MT: October 11-17, 1999

VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 651 / Monday – October 11, 1999
Allan Ackerman, Johnny Ace Palmer, The Falkensteins, David Groves, Joe Monti, Nicholas Night, and J. C. Dunn appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Oct. 11-17. Allan Ackerman lectures on Sunday Oct. 17.(10/11)

Monday, Oct. 11
It’s Magic!/One Bad Day is a magic themed episode of Salty’s Lighthouse on Monday Oct. 11 at 8am and Oct. 18 at 6:30am ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(10/10,17)
Magic In The Movies episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Monday Oct. 11 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/10)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 652 / Tuesday – October 12, 1999
Penn & Teller keep very busy in October as they tour around the U.S: Oscar Mayer Theatre in Madison, WI (Oct. 12), Taft Theatre in Cincinnati, OH (14), Palace Theatre in Cleveland, OH (15), Stranahan Theatre in Toledo, OH (16), Sangamon Auditorium-University of Illinois in Springfield, IL (17), Palace Theatre in Greensburg, PA (20), Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, NY (21), Tilles Center for the Performing Arts in Brookville, NY (22-23), State Theatre in Easton, PA (24), and Buell Theatre, Denver Perf. Arts Center in Denver, CO (30).(10/12)

Tuesday, Oct. 12
Lance Burton and his animals are featured on a rerun of Amazing Tails on Tuesday Oct. 12 at 11am and 2pm ET on ANPLAN-TV (US-cable).(10/11)
The Great Teachers episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Tuesday Oct. 12 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/11)
Animals In Magic episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Wednesday Oct. 12 at 9:30pm and Oct. 13 at 1:30am and 5:30am ET on Discovery Canada.(10/11)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 653 / Wednesday – October 13, 1999
The 69th Annual Columbus Magi-Fest has already announced their Feb. 3-5, 2000 lineup. Headlining will be Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Charles Green, Dan Harlan, Alain Nu, Hank Moorehouse, Howard Hale, Scott Hitchcock, David Parr, Jenn Adams, Nick Lakin, Tom Shawver, Ryan Skiver, Abby Spinner, Peter White, John Shyrock, Brad Lancaster, Laura Derringer, Joan DuKore, Carl & Barb Fowler, Marty & Brenda Hahne, St. Ignatius Circus Club, and more to come. Registrations are $80 per person. For more information e-mail:

Larry Maples & Raven perform their “Theater of Illusion” show on board The Grand Princess, the largest cruise ship in the world, on Oct. 14 through Oct. 31.(10/13)

Wednesday, Oct. 13
Rough Magic (1995)- See 10/1.(10/12)
Animals In Magic- See 10/12.(10/12)Bar Magic episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Wednesday Oct. 13 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/12)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 654 / Thursday – October 14, 1999
ENGLAND: Magique Gala-International Magic Convention in Southport takes place on Oct. 15-17 at the Southport Theatre & Floral Hall. Appearing are Torkova, Wayne Dobson, Boul, Ward Allan, Danny Adams, Clive Webb & Dolly Daydream, Tony Curtis, David Deval, Alan Driffield, and Philip Partridge. For more information click: HERE.(10/14)

Thursday, Oct. 14
World’s Wildest Magic featuring Penn & Teller, Kohl & Company, Nathan Burton, Mike Finney, Mac King, Fielding West, and the Amazing Johnathan on Thursday Oct. 14 at 10pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(10/13)
The Illusion of the Queen’s Gambit episode of the Magician starring Bill Bixby on Thursday Oct. 14 at 11pm and Oct. 15 at 3am ET on TVLand-TV (US-cable).(10/13)
Magic In Literature episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Thursday Oct. 14 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/13)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 655 / Friday – October 15, 1999
MICHIGAN: Abbott’s Triple Play Lecture Day features Rick Fisher, Steven Hart, and Danny Tong on Oct. 16 at the Abbott’s Magic Company in Colon. Tickets for the entire day are $30 per person. For more information and reservations phone: 616-432-3235.(10/15)

FLORIDA: Magic on the Beach on Oct. 15-17 in Miami Beach features: Lennart Green, Juliana Chen, Armando Vera, Raley, Dan Garrett, Kenrick “Ice” McDonald, Loren C. Michaels, Fantasio and others. For more information click: HERE.(10/15)

Friday, Oct. 15
World’s Greatest Magic II starring Ayala & Lillia, Jason Byrne, Brett Daniels, Luis De Matos, Jeff Hobson, Amazing Jonathan, Mark Kalin & Ginger, Mac King, Rene Lavand, Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Melinda, Penn & Teller, and Rick Thomas reruns on Friday Oct. 15 at 8pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(10/14)
Mac King appears on Donny & Marie on Friday Oct. 15 at noon ET on FOX-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(10/14)
Magician starring Bill Bixby -See 10/14.(10/14)
The Nothing Up My Sleeve episode of Remember WENN starring Jason Alexander as “The Astonishing Ballinger” on Friday Oct. 15 at 3:30pm ET on AMC-TV (US-cable).(10/14)
“The Magic Show” is the title of this episode of the children’s show Gullah Gullah Island which airs on Friday Oct. 15 at 11am ET on NIK-TV (US-cable).(10/14)
Las Vegas episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Friday Oct. 15 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/14)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 656 / Saturday – October 16, 1999
The fifth annual auction devoted to magic and conjuring antiques will take place at the Galerie de Chartres in Chartes, France on Sunday Oct. 17. The auction is split into two sessions. Rare magic books and magazines (mostly in French) from the 18th and 19th century will be auctioned off in the morning session. The afternoon session will feature, 19th century magic sets, posters, magic themed decorative items, magician prints, a walking stick with a magic lantern, two automatons, two Robert-Houdin clocks and much more. For more information click: HERE.(10/16)

Saturday, Oct. 16
Secrets Revealed exposes how to saw a woman in half on Saturday Oct. 16 at 9pm and midnight and again on Oct. 23 at 1pm ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(10/15)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 657 / Sunday – October 17, 1999
Penn & Teller with a big write-up titled, “Too twisted for prime time: Oddball magic of Penn and Teller set for the Stranahan Theater” in the Oct. 10 Toledo Blade. Teller is quoted as saying, “…in magic, you get credit only for only being a performer. The field is full of people with nothing to say, no heart, and no talent who do tricks correctly, but for the wrong motives.” To read the story by Christopher Borrelli click: HERE.(10/17)

The nationally syndicated TV program Wild Web will be running a feature on The Amazing Randi and Richard Robinson’s Stars of Magic website on the episode which airs during the week of Oct. 18. The show is already scheduled to rerun during the week of Feb. 28, 2000.(10/17)

Fred Anderson, Todd Robbins, Jamy Ian Swiss, and Gaston Quieto appear at Monday Night Magic on Oct. 18 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(10/17)

Sunday, Oct. 17
Rough Magic (1995)- See 10/1.(10/16)
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