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Card Cheaters ( was a news source about gambling cheating and scams which was run by Gambling Incorporated ( from January 2005 through February 2017. Although it continued to offer a newswire through December 2022, none of that was archived. Their archives are now available here.

Switching Chips
A Mirror Article reported that, “The crafty gamblers pocketed £2.9million at roulette by switching 10 euro tokens for 1,000 euro chips… The gangleader, who was born in Pakistan, teamed up with two others to carry out the clever token switch in Monte Carlo – a scam which they got away with for almost a year… Christian Ollier, the head of the government service in charge of gambling houses, said: ‘These gentlemen were very good.'” To read the December 22, 2015 article by Paul Hooper titled, “Three British conmen jailed after pocketing almost £3m in Monte Carlo casino scam” click: HERE. (12/2015)

Card Up Sleeve?
A Fox8 interviews a dealer charged of cheating, “A card accidentally went up my sleeve. I deal poker, I don’t even know how it got there… I called my supervisor over, and we’re looking every–we looked for ten, fifteen minutes. We lift up the rail; we looked on the floor; we lifted up the shuffler trying to find this card… Somehow it was on me. They’re saying it was on my sleeve; I don’t even know where it was but they’re saying it was up my sleeve and it fell out.” To read the October 30, 2015 article by Lorrie Taylor titled, “Horseshoe Casino dealer speaks out about cheating accusations” click: HERE. (10/2015)

Old School Justice
A Maxim article looks at how casinos dealt with cheaters before anti-cheating laws were enacted. Max Rubin explained that, “It took more balls to be a cheater in the old days, but, as long as you didn’t get assassinated in your driveway or have your jaw broken on the street, the old way was arguably better. Guys would rather get beaten than have the cops called in and wind up in jail. Bones heal. Police records are forever.” Ruben also pointed out that, “The most outrageous thing I’ve seen recently involved players who had cameras in bottles of water. The cameras recorded the shuffles and the players knew the order of cards that were being dealt.” Also quoted in the article was Sal Piacente. To read the October 15, 2015 article by Michael Kaplan titled, “Cheater’s Justice: The Brutal Payback For Duping Dealers At Casinos” click: HERE. (10/2015)

Long Term Scam
An Associated Press article reported that, “Two former craps dealers at the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas and two of their friends have been accused of siphoning more than $1 million off gambling tables over nearly two years by quietly paying phantom bets… A 60-count indictment filed Wednesday accuses [them] of theft and cheating at gambling. Both charges are felonies and could get the men decades in prison.” To read the October 1, 2015 article by Ken Ritter titled, “Two casino dealers and two of their friends have been indicted for stealing $1 million from Las Vegas casino” click: HERE. (10/2015)

Pre-Arranged Runs
A WCPO story explains that, “Three former Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati employees were among six people indicted in two separate gaming scams, according to the Ohio Casino Control Commission.” The main cheating technique was explained as, “Table games supervisor… would fix the order of cards in a deck at a mini baccarat table, according to officials. He would then signal an accomplice… when to place significant wagers.” To read the July 17 article titled, “Former Horseshoe Casino employees indicted on cheating charges” click: HERE. (7/2015)

NYC Dealer School
A Daily News article profiles a new dealer’s school in New York City which quotes the main instructor, “The casino always wins, so if the casino doesn’t win, it means the player is cheating or stealing.” The article also explained, “Shuffle the cards. Count the checks. Guard the shoe. And assume the worst about mankind. These are the biggest lessons aspiring casino dealers need to learn if they want to cash in on New York’s coming gaming boom.” To read the July 8 article by Justin Rocket Silverman titled, “Higher Education for High Rollers and Dealers at the new Big Deal Casino Academy” click: HERE. (7/2015)

Borgatagate Almost Over
The man who introduced counterfeit poker chips into a Borgata tournament in 2014 was charged for the crime. According to a Press of Atlantic City article he “…was indicted by an Atlantic County grand jury on charges of second-degree trademark counterfeiting, second-degree attempted theft by deception and third-degree criminal mischief.” To read the July 8 article by Tyler R. Tynes titled, “Man indicted for using counterfeit chips in 2014 Borgata Poker Tournament” click: HERE. (7/2015)

The Rubaiyat
A Poker News article discusses and previews the upcoming Potter & Potter auction of gambling and cheating devices. It reported that, “The auction’s signature item is Lot 115, a copy of Kirke LaSelle’s Poker Rubaiyat (hand-numbered 244 of 274 copies). This 1902 book, published out of a ‘printing shack’ in Arizona by Bandar Log Press, features beautiful poker illustrations, originally cut with a jackknife.” To read the June 23 article by Michael Craig titled, “A History of Gambling and Casinos, For Show and For Sale, This Week” click: HERE. (6/2015)

Microchiped Cards
A CardsChat News article reported that “According to a recent report by Pokernews, a Dutch website called Gambleromania has been advertising a card chipping service as well as pre-chipped cards identical to those being used at the WSOP… Although a representative for the website explained that the cards are for entertainment purposes only and not to be used inside a brick and mortar casino, the possibility is there and that has raised a number of security questions.” To read the June 11 article by Daniel Smyth titled, “Microchips And Cards Cause Concern At WSOP” click: HERE. (6/2015)

Cheating At WSOP?
A CNBC article reported on the possible cheating that took place at the WSOP Heads-Up Championship. According to the article, “A poker player who won $54,545 at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas is accused of cheating by his opponents… Players competing against Coca think he may have been marking the cards, either with some kind of invisible ink, or by making a tiny indent or crease with his fingers. His opponents suspect he may have marked the aces and the kings. The World Series of Poker, owned by Caesar’s, said in a statement to CNBC: ‘We treat these allegations seriously and have been investigating since this matter came to our attention. Our next update will be provided when the investigation is complete.'” To read the June 9 article by Paul Amin titled, “Accused poker cheater wins $54,000” click: HERE. (6/2015)

Massive Auction
On June 27-28, 2015 Potter & Potter will run a two-day auction with 812-lots titled, “Rare Playing Cards & Gambling Memorabilia.” It will feature Ronald Wohl’s lifelong collection/accumulation of gambling themed books, equipment, prints and advertising. Many of the items and cheating devices are very rare, gaffed and difficult to find. It also includes an extensive collection of rare playing cards. For more about the auction and to bid click: HERE.
>>>To purchase a printed catalog from Gambling Incorporated click: HERE. (6/2015)

Blackjack Capping
And Oxford Hills Sun Journal article reported that, “A Lewiston man is barred from Maine casinos for a year after admitting he conned Oxford Casino in blackjack games… After becoming suspicious of his winnings, casino security reviewed video surveillance, discovering Zhang raised his bet only after the outcome of the hand was known, Beauchesne said.” To read the May 13 article by Christopher Crosby titled, “Lewiston man barred from casinos after cheating at blackjack” click: HERE. (5/2015)

Switching Cards Is Not Cheating?
An Express-Times article reported that, “A New Jersey man is accused of cheating at three card poker games at the Sands casino, netting him $1,155 in winnings, according to court records… When confronted, [he] told officials he was unaware that he could not switch hands, records say. Video footage at the casino revealed that [he] was seen bet capping six times for a benefit of $80, court papers say. Another eight times, the 35-year-old allegedly used a card switching trick to better his odds of winning, police say.” To read the April 30 article by Sarah M. Wojcik titled, “New Jersey man accused of cheating at Sands casino poker table” click: HERE. (4/2015)

Mobile Cheating At Chess
An excellent article about cheating in general that is focused on cheating in the Chess world. The Guardian article reports that, “Petrosian informed the authorities, who searched Nigalidze but found nothing. Petrosian was adamant however, and eventually Nigalidze’s favourite cubicle [toilet] was searched as well. ‘What they found,’ Petrosian claims, ‘was the mobile phone with headphones; the device was hidden behind the pan and covered with toilet paper… Soon afterwards the Georgian was expelled from the competition. ‘Nigalidze denied he owned the device,’ the organisers said in a statement, ‘but officials … found it was logged into a social networking site under Nigalidze’s account. They also found his game being analysed in one of the chess applications.'” To read the April 17 article by Leo Benedictus titled, “Cheating the system: from chess to pub quizzes, how technology has made breaking the rules easier than ever” click: HERE. (4/2015)

Magnetic Manipulation
A KFOX14 article reported that, “A woman accused of using a magnet to manipulate a gaming machine at Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino was indicted. According to the Dona Ana County District Attorney’s office, [she] was seen doing ‘suspicious activity,’ and when she was approached by a casino security officer, the officer stated he heard a loud clicking noise coming from the machine. The officer found a small magnet attached to the right side of the machine, which had accrued two jackpot winning credits.” To read the April 17 article by Jesse Martinez titled, “Woman accused of cheating at Sunland Park Casino indicted” click: HERE. (4/2015)

Crimps, Nicks & Dents
A Mirror article reported that, “A 62-year-old man who tried to escape abroad after being arrested for cheating at poker at casinos across the UK has been jailed for eighteen months… [He] used sleight of hand to bend specific cards at the poker table, so that he would later be able to tell what the dealer and other players had been dealt, giving him a significant advantage. He spent hours playing at one table so that he could dent the centre of as many cards as he wanted. He was so swift, and the dents so subtle, that his cheating initially went unnoticed.” To read the March 16 article by Nicola Bartlett titled, “Casino cheat who won £43,000 by counting cards then tried to flee country jailed” click: HERE. (3/2015)

Roulette Scammers Abound
A World Casino News article reports that, “Four New York men were arrested February 19th after allegedly tricking dealers at the Harrah’s New Orleans casino. The men were arrested for cheating and swindling and conspiracy to commit cheating and swindling… One of the men would buy stacks of $1 chips at a table and then two more would come along and distract the dealer while the first man squirreled away some of the chips. He would then excuse himself and contact the fourth man, whom he met in the restroom and give him the chips purchased for $1 each. The new player would establish himself at a new table and purchase chips of the same color for $25 each and gradually start slipping in the same colored chips he got in the restroom.” To read the February 23 article titled, “Cheaters Get Greedy – Busted At Harrah’s New Orleans” click: HERE. (2/2015)

Iowa Rewrites Casino Cheating Penalties
A Radio Iowa article reported that, “The Iowa House has voted to set up a graduated series of penalties for those caught cheating in Iowa casinos… Those caught winning more than $1,000 would face a Class D felony, which could land the cheater in prison for up to five years. Those caught cheating at a game where they’d win less than $200 would face a simple misdemeanor.” To read the February 17 article by O. Kay Henderson titled “House bill creates levels of penalties for gambling cheaters” click: HERE. (2/2015)

Signaling In Pai Gow
A Times-Tribune article reported that, “A former card dealer at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs conspired with gamblers to cheat the casino out of thousands of dollars, according to police… a dealer of pai gow, a Chinese tile game, conspired with players to cheat the casino of $17,710 via a scheme involving secret signals, police said. Two men had approached Laird, explained the mechanics of the cheating scheme to him and paid him about $200 to $300 for his help, according to the criminal complaint.” To read the February 14 article titled, “Former Pocono Downs card dealer allegedly conspired with gamblers to cheat” click: HERE. (2/2015)

Roulette Chip Handout
A NJ Advance article reported that, “A Paterson man suspected of being part of a ring that cheats at roulette in Ohio casinos has pleaded not guilty, according to published reports… A 2013 story on said the alleged cheating ring includes 50 to 70 people based in the New York City area and has struck at casinos in 18 states. The scheme starts when players enter the game at small amounts, say $1 per chip, and then walk off with the chips when dealers are distracted, the report said. They then give the chips to accomplices in areas where there are no cameras. Those people return to a roulette wheel to purchase additional chips at larger amounts. At some point, all the chips are cashed out at the higher rate, according to” To read the January 21 article by Jeff Goldman titled, “N.J. man allegedly part of national roulette cheating ring, report says” click: HERE. (1/2015)

WSOP Winner Arrested For Cheating
A Grimsby Telegraph article reported that, “A GAMBLER who made at least £1 million profit through ‘rigging’ poker games and ‘cheating’ other players has been jailed. He will have to pay back £1 million within the next six months or face an extra six years in prison. [The cheater] made his name in Las Vegas, masterminded a poker fraud in which he played as several different gamblers at the same time and also racked up lucrative commission payments. He was jailed for 15 months at Sheffield Crown Court but a confiscation order was also made in the sum of £1 million.” To read the January 17 article titled, “Cheating poker player Darren Woods jailed for fraud and ordered to pay back £1m” click: HERE. (1/2015)

When The House Cheats
A Blackjack Champ article revisits three occasions where card players were accused of cheating where the article explains why they weren’t. Or as stated, “Casinos are notorious for using their power and privilege against their customers. Sometimes casinos cook up outrageous allegations of cheating in order to rob players of winnings. In most cases, courts and police step in and make sure that justice is served, but sometimes the casino gets its way.” Although the article has flaws and false generalizations. To read the Jan 2 article by Joseph Larsen titled, “3 Cases of Gamblers Falsely Accused of Cheating” click: HERE. (1/2015)

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