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Card Cheaters ( was a news source about gambling cheating and scams which was run by Gambling Incorporated ( from January 2005 through February 2017. Although it continued to offer a newswire through December 2022, none of that was archived. Their archives are now available here.

Cheating At Gin DVD
Gin and its many variations is one of the most widely played card games among children and adults. Because it is basically a two-person game, without supervision, it is very susceptible to cheating. On this newly released DVD George Joseph explains and discusses the many methods that are regularly used to cheat in Gin Rummy. George Joseph’s Cheating At Gin DVD was released on November 14 and is the re-release of the first Gin cheating video ever made. For more information about the DVD click: HERE.(11/06)

The Mad Genius Of Poker Got Cheated
Mike Caro, in his column “Poker Bullies – How To Bust Their Balls”, that appeared in the November issue of Bluff Magazine writes about the Gardena, California casinos in the 1970s: “It was like the Wild West. Cheaters everywhere. You had to try to dance around the stampede of scammers, but sometimes you got trampled. I’m sure I would have won many times more than I did had I not been cheated constantly in those years. Sometimes, the crooks were three to five deep. And it wasn’t just partnerships you had to look out for. There were no dealers furnished by the six casinos devoted to poker. You took turns dealing your own cards, honest players and card mechanics alike.”(11/06)

Hu$tle The Complete First Season On DVD
Hu$tle is a BBC Television series that revolves around five con artists who commit daring and intricate stings. In the United States the show sporadically airs on AMC-TV. A two-disc DVD set, “Hustle – Complete Season One”, was released on September 5 and features the first six episodes. Episode two begins with one of the team members getting caught cheating in a high-stakes poker game and is hospitalized after being beat-up by the casino owner. To purchase “Hustle – Complete Season One” click: HERE.(11/06)

Sal Piacente Profiled
Sal Piacente is featured in a Community Press article where he is described as “A professional authority on casino game protection since the 1980s, Piacente is teaching his kids all the tricks so they don’t get taken advantage of, just like his father taught him.” The article also reported that “He and his wife, Dee, started their own consulting business, Universal Gaming Protection, a few months ago.” To read the Oct. 18 article by Lindsay Kottmann titled “His business is to catch a cheat” click: HERE.(11/06)

Cheating At Craps DVD
George Joseph’s Cheating At Craps DVD was released on October 27. This is the re-release of the first Craps cheating video ever made. It covers many sleight-of-hand and gaffed techniques that are regularly used by dice and Craps cheaters. Subjects covered include: Dice switching techniques, hand offs, past posting, chip stealing, chip cup, fair dice control, mispotted dice, scoot shot, loaded dice, pivot test, shaved dice, six-eight flat, tops, magnetic dice, portable juice joint, and much more. For more information about the DVD click: HERE.(10/06)

Unsafe At Home
Richard Burke’s column in the current issue of Poker Player Magazine gave advice on how to spot and stop a suspected card mechanic in a home game. One interesting piece of advice was if any of the players have arthritis you could start using a shoe to deal from, “For about $25 you can buy a transparent shoe that holds up to four standard decks. Of course for poker you would use only one deck. …Having everyone deal from a shoe is a good way to prevent a card mechanic from applying his skill for his benefit.” Burke concluded, “A shoe will thwart card manipulation by the dealer… Marked cards are a whole different problem.” To read the Oct. 16 article by Richard Burke titled “Unsafe At Home” click: HERE.(10/06)

Cheating At Blackjack DVD
George Joseph’s Cheating At Blackjack DVD will be released on October 9. This is the re-release of the first Blackjack cheating video ever made. It covers many sleight-of-hand techniques with cards as well as marking systems and a number of techniques with chip copping, capping and stealing. It also includes stocks that can be arrived at from a fresh deck. For more information about the DVD click: HERE.(10/06)

Ricky Jay Plays Poker
“Ricky Jay Plays Poker” is the title of a new music CD that will be released on November 21. The CD will include 21 gambling themed songs from the past hundred years by varied artists like Bob Dylan, Patsy Cline, Merle Travis, Bert Williams, Phil Harris, Mississippi Sheiks and others. Simultaneously there will be a deluxe edition released which will include a deck of Ricky Jay playing cards and a DVD with Jay discussing and demonstrating poker cheating techniques. To purchase the deluxe set click: HERE.(10/06)

Cheating At Poker DVD
In the 1980s George Joseph was the first person to release instructional videos about cheating. The information on those videos is as valid today as it has ever been. Gambling Incorporated, which purchased the rights to these titles, will be releasing them on DVD. On September 12 the first of the series of five DVDs covering subjects as wide-ranging as backgammon to poker will be released. The first DVD is “Cheating At Poker” which covers a wide range of sleight-of-hand and subtler techniques of cheating at poker. For more information about the DVD click: HERE.(9/06)

Soft-Play Collusion
Daniel Negreanu’s column in the Arizona Daily Star discusses the most rampant form of cheating that takes place in casinos — soft playing. As Negreanu explained it, “Even though you might not see any harm in it, and your intentions are all well and good, soft-playing your friends is a form of collusion. It’s called team play… Poker isn’t a team sport. It’s every player for himself, and it simply has to be that way. I realize that it can be uncomfortable to knock out your friends, but the alternative is flat-out cheating.” To read the Aug. 10 article titled “Advice by Daniel Negreanu: Giving a pal a break is actually cheating” click: HERE.(8/06)

Cheating At Poker
The Summer 2006 issue of Action Magazine, which is distributed at California and Nevada casinos, includes an article titled “Cheating at Poker” that asserts that, “Chances are this very day if you play poker on line or in a ‘bricks and mortar’ establishment, there is a dirty player or cheater near you.” The material covered is largely based on the many forms of collusion that are used live and online.(8/06)

Johnny Moss A Card Cheater?
Doyle Brunson spoke about Johnny Moss, who won the first two World Series of Poker titles, in a Card Player interview, “I always say that I thought Johnny Moss was the best no-limit hold’em player I played with. I sometimes wonder, because back then there was lots of cheating, and Moss would cheat. So, some of those times I thought he was playing so good, he may have been cheating. He might have known what the other guy had. But, he was a hell of a player.” To read the Jul. 11 interview by Justin Marchand titled “Doyle Brunson: Poker’s Living Legend” click: HERE.(7/06)

A Casino Blacklisting Case
The New Jersey State Casino Control Commission ruled that Mr. David H. Morse will continue to be blacklisted from gambling in Atlantic City due to his 1995 ban where he was labeled as a card cheater by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement. According to a Press of Atlantic City article “…authorities said he would cheat by using the yellow ‘cut card’ to pry open the deck far enough to get a peek at the cards. He would then place big bets after allegedly manipulating the cards in his favor.” Morse’s defense is that he is a card counter, not a cheater, and card counting is legal in Atlantic City. To read the Jun. 14 Press of Atlantic City article by Donald Wittkowski titled “CCC keeps card cheater on blacklist” click: HERE.(6/06)

Deadman’s Bluff
James Swain’s seventh Tony Valentine novel is scheduled for a May 30 release. This time the story revolves around Skip DeMarco who is a blind Poker player that is scamming the world’s largest poker tournament in Las Vegas. The book also includes insider tips for catching poker cheats and a glossary of card hustler terms.(5/06)

Dirty Poker
Richard Marcus’ second book about cheating was released on March 15. The subject this time is cheating at Poker. Marcus suggests that there is much more cheating going on at casinos, home games and on the Internet than many people assume. He covers techniques such as collusion, sleight-of-hand, marked cards, chip dumping, and much more. He has also been appearing in print and on TV promoting the book.
–To read a WMCTV interview click: HERE.
–To read a Click2Houston article click: HERE.(5/06)

Poker Cheats Exposed
Sal Piacente and “Charlie” star in a two-disc DVD package titled “Poker Cheats Exposed.” The DVDs were released on January 31 and are full of the many cheating techniques that are possible at the poker table. Piacente is described as an “expert used by over 40 major casinos and law enforcement agencies, as well as a retired poker cheater who has never been caught.”(5/06)

Online Poker Cheating
The May 2006 issue of Bluff Magazine features an article about the two well known online Poker players who were caught cheating by playing single tournaments with multiple accounts. One of them admitted to entering a tournament as six different players. The various Poker sites closed their accounts, confiscated their winnings and are now enforcing more stringent controls in finding and stopping the use of multi-accounting. The article by Adam Small is titled “Pokergate.”(4/06)

Deadman’s Poker
James Swain returns with his sixth Tony Valentine novel. This time the focus is around cheating at Poker, where a system for beating any Poker player in the world is being used by the blind nephew of a mobster who is suspected of murdering the inventor of the con. As in all Swain novels the cheating methods described are very accurate. The paperback novel will be released on Apr. 25. A second Poker themed book will be released at the end of next month.(4/06)

Catching Poker Cheats
A.D. Livingston’s 1973 book “Dealing With Cheats” which explained many methods of cheating at cards, dice and other swindles was re-released in November under the new title of “Catching Poker Cheats.” The paperback edition is a slightly reorganized version with the removal of the non-card chapters and the addition of a new chapter about online poker.(1/06)

Cheats Column In Poker Pro
Poker Pro Magazine, which started publishing on a monthly basis beginning with its January 2006 issue (fourth issue), features a regular “Cheats” column written by Shaena Engle. The story in the January issue titled “Playing The Bend & Daub” centered on many methods for marking cards during play.(1/06)

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