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Card Cheaters ( was a news source about gambling cheating and scams which was run by Gambling Incorporated ( from January 2005 through February 2017. Although it continued to offer a newswire through December 2022, none of that was archived. Their archives are now available here.

Pai Gow Card Switching
A Everett Herald article reported that a “43-year-old Lynnwood man reportedly switched cards between his hands during games of Pai Gow, or double-hand poker, at casinos in Snohomish and King counties.” It explained that, “The man would wager for multiple sets of hands at once, which complicated the game play. The videos showed that the man ‘furtively switched cards between each hand to improve one or both hands,’ Special Agent Danny Lisa wrote in the report. ‘This gave him an unfair advantage over the card rooms.'” To read the February 13 article by Rikki King titled “Lynnwood gambler suspected of cheating at cards in casinos” click: HERE. (02/2017)

Governments & Casinos Punish Winners?
An interesting article in The Federalist looks at the Phil Ivey/Borgata case. The article explains that, “The practice, known as ‘edge sorting,’ did not violate any of the rules of baccarat, nor did it conflict with the terms agreed upon by the casino and the gamblers. Nevertheless, Borgata cried foul and sued, claiming Ivey and Sun ‘knowingly engaged in a scheme to create a set of marked cards and then used those marked cards to place bets based on the markings.'” The article continues, “New Jersey casinos, beyond being required to eject certain people with criminal records, may also throw out ‘any person who disrupts the operations of its premises, threatens the security of its premises or its occupants, or is disorderly or intoxicated.’ In their case ‘disrupts the operations’ has been construed to mean ‘wins too much.'” And concludes with, “Support for legalized gambling seems like a pro-liberty impulse, but with the government is on their side, casinos and the government have stacked the deck against the average citizen.” To read the January 13 article by Kyle Sammin titled “Gambler Phil Ivey Can’t Get His Millions Because Casinos Are Too Big To Fail” click: HERE. (1/2017)

Ed Thorp Is Back
Edward Thorp changed the world of Blackjack with his first book “Beat The Dealer.” His new book “A Man For All Markets: From Las Vegas To Wall Street, How I Beat The Dealer And The Market” looks at his life and life lessons. A Forbs article quoted him, “My life has been an adventurous journey through the worlds of science, mathematics, casino gambling and Wall Street.  I thought readers would enjoy my stories of the people I met and the challenges I faced.” About cheating he said, “My book tells how you have to be aware of cheating in both of these worlds. At blackjack, it can be marked cards, second-dealing, or a stacked deck. On Wall Street, it can be Ponzi schemes and other frauds, such as insider trading, fake news, or stock price manipulation.” To read the January 6 article by John Navin titled “The Math Professor Who Beat Las Vegas And Wall Street” click: HERE. (1/2017)
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