MT: October 25-31, 1999

VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 665 / Monday – October 25, 1999
Rudy Coby gets another rave in the Oct. 22-28 issue of the LA Weekly where Jim Crogan wrote “I’m still scratching my head over some of his wizardry,” and describes the show as, “…sleight of hand with an attitude.” To read the review click: HERE.(10/25)

Juliana Chen, Amos Levkovitch, Terry Seabrooke, T.C. Tahoe, Monte Smith, Steve Valentine, Jonathan Levit, and Doug Hoover appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Oct. 25-31. (10/25)

NEW YORK: Martin Lewis lectures on Long Island on Wednesday Oct. 27 at the Plaza Diner (Woodbury Road and South Oyster Bay Road in Plainview). The fee is $10. For more information phone: Jeff Miller at 516-938-8803 or Bob Lusthaus at 516-937-1366 (day), 516-933-8229 (evening).(10/25)

Monday, Oct. 25
Good Morning America is scheduled to feature magicians performing live on Monday Oct. 25 at 7am ET on ABC-TV (US). The segments will be shot at the Sullivan Street Theater with the regular performers of Monday Night Magic in NYC.(10/24)
World Magic Awards- See 10/22.(10/24)
Ricky Jay in House of Games- See 10/9.(10/24)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 666 / Tuesday – October 26, 1999
Derek Hughes stars in “Necromance, A Night Of Conjuration” where he combines magic with observations of the world into an evening of theatre. The show which is directed by Chris Bayes “explores what happens when the magician, the archetypal trickster and charlatan, tries with all his heart to finally speak the truth.” The show which opened on Oct. 4 will play on Oct. 28-30 at Dixon Place (309 East 26th Street, NYC). Tickets are $8-12 each. For reservations phone: 212-532-1546. For more information click: HERE.(10/26)

Tuesday, Oct. 26
Penn Jillette on Politically Incorrect on Tuesday Oct. 26 after midnight (12:06am) ET on ABC-TV (US).(10/26)
America’s Funniest Home Videos features “not-quite-professional magicians” on Tuesday Oct. 26 at 8am ET on USA-TV (US-cable).(10/25)
Ricky Jay in House of Games- See 10/9.(10/25)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 667 / Wednesday – October 27, 1999
Swann Galleries’ Annual Magic Auction takes place on Thursday Oct. 28 in New York City. This year’s auction features 289 lots with 61 books, 125 posters and the rest a mixture of ephemera, magic sets, plates, and wood and metal apparatus. It will most likely not surpass the total dollar amount generated in their previous magic auctions. The Swann auctions have become a social gathering of magic’s elite who come here to socialize and spend their money. There have always been private parties given to coincide with the event and this year the Milbourne Christopher Magicquarian Society will meet and then open the doors to all the visiting collectors. The Auction will be held at the Swann Galleries, Inc. (104 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010) and will begin at 10:30am. For more information click: HERE.(10/27)

Dr. Phantasm’s madhouse Of Mayhem which is a re-creation of the 1950’s Spook Show, a Halloween magic show, and a movie, is being presented by the Lancaster Professional Magicians’ Club on Oct. 29-30 at the Dallas Theatre (18 East Main St. Dallastown, PA). For more information e-mail: or phone: 717-397-2150. The event kicks off on Oct. 28 at 6:30pm when Almar does a straightjacket escape while suspended 30 feet above the theater.(10/27)

Wednesday, Oct. 27
David Copperfield in Terror Train (1980) on Wednesday Oct. 27 at noon ET on FX-TV (US-cable).(10/26)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 668 / Thursday – October 28, 1999
The Oct. 24 – 30 issue of Access Internet Magazine, which is a free supplement to newspapers around the nation and the largest circulation internet magazine in the world, featured the category of magic in their Web Guide section. MagicTimes and Magic Show were among the six sites they recommended and reviewed. To see which other sites were on the list click: HERE.(10/28)

Zigmont and a cast of seven will perform their Egyptian Stargate Illusion show as a Halloween Special Event at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida on Oct. 29-30 at the Stanleyville Theater. For more information click: HERE.(10/28)

Theatre of Illusion starring The Spencers, who are nominated for the Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year award for the fifth straight year, will be at The Theatre in Somerville, NJ on Oct. 29 and at the Dennis Flyer Memorial Auditorium in Blackwood, NJ on Oct. 30.(10/28)

Goth starring Loren Christopher Michaels in a Halloween horror revue at the Curtis Theatre (1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, CA). Everyday at 8pm and midnight through Oct. 31. Tickets are $10-$17. For more information phone: 714-990-7722.(10/28)

INDIANA: IBM Ring #310 sponsors their second annual ‘Tricks N Treats’ Magic Spectacular at the Emen’s auditorium on the campus of Ball State University in Muncie, IN on Sunday Oct. 31 at 2pm. The show which is emceed by Rick Fisher will feature eight magicians. Tickets are $3 for adults and $2 for children and can be purchased from Ticketmaster or by phoning: 765-285-9037.(10/28)

Thursday, Oct. 28
Rudy Coby: Ridiculously Dangerous on Thursday Oct. 28 at 10pm ET on FAM-TV (US).(10/27)
Rough Magic (1995)- See 10/1.(10/28)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 669 / Friday – October 29, 1999
Yesterday close to one-hundred magicians gathered at the Swann Galleries in NYC for a Magic Auction. 286 items were offered for sale and 95 of them did not sell due to either a high minimum or lack of interest. The remaining 191 items sold for less than US $150,000 which is less than half of what their last auction generated. As in most auctions there were bargains to be had and exaggerated prices paid. The two highest bids were $28,000 for an 1890 Lambert Automaton which was purchased by an anonymous phone bidder and Nelson Nichelson spent $9,000 on the Chung Ling Soo “Marvelous Chinese Conjuror” poster. Do these numbers mean that the interest in Magic Collectibles is dwindling? Is the advent of Ebay saturating the market for these items? Is the economy about to take a downturn? Most likely, No. At this particular auction there were very few exceptional pieces and many of the items offered were already in the collection of most serious collectors. Next month we will attend the Butterfield & Butterfield auction in Los Angeles where Walter Gibson’s book collection is among the items being offered. (The above amounts do not take into account the 15% Buyer’s Premium and the 8.25% NYC Sales Tax.) (10/29)

An interesting recollection by the wife of Dr. Daniel Cohn who befriended Houdini in the few days before his death. She recalls, “…One evening, Houdini said, “I have a yen for Farmer’s chop suey.” Daniel walked to a deli on Woodward Avenue and ordered two portions of the favorite Jewish dish. While they were eating, his patient spoke of his late mother and of his own impending death. “Don’t be surprised,” he said, “if phony spiritualists declare a national holiday.” To read Ethel Schatz’ recollection which appeared in the Oct. 17 LA Times click: HERE.(10/29)

Friday, Oct. 29
World’s Greatest Magic IV starring Ayala, Jonathan David Bass, Kirby Van Birch, Lance Burton, Juliana Chen, Carl Cloutier, Raymond Crow, Dexion, Lennart Green, The Hamners, Mac King, Tim Kole, Sherry Lukas, Ken Mate, Max Maven, Tabary, and Rick Thomas will rerun on Friday Oct. 29 at 8pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(10/28)
Rough Magic (1995)- See 10/1.(10/28)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 670 / Saturday – October 30, 1999
It seems that Ben Harris’ effect “Hoodwink” and Kenton Knepper’s “Torn and Restored Card #1” which have both been released recently are almost identical in effect and method. Both gentlemen discussed the matter and decided that, “neither one of us “stole” from the other. As sometimes happens within magic, we both hit upon the same idea. …We have no qualms whatsoever concerning the marketing of this effect by each of us. We are both in agreement, and continue to sincerely wish the best for each other.”(10/30)

Penn & Teller article used to promote their show in Denver on Saturday Oct. 30 at the Buell Theatre. Teller commented on the dangerous stunts they use, “In our line of work, because we often deal with apparently very dangerous objects, we have to be supercautious. It would be immoral for us to take actual risks on stage. If you brought your kid to a show thinking somebody might actually get hurt there, you would be an immoral person.” To read the Oct. 29 Ed Will article from the Denver Post click: HERE.(10/30)

Jade appears at the South Sydney Junior Leagues Club in Sydney Australia on Oct. 29-30. She performs her Chinese act and comes back with an audience participation piece.(10/30)

Bob & Sarah Trunell perform on Celebrity Cruises’ M.V. Zenith starting on October 30th.(10/30)

Saturday, Oct. 30
Harry Anderson is one of the stars in the movie “It” (1990) which airs on Saturday Oct. 30 at 6pm ET on LIFE-TV (US).(10/29)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 671 / Sunday – October 31, 1999
“Magic International – 2000,” organized by All India Magic Federation, takes place on Jan. 26-28, 2000 at the Brila Auditorium in Jaipur, India. In addition to an International magic lineup you will see the best of Indian street conjurers, jugglers & magicians. For more information e-mail:

Sunday, Oct. 31
James Randi in World’s Greatest Scams on Sunday Oct. 31 at 11am ET on HIST-TV (US-cable).(10/31)
The homes of Marc Salem, Lance Burton, Kirby VanBurch, Mac King, Steve Wyrick, and Joel Bauer are featured in Magical Homes on Sunday Oct. 31 at 9pm ET on HGTV (US-cable).(10/30)
Hidden Secrets of Magic, starring Lance Burton, Omar Pasha and Mark Kalin on Sunday Oct. 31 at 4pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(10/30)
Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets with performances by Lance Burton, Brett Daniels, David Williamson and the Pendragons on Sunday Oct. 31 at 5pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(10/30)
The Harry Houdini episode of Mysteries & Scandals with Lance Burton, Penn & Teller, Kenneth Silverman and Sid Radner on Sunday Oct. 31 at 6:30pm ET on E!-TV (US-cable).(10/30)
The Art of Magic featuring Lance Burton, Max Maven, Siegfried and Roy, James Randi, Jamy Ian Swiss, Jeff McBride, Hiawatha, the Pendragons and much more on Sunday Oct. 31 at midnight ET on WNET-TV (PBS-US). This PBS show may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(10/30)
World Magic Awards- See 10/22.(10/30)
Ricky Jay in Tomorrow Never Dies- See 10/1.(10/30)
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