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After a long absence the “NYCAN 1990,” “NYCAN 1991,” and “David Cresey: A Live Close-Up Lecture” videos have been re-released with new packaging and a substantially lower price. When the Magic Video Network (MVN) first produced these tapes, close to ten years ago, they sold for around $50 each. Now you can have all three of these tapes for the price of what it would have cost you to purchase just one. This is also the first time that these tapes have been available in PAL for the European market.

David Cresey: A Live Close-Up Lecture

Most people know David Cresey as the manufacturer of Mouth Coils and Throw Streamers. His friends know him for his offbeat and often sarcastic sense of humor. Very few know that he is also an accomplished close-up performer. He has toured with his close-up lecture all over the United States. This 45-minute video is a live recording of his lecture, given in 1992 in Delaware, which features performances and explanations to routines with cards, coins and mentalism.Cost: $19.95 NTSC (US video system) – $25 PAL (European video system)
For more information or to order visit: http://www.mymagic.com/cresey.htm

NYCAN 1990 Convention Highlights

A two-hour highlight video of one of the best magic conventions of 1990 features appearances, interviews, performances, lectures, and tips by Gaetan Bloom, John Carney, James Cielen, Michael Close, Tommy Edwards, Jeff Evanson & Tessa, Rudy Hunter, Gary Kurtz, Jay Marshall, David Merry, Scott Norman, Glenn Ottaway, David Peck, Michael Ross, Howard Schwarzman, Johnny Toronto, David Williamson, and many others.

Some special features include:
• Gary Kurtz performing his cigarette act and jumbo coin routine.
• David Williamson’s hysterical close-up show, lecture highlights and Rocky Raccoon routine.
• Jay Marshall performing with Lefty.
• The Stewart James tribute featuring: David Ben, Trevor Hamilton, Alan Sleight, Gaetan Bloom, Max Maven, and Jay Marshall.

Cost: $19.95 NTSC (US video system) – $25 PAL (European video system)
For more information or to order visit: http://www.mymagic.com/videos.htm

NYCAN 1991 Convention Highlights

A two-hour highlight video of the 1991 NYCAN Convention held in Rochester, New York on October 31 to November 2, 1991. Featured performers include: Gene Anderson, Thom Barnett, Bob Bengal, John Cornelius, Daryl, Marc DeSouza, Bob Follmer, Bill Gormont, The Gustafsons, Bob King, Joe Legari, Bob Little, Bob Olson, John Pattison, Greg Phillips, Professor Rem, and George Saterial.

Some special features include:
• A Houdini Séance with Sidney Radner, Henry Mueller, Morris Young, and Marie Blood.
• Houdini’s niece, Marie Blood, is interviewed and displays her personal collection of Houdini memorabilia.
• A panel discussion about “The Business Of Corporate Magic” with Dick Gustafson, Marc DeSouza, Bob Bengel, Gene Anderson, and Ron Zollweg.
• Lecture segments teaching routines and techniques by Bob King, Marc DeSouza, Bob Olson, and Bob Bengel.

Cost: $19.95 NTSC (US video system) – $25 PAL (European video system)
For more information or to order visit: http://www.mymagic.com/videos.htm

SPECIAL: Get both NYCAN videos (1990 and 1991) for only $35 in NTSC or $45 in PAL.

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