MT: October 15-21, 2001

VOLUME: 46 / ISSUE: 1,386 / Monday – October 15, 2001
David Copperfield who is performing in Germany made a television appearance on Saturday where he predicted the winning numbers of the local lottery. The Guardian reported that the prediction was sealed last February and, “One hour after the winning numbers were drawn, the box was opened on a live television broadcast and the numbers on the slip of paper were shown to match the winning draw.” Copperfield was quoted in Bild am Sonntag newspaper that “It wasn’t a trick.” To read the Oct. 15 story by John Hooper titled “Magician predicts German lottery numbers” click: HERE.(10/15)
–To read the Oct. 14 Reuters story about the event titled “Copperfield forecast lottery numbers” click: HERE.(10/15)

Milt Larson is quoted in the Press-Telegram about the effect magic can have on an audience, “It’s so so good to be able to wave your magic wand and help people get away from it all for a while.” The article also discusses this year’s edition of “It’s Magic!” which stars Johnny Thompson, Dale Salwak, Derek Scott, Blackmore & Gold, Greg Wilson, and Tyler Knight. To read the Oct. 12 article by Luanne J. Hunt titled “The great escape” click: HERE.(10/15)

“Carter Beats the Devil” is reviewed in The Seattle Times where it is described as, “This is the magic show of one’s dreams, described by Gold in language that will surely enthrall even the most casual reader.” To read the Oct. 14 review by John Hartl titled “Magician tale is enthralling, theatrical show” click: HERE.(10/15)

Johnny Ace Palmer performs at the Library Theater in the Huntington Beach Public Library (7111 Talbert Ave.) in Huntington Beach, CA on Wednesday Oct. 17 at 4pm and 7pm. Tickets are $3-$5 per person and are available by phoning: 714-375-5107.(10/15)
VOLUME: 46 / ISSUE: 1,387 / Tuesday – October 16, 2001
David Blaine is the focus of an in-depth article in the Sunday Times where they recount his career since childhood and some of his upcoming projects. He says of his future live show, “This live show is going to be the greatest show the world has ever seen. We’re going to have our own tent outside the Broadway district, and it’s going to be very difficult to find out how to get a ticket. It’ll be something that P T Barnum would be doing if he were alive today.” Blaine will also be releasing his second DVD/Video to the Europe/Middle East/Japan market on Nov. 12. The title is David Blaine – Showman and will feature “…footage of a real accident involving the magician’s little finger and a knife.” His pole stunt is scheduled for the spring. To read the Oct. 14 article by Scott Athorne titled “Crowds marvelled when he was buried and frozen alive. But can David Blaine survive his next stunt -death on a stick?” click: HERE.(10/16)

Adam Trent is featured in a Rocky Mountain News article where he is quoted, “I love every aspect of what I’m doing. It’s rewarding being able to make enough money to donate and make a difference in the fight against breast cancer and to make some spending money.” To read the Oct. 15 article by Mark Wolf titled “Young magician loves the spotlight” click: HERE.(10/16)

“Adventures In Astonishment” starring Quentin Reynolds opened on Monday Oct. 15 at the Bewley’s Cafe Theatre (Grafton Street) in Dublin, Ireland. The show runs daily through Oct. 31 at which time it will continue on Wednesdays in November.(10/16)

CALIFORNIA: Rocco lectures on Thursday Oct. 18 at 7:30pm for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Fort Mason Center (Building C Room 370) in San Francisco. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(10/16)
Jeff McBride, Derek Dingle, Eugene Burger and Meir Yedid on opening night of “McBride Magic” at the Claridge Casino in Atlantic City on Saturday October 13, 2001. (Photo: MagicTimes).(10/16)
VOLUME: 46 / ISSUE: 1,388 / Wednesday – October 17, 2001
The Oct. 21-27 issue of Las Vegas Showbiz features articles on Penn & Teller and Siegfried & Roy. P&T are described as, “It is no doubt why audiences laugh themselves sick (and have to pick their jaws up off the floor afterward) at the often ghoulish but breathtakingly brilliant antics of magicians Penn & Teller.” Siegfried & Roy’s impact on Las Vegas is summed up by Roy, “Las Vegas has always been a place of magic; a place for people to get away from reality… When we arrived here, the city operated on a simple theory: Attend a show, gamble and stay by the pool. Now, every element of the city is an attraction, a type of show.” To read the Penn & Teller article by Steve Bornfeld titled “They’re bloody good. Not to mention good and bloody.” click: HERE.
–To read the Siegfried & Roy article titled “Making Vegas Magic” click: HERE.(10/17)

The winners of the Magic Circle Close-Up Competition, which was held on Monday Oct. 15, are: Jon Allen (First Place), Andrew Murray (Second Place) and Anthony McDaniel (Third Place). The judges were Ali Bongo, Janet Clare, Keith Fields, Mike Gancia and Graham Reed.(10/17)

Rick Fisher is competing on Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star in the Comedy division. You can view his video clip and vote for him for the Oct. 22 competition by clicking: HERE.(10/17)

NEW YORK: Chad Long lectures for the SAM Parent Assembly #1 on Friday Oct. 19 at 7pm at Fordham University (113 West 60 Street – Room 1124) in Manhattan. This is a Parent Assembly members only event.(10/17)

VOLUME: 46 / ISSUE: 1,389 / Thursday – October 18, 2001
The annual magic auction at the Swann Auction Galleries takes place on Tuesday Oct. 30 at 6pm in New York City. The impressive catalog is now available for sale and all the items are listed on their website. The theme of this year’s auction is Houdini and a majority of the items offered are from the collection of Doug Edwards. In addition to the many important Houdini items there will be a section on Ventriloquism from the Stanley Burns collection. The catalog for sale number 1911 costs $25. For more information and to view the sale list click: HERE.(10/18)
–For more about the Edwards collection click: HERE.

Penn & Teller are slated to appear on Broadway as narrators in “The Rocky Horror Show.” According to the New York Times the show which closed after the terrorist attack will open again on Oct. 30 for a ten week run. Dick Cavett originated the role and will be there the first week and the last two. The rest of the show will use celebrity fill-ins. To read the Oct. 17 article by Robin Pogrebin titled “‘Rocky Horror Show’ Is to Rock Again” click: HERE.(10/18)

Ian Vaughan Jones who won the Scottish Young Magician of the Year title this weekend is featured in an Evening News article. To read the Oct. 16 article titled “Tricks of the trade” supplied by Infoseek and Yellowbrix click: HERE.(10/18)

PENNSYLVANIA: IBM Ring #6 presents it’s annual “Cavalcade of Magic!” starring Eric Paul, The Amazing Poly, Ed Schmitt, Mike Grasso, Kit Summers, Mort Feldman, and Dominic Bruzzese on Saturday Oct. 20 at at 2pm and 7:30pm at The Gauntlet Community Center in Newtown Square. For tickets and information phone: 610-353-9181.(10/18)
VOLUME: 46 / ISSUE: 1,390 / Friday – October 19, 2001
Marc Salem’s Mind Games has sold out it’s run at the Hampstead Theatre in London with rave reviews in all of the newspapers. The Guardian gave the show five stars as the reviewer wrote, “I have seldom experienced such wonder, or such a sense of community, in a theatre. Mind Games is mind-boggling entertainment.” The Observer review called the show “It’s a rare show you come out of thinking that you have to tell all your friends about it. So, if it’s not literally magic, it feels like it.” Salem will be opening in New York City next month. To read the Oct. 10 review by Brian Logan in the Guardian click: HERE.
–To read the Oct. 14 review by Geraldine Bedell in the Observer click: HERE.(10/19)

Penn & Teller in a Times Union article where Penn explains, “The idea for us was, how do we get people to see us as different from other magicians? How do we get Andy Warhol and Lou Reed to come to our show? How do we get people who would never be caught dead at a magic show to come see our show?” To read the Oct. 18 article titled “Breaking the rules” click: HERE.(10/19)

Marvin’s Magic with Marvin Berglas will be celebrating its 7th anniversary of pitching magic on QVC in the United Kingdom. On Saturday Oct. 20 at 11am and 7pm Berglas will be performing/demonstrating magic on live television.(10/19)

CALIFORNIA: A special estate auction featuring the magic of Vic Kirk will be held on Sunday Oct. 21 at the Holiday Inn (1050 Burnett Ave.) in Concord. The auction is expected to run from 12:30 pm through 6:30pm. Seating is limited to 100 people and bidding paddles will be available for $5. For reservations and information phone Gerry Griffin at: 925-939-6420 or e-mail:

VOLUME: 46 / ISSUE: 1,391 / Saturday – October 20, 2001
James Randi gave a talk titled “The Search for Chimera” on Tuesday in Princeton University. The Daily Princetonian described the event as “Randi kept the auditorium pealing with laughter by punctuating his lecture with magic tricks. ‘I do these little stunts to prove points,’ Randi justified. Among one of his tricks, Randi allowed two audience members to tie his hands and legs together with rope and then ‘escaped’ the Houdini setup.” The article also discussed Randi’s disdain for the scientific communities methods of testing for the supernatural. To read the Oct. 18 article by Eunice Kim titled “Ex-magician exposes tricks of the trade in Princeton lecture” click: HERE.(10/20)

Nanette Fabray and seven magicians will appear at The Magic Castle on Saturday Oct. 20 at 11am-3pm to entertain 200 children and guests as a fundraiser to benefit the “El Nido Family Centers.” To read the Oct. 19 press release titled “‘Magical’ Brunch Fundraiser to Benefit El Nido Family Centers; Three Continuous Shows and Roving Magicians to Entertain Children & Adults” click: HERE.(10/20)

“A Night of Magic” featuring Utah magicians “Diamond Jim” Davis, Christopher Fair, Kerry Summers, Dwayne Snyder, and Ron Seward will benefit the Cancer Wellness House. The show will take place on Monday Oct. 29. To read the Oct. 19 Desert News article by Susan Whitney titled “It’s magic!” click: HERE.(10/20)

Allan Zola Kronzek and his daughter Elizabeth Kronzek will present a talk about their latest book “The Sorcerer’s Companion” on Monday Oct. 22 at Barnes & Noble (2289 Broadway at 82nd Street) in New York City. Although the talk will be about Harry Potter type stuff it is worthy to note that Kronzek’s previous book “The Secrets of Alkazar” was a very good magic book.(10/20)
VOLUME: 46 / ISSUE: 1,392 / Sunday – October 21, 2001
Monty’s Magic Theater in Hawaii is described in a Honolulu Star Bulletin article as, “The concept is casual. It’s almost like having three magicians performing in your living room, or being invited into a magicians’ clubhouse.” The article also looks at the differences between stage magic and parlor/close-up magic, “…credit is due to the practitioners of table magic, the “foot soldiers” of the profession who work up close and personal with audiences.” Harvey “Mr. O” Ouchi, Yona Chock, and Monty Witt appear in the show and their acts are described in the article. To read the Oct. 19 article by John Berger titled “Small-scale magic conjures up smiles” click: HERE.(10/21)

Joe M. Turner will appear in “The Musical Zoo” on Oct. 28 at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center where he will narrate “Peter and the Wolf” and perform magic. In a Daily Herald article he described what the audience might expect, “I will be using people from the audience, and I will be borrowing items from people in the audience to do some amazing things… It’s also possible that I will get a young person to float in the air. It will be pretty fun.” To read the Oct. 20 article by Jacqueline J. Holness titled “Animals on parade” click: HERE.(10/21)

Carter Beats The Devil by Glen David Gold is reviewed in the Sunday Times where they describe it as, “This is a novel that rescues the ephemera of history, puts them centre stage and shines a bright light on them. It is this spectacular recreation of a lost world that stays in the mind after the last page is turned and the curtain comes down.” To read the Oct. 21 review by Adam Lively titled “Spellbinding stuff” click: HERE.(10/21)
–To buy the book for $17.46 click: HERE.

R.J. Lewis, John Graham, Chris Capehart, Simon Lovell, Pandora, Belinda, Michael Chaut and Dan Harlan appear at Monday Night Magic on Oct. 22 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(10/21)

NEW JERSEY: Chad Long lectures on Wednesday Oct. 24 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit — Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. Cost is $10 for members and $12 for non-members. For more information phone Carl Bajor at: 732-969-2566 or click: HERE.(10/21)
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