MT: July 9-15, 2001

VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,288 / Monday – July 9, 2001
Doug Henning’s “The Magic Show” which opened on Broadway in 1974 is credited for bringing magic into modern times and popularizing it as a theatrical art. Several years after Henning left the live show he agreed to recreate, it in 1981, as a television movie. The movie, which was directed by Norman Campbell, featured many new illusions and some new music. Image Entertainment has announced Jul. 24 as the release date for the film on DVD. It features Broadway cast members Anita Morris and Didi Conn. This is your only opportunity to see Doug Henning in the original role, which made him a star.
–To buy the DVD for $14.99 click: HERE.(7/9,16)

Michael Chabon’s Pulitzer-winning novel “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” which is about to be released in paperback is reviewed in the Guardian Observer. It is about “…a serious young man who grows up in Prague obsessed with the exploits of Harry Houdini. His teacher, an elderly Jewish magician, tests his escapology skills to the limit when he smuggles Josef out of occupied Prague in the coffin of the Golem, the mythical Jewish homunculus.” To read the Jul. 8 review by Stephanie Merritt titled “Paperback of the week” click: HERE.(7/9)
–To buy the book for $21.56 click: HERE.
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,289 / Tuesday – July 10, 2001
LOUISIANA: The annual Society of American Magicians national convention comes to New Orleans, LA on Jul. 12-15 where an array of international talent will entertain and teach. Performers include Greg Frewin, Aldo Colombini, Alan Shaxon, Marc DeSouza, Chad Long, Amos Levkovitch, Franz Harary, Michel Clovello, Norbert Ferre, Valerie, Carlos Greco, Tom Ogden, Terry Herbert, Tim Wright, Scott Penrose, Michael Bailey, Christopher Pratt, Al Carthy, Duncan Trillo, David Vela, Sean Bogunia, The Beckers, and much more. The nightly gala shows at the Rampart Street theater will be open to the general public and are available through Ticketmaster (504-524-2400). For more information and registration options click: HERE.(7/10)

Dixie Dooley is organizing a 25-hour marathon of magic which is scheduled for Jul. 12 at 7pm through Jul. 13 at 8pm. Magicians expected to appear include: Gary Darwin, Jason Newsom, Mark Bennick, Johnny-O, Captin Drew, Perry Maynard, Dixie Dooley and many others. The event will be held at the Magic Star Casino in Henderson, NV and is a benefit for the Shade Tree, a shelter for women and children.(7/10)

Penn & Teller appear at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City on Jul. 13-15 and then go back to their regular gig at the Samba Theatre at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Jul. 20 through Aug. 19.(7/10)

NEW JERSEY: George Hemple lectures on Wednesday Jul. 11 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit – Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. Cost to non-members is $12. For more information phone Carl Bajor at: 732-969-2566 or click: HERE.(7/10)
Siegfried & Roy pose with the cast of the new Vegas show “La Femme” which was imported from the Crazy Horse Revue in Paris. (Photo: Siegfried & Roy).(7/10)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,290 / Wednesday – July 11, 2001
The magic competitions at the 73rd annual International Brotherhood of Magicians convention this year featured winners from the U.S., Canada and even China. The finalists in the close-up division were Shawn Farquhar, Chase Curtis, Winston Helling, Matthew Grunwald, Igor, Eddie Maxwell & Canki and the winners were: Shawn Farquhar (Adult 1st place), Igor (adult 2nd place), Winston Helling (Junior 1st place), Curtis Chase (Junior 2nd place), and Shawn Farquhar received a special “F.F.F.F. ‘OBIE’ Award.” The finalists in the stage competition were Lin Bin, Bunnies in Peril, Richard Forget, Winston Helling, Philip Kaiser, and Jessica Reed with the awards going to Richard Forget (Adult 1st place), Lin Bin (Adult 2nd place), Jessica Reed (Junior 1st place), Winston Helling (Junior 2nd place), the “People’s Choice Award” went to Richard Forget. Neither the Gold Cups for close-up or the Gold Medal for stage were given this year.(7/11)

Ray Mertz (1949-2001) died yesterday of a heart attack. Mertz was a regular performer at the legendary Forks Hotel in Cheektowaga New York (a suburb of Buffalo) who also won many magic competitions and was a regular close-up performer and lecturer on the magic lecture and convention circuit.(7/11)

“Carnival of Wonders” is reviewed in a UPI story which highlights Jeff Hobson who is described as, “But the real energy of the show is balding round-faced comedian Jeff Hobson — billed simply as Hobson — who does an over-the-top flaming queen  with such panache that his shtick almost obscures his considerable skills as a magician. His show-stopper routine is as a gaudily robed Chinese magician, “Fu Ling Yu,” who tells funny stories while working with a wooden apparatus called the Tama Suma Re. (You kinda have to take my word on this).” To read the Jul 10 article by Joe Bob Briggs titled “The Vegas Guy: Reno Hilton” click: HERE.(7/11)

Steve Trash is featured in a Philadelphia Daily News story where he, “…describes his shows as a cross ‘between David Copperfield and Stomp.'” He continues, “Garbage is pretty fascinating to me… It’s anything you’ve decided isn’t valuable any more, even though it was worthwhile to you 20 minutes ago.” To read the Jul. 10 story by Al Hunter, Jr. titled “Trash Takes A Magical Twist” click: HERE.(7/11)

Nick Nickolas who is appearing at the Street Fest in Canada is featured in The Edmonton Journal. To read the Jul. 10 story by Liz Nicholls titled “The trick, the patter, the pitchä” click: HERE.(7/11)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,291 / Thursday – July 12, 2001
Jonathan Levit who was the magician in last year’s X-Files episode “The Amazing Maleeni” will once again be playing magician. This time he appears in the “Now You See Him” episode of the cable show The Huntress. Levit told MagicTimes that his character “…is a street magician who is constantly slipping out of the hands of the bounty hunters on the show.” You can catch the show on Sunday Jul. 15 at 10pm and again on Saturday Jul. 21 at 10am on USA-TV (cable).(7/12)

Mike Fisher who performs under the name “Fish the Magish” explained to The Island Packet that when asked by children how he learned magic he explains, “People ask me how I learn to do these tricks, …I learned them from reading.” To read the Jul. 11 story by Laura Marble titled “Reading program kicks off” click: HERE.(7/12)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,292 / Friday – July 13, 2001
“The Magic of David Copperfield: The Tornado of Fire” which aired on CBS-TV on Apr. 3 received a 2001 Emmy nomination for “Art Direction for a Variety or Music Program.” The 53rd annual Primetime Emmy awards ceremony which is produced by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will air live on Sep. 16 on CBS-TV. “Tornado of Fire” will be competing against the “73rd Annual Academy Awards,” “The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards,” “MADtv:610,” and “Peter Pan Starring Cathy Rigby.”(7/13)

Herb Morrissey founder of Morrissey Magic, the largest Canadian magic manufacturing company and magic shop received a heart transplant on Monday Jul. 9. We wish him the best as begins his recuperation.(7/13)

Ray Mangel, past-president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, died on Sunday Jul. 8. Mangel attended 43 consecutive I.B.M. national conventions and was hoping to make it this year for his 44th.(7/13)

CALIFORNIA: Loren Christopher Michaels lectures on Monday Jul. 16 at 7pm at Mind Over Magic (2214 Burbank Blvd.) in Burbank. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(7/13)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,293 / Saturday – July 14, 2001
Bob Brown of “Bob Brown & Brenda” fame is profiled in a Sacramento Bee article which looks back at his career as a magician, ace insurance salesman and the “1952 Man of the Year.” Brown turns 80 this month and is reported to be just as active now as he ever was. As to future plans Brown told the paper, Brown noted that his original assistant, Linda Jonasen, is back under her married name, Abrams, and they are working on plans for a fall tour after appearing at the London Hilton for a month in May.” Also quoted in the article is Mike Maxwell. To read the Jul. 13 story by Walt Wiley titled “Whatever Happened To … At 80, he’s still adept at insurance and magic” click: HERE.(7/14)

David Copperfield is interviewed in China Daily where he was asked what kind of audience reactions does he prefer. Copperfield answered, “I think when they get emotionally involved in the magic, I feel really rewarded because when they are emotionally involved, that’s something that really never happened with magic performances before.” To read the Jul. 13 story by Hu Xiaodan titled “Interview with master illusionist David Copperfield” click: HERE.(7/14)

Raymond R. Mertz who died on Jul. 9 at the age of 52 is profiled in a Buffalo News article which traces his career and life. To read the Jul. 11 obituary titled “Raymond R. Mertz, Well-Known Magician” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(7/14)

David Copperfield’s show in Guangzhou, China is reviewed in Xinhua News Agency where it is described as, “Local residents responded to Copperfield’s show with enthusiasm, with tickets for all five performances selling out a week in advance.” To read the Jul. 12 article titled “Magician David Copperfield Performs in Guangzhou” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(7/14)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,294 / Sunday – July 15, 2001
The Society of American Magicians’ competition winners for 2001 were announced on Saturday Jul. 14 in New Orleans. The winners were: The Peoples’ Choice Awards went to Igor (Close-Up) and Richard Forget (Sr. Stage). The Sr. Close-Up competition had an unprecedented conclusion with Joe Cole and Sha wn Farquhar both receiving First Place and Silver Medals, Igor won second place. The Sr. Stage winners were Richard Forget (1st and Silver Medal) and Phillip Kaiser (2nd place). The Jr. Stage contest was won by Winston Helling, Jr. with Danny Hill receiving the SAM Incentive Award. Special awards were also given to: Joe Cole (Originality Award), Danny Hill and Dustin Spence (Genii Awards), Eric Evans (Mystic Craig Award), Shawn Farquhar (Jim Zee Non-Cards Award) and an all-expense paid trip to the Japan SAM Convention went to Phillip Kaiser. Many of the above awards also carried cash prizes running anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Organizers Paul Critelli and Peggy Palermo have already began planning for the 2002 competition to be held in NYC.(7/15)

Puck, Michael Chaut, Jeff Moche, Simon Lovell, Rick Franceschini, Rich Marotta and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 16 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(7/15)
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