MT: March 19-25, 2001

VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,176 / Monday – March 19, 2001
David Jarre decided to become a magician even though his family’s profession of outstanding musicians and composers called first. A Sunday Times feature recounts some of his recent appearances during fashion shows and quotes him about what he strives for, “I personalize my act for my clients. You can do endless illusions, but if someone can relate to their own personal trick, it stays with them for ever. What I do is connect. Otherwise, there’s no magic.” To read the Mar. 18 story by Margaret Kemp titled “Just An Illusion” click: HERE.(3/19)

CALIFORNIA: Gregory Wilson lectures at Mind Over Magic (818-562-1921) in Burbank on Monday Mar. 19 and at the Misdirections Magic Shop (415-566-2180) in San Francisco on Wednesday Mar. 21.(3/19)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,177 / Tuesday – March 20, 2001
A very interesting story about magic and magicians in Las Vegas ran in the Los Angeles Times. It basically looks at two magicians who want to become stars by moving to Vegas and what they will have to do to achieve their goals. The article points out that, “Each thinks he’s perfected a spectacular act, the likes of which Vegas has never seen. But so do the hundreds of other magicians in town who also want their names on Strip marquees.” Vegas is described as, “…the world’s mecca of magic, drawing hundreds of conjurers and illusionists from across the country to seek fame, fortune and–above all—a showroom of their own.” Magicians mentioned in the article are: Siegfried & Roy, Simon Winthrop, Morgan Strebler, Harry Blackstone Jr., Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Mac King, Melinda, Steve Wyrick, and Garry Carson. To read the Mar. 19 story by Tom Gorman titled “Some Acts Hit Jackpot, Others Vanish in Mecca of Magic” click: HERE.(3/20)

Henry Jeffery Atkins died on Mar. 19 at the age of 81. Born on Sep. 3, 1919 in England, Atkins was a major force in the IBM’s British Ring where he was the Honorary Secretary and their convention organizer for many years. As a performer he specialized in renditions of antique magic. He was also a past national president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.(3/20)

Dixie Dooley will be doing a live chat on Thursday Mar. 22 at 10 pm EST on To visit the website and sign up for the chat click: HERE.(3/20)

R.G. Smith, Mike Miller, Ken Groves, The Madcap Mutts, Winston Helling Jr., Ardan James, and Murray will be performing on Saturday Mar. 31 at the Manor Middle School in Manor Township, PA as a fundraiser for the Lancaster South Rotary Club. The event is covered in an Intelligencer Journal article. To read the Mar. 19 story by David Griffith article titled “Magic: Fund raiser” click: HERE.(3/20)

Kevin and Cindy Spencer who appear at the Weston Auditorium at Fitchburg State College on Mar. 21 are featured in a Telegram & Gazette article. Kevin advises hopeful magicians, “Be true to yourself and take your time. A career in magic is a marathon not a sprint.” To read the Mar. 18 story titled “Still magical after all these years Spencers together on stage and off” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/20)

Jim Callahan will broadcast a person dying on the internet on Mar. 27 as part of his online incarnation of the Midnight Carnival of Wonders. To read the Mar. 19 press release titled “Dying Person To Be An Exhibit During A Live Internet Broadcast, Announces Applied Thought Technologies” click: HERE.(3/20)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,178 / Wednesday – March 21, 2001
Tom Vorjohan who is one of the owners of the new magic company, RC Depot, which gave us the appearing basketballs and Wizards Words is featured in a Knoxville News-Sentinel article. We find that Vorjohan was a successful engineer and decided to give it all up to become a professional magician and balloon sculpture. The story runs through his career as a magician and as the Balloon Man where he currently performs around 150 shows per year. Looking a the future he would like to be one of the editors of the Linking Ring and as the Balloon Man he explains “My fantasy sculpture is to do caricatures of people. I’m getting real close.” To read the Mar. 20 article by Fred Brown titled “Pulling fun out of thin air” click: HERE.(3/21)

David Copperfield appears on “The Mitch Albom Show,” on Thursday Mar. 23 at 3-5pm on WJR Radio (760 AM). The show can also be heard on the web by clicking: HERE.(3/21)

David Copperfield is scheduled to appear on The Chaunce Hayden Show on Wednesday Mar. 21 at 10:15am. The show is a web based radio show on Archives of the show can be heard by clicking: HERE.(3/21)

Looks like Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas has once again received a reprieve and will continue to run through June. In the same article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal they discuss the fate of the new Gary Ouellet show “Lumiere” which is supposed to open at the Aladdin but has been delayed. To read the Mar. 18 story by Mike Weatherford titled “Shows face uncertain future” click: HERE.(3/21)

The Davenport Brothers and Houdini are mentioned in the Mar/Apr issue of the Skeptical Inquirer as part of a story about ghosts and psychic phenomena in Australia. To read the story by Joe Nickell titled “Mysterious Australia” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/21)

Muhammad Ali performed magic at a ceremony where he was honored with a humanitarian award from United Cerebral Palsy of New York. As the Lee Bailey Communications article reported, “However, Ali didn’t stick to the magician’s doctrine to never tell their secrets and later revealed his fake rubber thumb.” To read the Mar. 19 article titled “Ali’s Magic Outside The Ring” click: HERE.(3/21)

Scott Penrose in a Daily Telegraph article, which has him performing with doves and a rabbit even though a co-worker has a phobia toward the animals. To read the Mar. 20 article titled “Hats off to the white rabbit” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/21)

Paul Daniels’ new show “An Audience With Paul Daniels” appears at the Palace Theater in Newark on Mar. 23, City Varieties Theatre in Leeds on Mar. 25 and The Arts Centre in King’s Lynn on Mar. 30. The theaters are in England. (3/21)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,179 / Thursday – March 22, 2001
Marc Salem who opened in Detroit with his show Mind Games told MagicTimes that the show appears to be a big hit. He has been featured on the local news shows and has already done more than 30 radio interviews. This week’s Detroit News review describes the show as, “Salem’s sometimes spooky, often baffling, always entertaining one-man show, Mind Games, leaves members of the audience collectively shaking their heads and muttering, ‘How the heck did he do that?’ In a word, it’s mind-blowing. And, as word gets around, it could become the hottest ticket in town.” To read the Mar. 19 review by Susan R. Pollack titled “Mind-reader leaves audiences amazed by his abilities” click: HERE.
—To read the Feb. 12 Detroit Free Press review click: HERE.(3/22)

Janice Henry won an opportunity to see the David Copperfield show in Little Rock on Mar. 9 and her experience is recounted in the Stuttgart Daily Leader. To read the Mar. 21 story by Vicki Riddick titled “Humnoke resident has a magical experience” click: HERE.(3/22)

David Copperfield speaks about his relationship with Ambre Frisque and her upcoming commercials. To read the Mar. 15 Yahoo Op/Ed piece by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith titled “Dunst Blows Good Girl Image With ‘crazy/beautiful’/mandy Moore Pushing To Get Sophomore Cd Out” click: HERE.(3/22)

VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,180 / Friday – March 23, 2001
Richard Steven Cohn, Mark Greenberg and Igor combined their efforts to showcase two new magic plays at the “13th Street Repertory Company” in New York City, on February 19. Igor showcased his “Memories From The Future” and Mark Greenberg and Richard Cohn presented “The Mystery of Marco Monteverdi.” …Go to full story.(3/23)

Spencer Horsman who appeared on “Lance Burton’s Young Magician’s Showcase” is featured in the Baltimore Sun where he is described as, “This kid is so smooth and talented, it’s like watching a young David Copperfield…” To read the Mar. 22 story by Kevin Cowherd titled “He’s no dummy: 15-year-old ventriloquist’s future looks like magic” click: HERE.(3/23)

Nick and Josh Doetsch present “A Night of Magic” at the Pritchard Theater in Peoria, IL on Saturday Mar. 24 at 7pm and 10pm. A Peoria Journal Star article quotes Brian Sajko, “Josh and Nick are quite modest about their abilities, but they are professional magicians who travel each year to a national magic convention and have studied the art of magic since childhood and have developed a ‘Penn and Teller’ type act.” To read the Mar. 18 story titled “Brothers bring theatrics to magic” click: HERE.(3/23)

MICHIGAN: Eugene Burger and Paul Green headline the Abbott’s magic Spring Close-Up Convention on Mar. 23-24 in Colon. For more information phone: 616-432-3235 or click: HERE.(3/23)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,181 / Saturday – March 24, 2001
William Pack who is the manager of the Chicago Magic Masters magic shop was hired to teach Will Smith how to perform magic for his portrayal of Mohammad Ali in the upcoming Michael Mann movie “Ali.” Ali has long been an amateur magician who used to frequent magic shops and magic conventions wherever he traveled. This may be the first time in an Ali biography/movie that his hobby is presented. To read a brief mention of this in the Chicago Sun Times, Mar. 23 story click: HERE.(3/24)

Ricky Jay makes a cameo in the new movie “Heartbreakers” which stars Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as mother-daughter con artists. A Los Angeles Times review of the movie pointed out that Jay was also “…the film’s technical advisor on the cons.” To read the Mar. 23 story by Kevin Thomas titled ” Grifters Take Most of the Risks in ‘Heartbreakers'” click: HERE.(3/24)

David Copperfield is being sued by an assistant who claims she was hurt during a rehearsal of his Tornado of Fire stunt. To read the Mar. 23 Associated Press story titled “Copperfield Crew Member Sues” click: HERE.(3/24)

Mark Wilson, Jr. who has been bringing the Shanghai Circus to tour the US for the past 17 years is quoted in a Sacramento Bee where he is described as, “Wilson can’t throw pots, balance on more than one chair or do any magic, despite being the son of Mark Wilson, one of the United States’ most   successful magicians, but he does speak Mandarin and studied economics and trade negotiations at Beijing University in 1982-83.” His is quoted “I inherited my father’s entrepreneurial spirit rather than his ability to perform magic.” To read the Mar. 23 article by Patricia Beach Smith titled “Some old tricks get a new twist at the Shanghai Circus” click: HERE.(3/24)

Seth Konkel is featured in a non-magic story in The Wichita Eagle where he was instrumental in finding a thief and is currently running for the local school board. Speaking about magic Konkel said, “To me, the best part is hearing them (the audience) go ‘Ooooh’ or ‘Aaaah’… That tells you whether or not you’re doing a good job.” To read the Mar. 23 story by Arturo Garci titled ” Student magician’s latest feat draws another kind of attention” click: HERE.(3/24)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,182 / Sunday – March 25, 2001
David Blaine featured in an Independent – London story which coincides with the rerun of “Magic Man” and upcoming airing of “Frozen In Time” on British TV. Blaine who is called a performance artist is described as, “Pointedly stripped of stage props, glamorous assistants and other Las Vegas kitsch, Blaine’s low-budget, close-up ‘street magic’ is all the more potent for its lack of smoke and mirrors. The familiarity of the sidewalk setting and seemingly impromptu nature of his performances create a genuine sense of otherness, even danger.” To read the Mar. 24 story by David Thompson titled “The unbelievable truth With his feats of endurance and amazing illusions David Blaine makes magic into performance art” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/25)

David Copperfield’s show in Detroit is previewed in a Michigan Daily story which describes some of the illusions used in the live show and which will appear in his upcoming TV special. The article concludes, “Do yourself a favor. Have your mind blown, live and in person.” To read the Mar. 23 story by Gabe Fajuri titled “Copperfield stuns the Fox with amazing illusions” click: HERE.(3/25)

Johnny Ace Palmer, Danny Cole, Dave Hamner, Ed Ellis, Chris De Palma, Cheri Soleil, Mark Haslam, and Tony Daniels appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Mar. 26-Apr. 1. Daryl lectures on Sunday Apr. 1.(3/25)

Puck, Master Lee, Simon Lovell, Todd Robbins, Florian Klein, Michael Chaut and Jamy Ian Swiss appear at Monday Night Magic on Mar. 26 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(3/25)

I.B.M. Ring 188 (Space Coast Magic Club) and it’s members are profiled in a Florida Today story which mentions: Ryan Browning, Mark Hodapp, Peter Crummy, Brandon Massimini, Joe Massimini, Ronald Ulmer, Richard Epps, Bill Stanley, Rick and Carol Auricchio, and John Anderson. To read the Mar. 21 story by G.W. Pomichter titled “Mystery of magic links all ages” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/25)

David Copperfield’s shows at the Fox Theater on Mar. 23-25 have added one more show. To read the Mar. 22 story press release titled “Copperfield’s Most Electrifying Theatre Event ” click: HERE.(3/25)
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