MT: April 16-22, 2001

VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,204 / Monday – April 16, 2001
Rare footage found of Tommy Cooper performing in 1950 at the age of 27. Cooper was a pioneer in performing magic on TV in England. According to a BBC story, “The precious footage is to be displayed later this year at Bradford’s National Museum of Photography, Film and Television.” The films which were found in a garden shed were shot by Desmond Campbell a lighting engineer on the TV shows who shot films from behind the main cameras so he could study the lighting on the sets. At that point in TV history the shows used to air live and copies never existed. To read the Apr. 15 story titled “Comic Cooper footage unearthed” click: HERE.(4/16)

Peter Lamont’s research on the Indian rope-trick is reviewed in an Independent article. To read the Apr. 14 story by David Brown titled “Secret of the Indian rope trick is finally revealed: it’s a hoax” click: HERE.(4/16)

Mac King, Lance Burton, Kevin Williams are mentioned in a Toledo Blade article which looks at magic that happens all around us. To read the Apr. 15 story by Mary Alice Powell titled “Real magic is all around us” click: HERE.(4/16)

Curtis Kam, George Wang and Greg Gabaylo appear in “Tuesday Night Magic” every Tuesday at the Hale Koa Hotel at Waikiki, HI. Admission to the show includes a buffet dinner. For more information phone: 808-955-0555 or visit the Live Magic Guide.(4/16)

NEW YORK CITY: David Stone lectures for the SAM Parent Assembly on Friday Apr. 20 at 7pm. The lecture will be held at Fordham University. Admission is free to members. Closed to all others.(4/16)

CALIFORNIA: Don Caldwell will give his balloon lecture on Monday Apr. 16 at 7pm at Mind Over Magic (2214 Burbank Blvd.) in Burbank. Admission is $25 per person. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(4/16)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,205 / Tuesday – April 17, 2001
Master showman John Calvert, a living legend of magic, returns to New York City to perform highlights from his Magicarama extravaganza and to be honored by the Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly #1 as Magician of the Year: 2001. Calvert will present his masterful conjurations as the feature of the annual “Salute to Magic” on April 28. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy the special magic that is part of “the longest world touring stage spectacular in theater history.”  …Go to full story.(4/17)

David Copperfield’s 80,000 piece magic collection and his recording of Houdini’s voice is mentioned in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article. To read the Apr. 13 story by Norm titled “Houdini recording prize possession of Copperfield collection” click: HERE.(4/17)

Siegfried & Roy’s lioness Prosperity just gave birth to the first litter of white lion cubs born in the United States. According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal article the “Four cubs, three of them males, were born April 1 at the Cincinnati Zoo and dubbed by Horn [Roy] ‘the pride of the millennium.'” To read the Apr. 15 story by Norm titled “Cats out of the bag: White lion litter a first” click: HERE.(4/17)

David Copperfield’s performance for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas is captured in a Las Vegas Review-Journal feature. To see and read the Apr. 15 Photos and captions by Denise Truscello titled “Learning A Few Tricks” click: HERE.(4/17)

NEW JERSEY: David Stone lectures on Wednesday Apr. 18 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit – Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. Cost to non-members is $12. For more information phone Al Hillman at: 732-257-3456 or click: HERE.(4/17)
Turk Pipkin and his wife Christy with Meir Yedid on the day Turk taped his first of three episodes for the HBO hit The Sopranos. The first episode aired on Sunday Apr. 15. He plays Aaron Arkaway a hippie with a sleeping disorder.(4/17)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,206 / Wednesday – April 18, 2001
MASSACHUSETTS: Hank Lee’s 12th Annual Cape Cod Magic Conclave on Apr. 20-22 has once again sold-out. This year’s performers include Tommy Wonder, Ed Alonzo, Billy McComb, Chris Mitchell, Tim Ellis & Sue Anne Webster, Bob Kohler, Aaron Radatz, Samuel Patrick Smith, Mike Bent, Michael Menes, Yumi, Norbert Ferre, Simon Lovell, and Kevin King. The annual event takes place at the Sea Crest in Falmouth. For more information click: HERE.(4/18)

“David Blaine: Frozen In Time: Blaine’s Cut” came in fifth for it’s time slot in the overnight ratings for Monday Apr. 16. It received a 4.7/7 rating, which amounts to a viewership of about 6-7 million people.(4/18)

SAM Assembly 146 presents it’s 5th Annual show, “Magic at the Wells,” on Saturday, Apr. 21 at 4pm and 8pm at the Wells Theatre in Norfolk, VA. Featured performers are: Al Albers & Liz, The Kingry Family, Pete Pedersen & Maria, and Larry Volz & Wendy. Close-up magicians will be performing in the theater lobby prior to the shows. Tickets are $12.50-$15 per person and are available from the box office by phoning: 757-627-1234.(4/18)

NEW JERSEY: Rocco lectures for SAM #25 on Friday Apr. 20 at 8pm. Rocco requested that magicians bring a jacket as he plans to teach his sleeving techniques. The lecture is free to members and non-members are charged a small fee. It takes place at the VFW Hall, Veterans Place in Elmwood Park. For more information e-mail:
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,207 / Thursday – April 19, 2001
Jamy Ian Swiss will be presenting his one-man show “The Honest Liar” on Saturday Apr. 21 at 7:30pm at the Cecile Goldman Theater (1529 16th St NW) in Washington, DC. The show, which received raves when it ran in NYC last year, is a fund-raiser for the National Capital Area Skeptics, which Swiss was a co-founder. A funny warning accompanies the promo for the show at NCAS’ website: “Jamy’s magic is for an adult audience, children will probably be bored. There will be no bunnies out of a hat or balloon animals on stage.” Admission is by a suggested donation of $10-$15 per person and you can make a reservation by phoning: 301-587-3827. For more information click: HERE or HERE.(4/19)

A short poem by Connie Wanek titled “The Coin Behind Your Ear” about a magician appeared in The Atlantic Monthly. To read and hear the poem from the May, 2001 issue of The Atlantic Monthly click: HERE.(4/19)

CALIFORNIA: The Magicians Worlds Fair starring David Regal, James Brandon, Ted Lesley, Dylan Sardo, Jeff Hobson, Johh Lovick, Jheff, Larry “Zeezo” Campbell, Steve Dacri, Jeff Martin, Anne White, Mark Mulhall, Dan Paulus and Tim Noonan takes place on Apr. 21-22 at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in North Hollywood. For more information click: HERE.(4/19)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,208 / Friday – April 20, 2001
The 33rd Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show takes place on Friday Apr. 20 at the Wishire-Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. Featured performers and presenters include Carl Ballantine, Penn & Teller, Dom DeLuise, Jeff Hobson, James Dimmare, Darren Romeo, Ayala, Marvyn Roy, Gay Blackstone, Jonathan Pendragon, and The Amazing Jonathan. Special awards will be given to John Booth (Masters Fellowship), Stan Kramien (Lifetime Achievement Award), Ted Lesley (Creative Fellowship), Dick Buffum (Literary Fellowship), Richard Ross (Performing Fellowship), Juan Tamariz (Performing Fellowship), David Berglas (Special Fellowship), and Joaquin Ayala (Magician of the Year). Awards will also be given in various categories voted on by the membership. The Nominees are: For lecturer of the year: Aldo Colombini, Doc Eason, Lennart Green, Paul Green, and Whit Haydn.  For close-up magician of the year: Lennart Green, Andrew Goldenhersh, Whit Haydn, T.C. Tahoe, and Steve Valentine. For parlor magician of the year: Brian Gillis & Sisuepahn, Andrew Goldenhersh, Handsome Jack, Martin Lewis, and Earl Nelson. For stage magician of the year: Ed Alonzo, John Carney, Mike Caveney, Dimmare, and T.C. Tahoe. Seats range from $25-$40 per person and are available by phoning: 213-480-3232. For more information click: HERE.(4/20)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,209 / Saturday – April 21, 2001
Penn Jillette is interviewed in a Los Angeles Times article which focuses on a technology angle where he is called “…a real techno freak and early adopter. He tends to ‘buy everything when it first comes out and use it for a few minutes.'” When asked what is his “favorite tech toy?” He answered: “The Web and the computer are everything.” Jillette also talks about his sound system, TVs, Laptop and much more. To read the Apr. 19 story by Dave Wilson titled “Now He Uses It, Now He Doesn’t” click: HERE.(4/21)

Mark Allen, who performs at the Brasserie Montmartre restaurant in downtown Portland, is mentioned as part of a glowing restaurant review in The Columbian. To read the Apr. 20 article by Rick Browne titled “A Little Bit Of Paris, Fun” click: HERE.(4/21)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,210 / Sunday – April 22, 2001
The winners of the 33rd Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show held at the Wishire-Ebell Theater in Los Angeles on Friday Apr. 20 are: Lennart Green (Close-Up Magician of the Year), Ed Alonzo (Stage Magician of the Year), Martin Lewis (Parlor Magician of the Year) and Aldo Colombini (Lecturer of the Year). The awards are for best performers to appear at the Magic Castle during the previous year and are voted on by the membership.(4/22)

David Copperfield featured in a Chicago Tribune article which warns readers who are planning to see the show at the Portal in Philadelphia, “…be sure to wear clean underwear.” The article also has a brief interview with Copperfield. To read the Apr. 21 story by Cheryl Lavin titled “David Copperfield still a Dickens of an entertainer” click: HERE.(4/22)

Houdini’s Box: on the arts of escape by Adam Phillips is reviewed in The Independent where an excerpt from the book describes Houdini, “For Houdini the way to be a good man in a bad time was to be an honest magician.” To read the Apr. 21 review by Elena Lappin titled “We all need an escape route at some point in our lives” click: HERE.(4/22)

Ted Lesley, Michael Ammar, Ed Alonzo, Ralf Gagel, Tom Ogden, and Monique appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Apr. 23-29. B.J. Hickman lectures on Sunday Apr. 29.(4/22)
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