeler Cards

This is a set of six ESP Symbol Cards (Rhine Cards) that have been manufactured with the “Feel A Color” principle build into them. This allows you to feel the orientation of the cards, even while they are inside envelopes.

They can be used in many ways and can reproduce routines commonly done with one-way cards… except these can be performed while you are blindfolded or with the cards behind your back.

Two of the routines explained:
Basic Routine: Six ESP Cards and envelopes are shown. A spectator thinks of one of the ESP Symbols and puts it back in the envelope along with all the other symbols in their individual envelopes. The envelopes are then thoroughly mixed. All this is done while your back is turned. When the envelopes are handed back to you will be able to derive the envelope that has the thought of card.

Precise Revelation: A stack of envelopes with ESP Cards inside them is handed to a spectator to place behind their back. They mix up the envelopes and select one. Upon handing you the remaining envelopes (behind your back), you can name their selected ESP symbol.

In addition to the special cards and envelopes you are supplied with an instructional video that taches the basics, some routines and additional tips and ideas.

Comes complete with a six-card set of ESP Feeler Cards, matching envelopes, and a 20-minute online video tutorial.

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