MT: June 11-17, 2001

VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,260 / Monday – June 11, 2001
Nathan Burton and Sarah who are featured in the new Foster production “Whisper” at Harrah’s in Reno are described in a Sacramento Bee as “Nobody has shown such fun with their variations [of routines] since David Copperfield in his early days.” The article also singles out one of their routines, “The opening of their act is unforgettable. Burton picks a newspaper out of a rack, goes to a pay phone and calls the Fantasy Hot Line, picks the ‘low-budget mystery date’ and winds up with only a hand emerging from the paper. But presto! That newspaper rack explodes to reveal Sarah, who with glasses and dreadful wardrobe clearly needs the Beauty Enhancer, a large device that becomes a trash compactor.” To read the Jun. 10 story by Mel Shields titled “Speaking of quality — ‘Whisper’ shows that topless can be top-flight” click: HERE.(6/11)

James Ebbrecht, Michael Jacobson, and Ezra Deutsch-Feldman are the recipients of scholarships to Tannen’s Magic Camp this year. The scholarships are awarded every year by The Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund which is part of their continued effort to promote magic.(6/11)

The annual Abracadabra show in Cincinnati will take place on Aug. 16-19 this year and will star The Majestix, Norm Nielsen, Eric Buss, and Chris Mitchell. A Cincinnati Enquirer article reported that “Lions and tigers will take the stage at Playhouse… marking the first time annual magic benefit Abracadabra has featured big cats.” To read the Jun. 10 article by Jackie Demaline titled “Big cats to appear at Playhouse” click: HERE.(6/11)

Dale Salwak’s new book “Faith in the Family” is profiled a the Los Angeles Times where article which quotes Salwak “The book is a celebration of all that a family can and ought to be.” Salwak will hold a book signing and discussion pn Jun. 16 at Barnes & Noble in Newport Beach, CA. To read the Jun. 9 article by Young Chang titled “A celebration of family and faith” click: HERE.(6/11)
—To buy the book from for $11.96 click: HERE.

NEW YORK: Paul Wilson lectures for the S.A.M. Parent Assembly on Friday Jun. 15 at 7pm at Fordham University (113 West 60th Street, Room 1124) in New York City. The lecture is free to Parent Assembly members – no others will be admitted. For more information e-mail:
Cher visited the Siegfried & Roy show at the Mirage recently where she told them that she never enjoyed a show more. (Photo: Siegfried & Roy).(6/11)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,261 / Tuesday – June 12, 2001
Mike Rogers (Michael Frederick, Sep. 19, 1938–Jun. 11, 2001) died on Monday morning at the age of 62. Rogers was a pioneer in the tradeshow business — becoming very successful and sought after by corporations who wanted to attract a crowd at their booth. He is best known to the magic fraternity as the manufacturer of miniature baseballs for the Cups & Balls and for his beautiful sponge products. In 1975 he wrote his book “The Complete Mike Rogers.” Rogers died of cancer.(6/12)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,262 / Wednesday – June 13, 2001
Vik and Fabrini from Brazil, who have won many magic competitions all over the world, with their magic/mime/robot act will be appearing in the new Crazy Horse production “La Femme” at the new theater by the same name in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The cabaret will be based on the world famous Crazy Horse review in Paris and will feature it’s unique brand of artistically produced nude productions with magicians and other variety acts integrated within the show. La Femme is scheduled to premiere on Jun. 15 with six shows per week at a ticket price of $49 per person.(6/13)

Joe M. Turner (the current video reviewer for Genii) is featured in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article detailing his upcoming show at the Canada Day festival near Toronto on Jun. 30 and Jul. 1. Turner spoke on the art of Magic, “Magic is more popular today than I’ve ever seen it… Of course, it has extremely broad entertainment appeal — just look at how often it’s on television now, compared to 10 years ago. But magic can also be used to effectively communicate important concepts in situations such as trade shows, sales meetings and even in training or academic settings.” To read the Jun. 12 article by Kimberly H. Byrd titled “Suwanee police shifts now overlap” click: HERE.(6/13)

Giovanni Livera and Ken Preuss’ new book, “The Amazing Dad: More Than 400 Ways to Wow Your Kids,” and it’s purpose is profiled in the Christian Science Monitor. Livera explains, “Parents are providers and teachers, but they are also entertainers… And when parents are gone, the one thing children will remember most with positive memories is how their parents played.” To read the Jun. 13 story by Ross Atkin titled “The magic bond between fathers and their kids” click: HERE.(6/13)

Edward Brennam and Roger Jones will be performing close-up magic at Planet Hollywood in Myrtle Beach, SC. To read the Jun. 11 Sun News article titled “FestBet: Summer fun at NMB complex” click: HERE.(6/13)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,263 / Thursday – June 14, 2001
Marshall Brodien, Jay Marshall, Bob Higa, Billy Bishop, Terry Evanswood, George Johnstone, De Yip Loo, and Mark & Susan Holstein will be seen on “Bozo: 40 Years of Fun!” a 90-minute retrospective of the long running Bozo TV show which taped it’s final episode on Tuesday Jun. 12 and is scheduled to air as a primetime special on Jul. 14. A Chicago Tribune article described the TV show “…charmingly cornball vaudeville-era skits, a whole lot of highlights from the past, and in-the-flesh visits from departed characters including Wizzo the Wizard [Marshall Brodien] and Sandy the Tramp.” To read the Jun. 13 story by Steve Johnson titled “Pumpkin, pie top Bozo’s last fling for TV” click: HERE.(6/14)

K.M. Meacham performs at the Illinois Family Heritage Weekend on Jun. 23-24 where a Monmouth Daily Review Atlas pointed out that he will be, “Following in the tradition of internationally famous Monmouthmagician Nicola the Great.” To read the Jun. 13 story by Tracie Raymond titled “Roseville Museum will feature Iowa magician” click: HERE.(6/14)

Zigmont opens in “Forbidden Magic: Secrets of the Mummy’s Tomb” on Jun.16 in the Paramount Theatre at the Paramount Kings Island Theme park Ohio. The 30-minute Egyptian themed illusion show will run through Aug. 12 and is free with admission to the park. For more information click: HERE.(6/14)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,264 / Friday – June 15, 2001
Jim Swain’s latest mystery novel, “Grift Sense,” is profiled in The Tampa Tribune where the writer describes the card routine Swain performed during the interview. The novel is about card cheaters and the scams they use to fleece their marks. The article quotes Steve Forte, “I enjoyed both his writing style and the authenticity of the stories.” Although the book is not about magic – one magician – Herb Zarrow is identified in the book. Other subtle magic references include characters who are named after magicians. Swain has a disclaimer, “The scams described in the book are illegal… They are felonies and could get you four years in prison.” To read the Jun. 14 article by Sean C. Ledig titled “Magician’s tale has no Vegas illusions” click: HERE.(6/15)
-To buy the book from for $19.16 click: HERE.

The Canadian magic shop, Perfect Magic, in Vancouver, BC officially closed on Jun. 5 after eight years of serving magicians in the area — it seems that the owner, Brian Matlin, is getting married later this month and moving to Pennsylvania in the U.S. The remaining stock was consolidated with the main Perfect Magic store in Montreal which continues to prosper under the direction of Phil and Evelyn Matlin.(6/15)

Joel Ward who appeared on Lance Burton’s “Young Magician’s Showcase” is profiled in a North County Times article which looked at some of the special 2001 High School graduates in the area. To read the Jun. 14 article by Adam Kaye titled “Faces of Graduates – Six seniors represent 1,500 grads of 2001” click: HERE.(6/15)

CALIFORNIA: Tony Clark lectures at Mind Over Magic (2214 Burbank Boulevard) in Burbank, CA on Monday Jun. 18 at 7pm. Admission is $25 per person. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(6/15)

VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,265 / Saturday – June 16, 2001
Steve Spill and his wife Bozena who own Magicopolis in Santa Monica,CA have launched their own show titled “Hocus Pocus (Fish Bones Choke Us)” at the venue. A review in The Los Angeles Times surmised, “…a warm and fuzzy atmosphere prevails in this cozy enterprise, and those who like their magic up close and personal will likely find “Hocus Pocus” a pun-filled and entertaining outing.” To read the Jun. 14 article by F. Kathleen Foley titled “Silly ‘Hocus Pocus’ Does the Trick” click: HERE.(6/16)

Aaron Radatz will be handcuffed, chained and nailed into a wooden crate, which will be submerged into a pond at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI on Jun. 24 at 2pm. Radatz will then attempt to escape from the restraints and crate before drowning. Once out he will bring his full evening show to the hotel showroom. The crate will be on display in the hotel lobby for one week prior to the stunt. For show tickets and information phone: 888-7EAGLE7.(6/16)

Jeff McBride’s upcoming show at the Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck, NY on Jun. 21-24 gets a plug in the Poughkeepsie Journal. To read the Jun. 15 story by Rebecca Rothbaum titled “Weekend winners” click: HERE.(6/16)

Jim Lenz who performed at the Orfordville Public Library is featured in a Gazette Extra story. To read the Jun. 15 story by Jennifer McKee titled “Teacher joins tricks with kids’ lessons” click: HERE.(6/16)

Dewayne Hill’s career as a magician since graduating high school five years ago is profiled in a Charleston Gazette story. To read the Jun. 14 article titled “Young magician making his mark locally and out-of-state” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/16)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,266 / Sunday – June 17, 2001
NEW JERSEY: David Roth who is considered one of the most creative and talented close-up magicians in the world will be giving one of his very rare East Coast lectures on Wednesday Jun. 20 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit – Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. Cost to non-members is $12. For more information phone Carl Bajor at: 732-969-2566 or click: HERE.(6/17)

Nicolette Kintz who performs at The Firkin Restaurant is featured in a Daily Herald where she explains, “I’m having a great time… Working at an adult bar, it’s all about the reaction. If the customers see a trick they really like, their reactions are more realistic than what you might find with children.” To read the Jun. 14 story by Kate Grusich titled “Gurnee woman spreads her magic across the suburbs” click: HERE.(6/17)

Randy Thompson who performs as “Professor Longhair Extraordinaire” is described in a State Journal Register article as a “…social worker, therapist, magician and ventriloquist whose long flowing black wig, floral shirt, white pants and neon duck shoes could be seen from down the street on a sunny day.” To read the Jun. 11 story by Kimbre Chapman titled “Therapist uses magic, puppets to reach patients” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(6/17)

Michael Chaut, Will Shaw, and Rocco appear at Monday Night Magic on Jun. 18 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(6/17)
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