MT: July 30 – August 5, 2001

VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,309 / Monday – July 30, 2001
A very special “Future Stars” week at the Magic Castle on Jul. 30 through Aug. 5 where a majority of the performers will be up-and-coming magicians who will have an opportunity to perform at the premier magic venue in the world. Featured “Future Stars” are David Stryker, Josh Sadowsky, Matthew Grunwald, Taylor Hughes & Katie, Joseph Tran, Justin Rivera, Jessica Phillips, Joel Ward, Derek Scott, and Jason Latimer. Magic castle regular Handsome Jack will also be on the bill. For more information click: HERE.(7/30)

Two different, recently published, Houdini/Non-Houdini books are reviewed in The Washington Post. “Houdini, Tarzan, And The Perfect Man” by John F. Kasson and “Houdini’s Box” by Adam Phillips are described as, “These are quirky little books… What they have in common, aside from a light touch, is their consideration of Harry Houdini, the American master of illusion and escape, not as a magician whose tricks and feats are to be explained, nor as a life to be depicted, but as a jumping-off point for reflection.” The review concludes: “Houdini’s latest trick — and isn’t it also a kind of message from the other side? — is to have inspired two such lucid and engaging books.” To read the Jul. 29 article by Dennis Drabelle titled “‘Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man’ by John F. Kasson and ‘Houdini’s Box’ by Adam Phillips” click: HERE.(7/30)
To buy Houdini, Tarzan, And The Perfect Man for $18.20 click: HERE.
To buy Houdini’s Box for $15.40 click: HERE.

The Amazing Johnathan who will take off from Vegas to appear at Caesars Tahoe next week is profiled in the Sacramento Bee. Johnathan commented, “It’s only taken me 15 years to get across the casino to the main room.” Opening for him in Tahoe will be Billy McComb. To read the Jul. 29 story by Mel Shields titled “Comedy, magic or both? The Amazing Johnathan’s act aims to be unique” click: HERE.(7/30)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,310 / Tuesday – July 31, 2001
MICHIGAN: Abbott’s 64th Magic Get-Together takes place in Colon on Aug. 1-4. This year’s performers include John Calvert, Ali Bongo, Clemens Valentino, Kenji Minemura, Todd Charles, Junge-Junge, Carl Andrews, Eric Buss, Kevin King, David Oliver, Glen Gerard, Puck, Sean Bogunia, Aaron Radatz, Gordon Miller, Dan Sperry, The Schofields, Doug Ries, Mike McGivern, Nels Cremean, Fred Moore, The Beckers, Matthias Rauch, Dr. Matrix, Duane Laflin, Rob Russ, Chris Linn, and Ardan James. Registration is $120 per person with daily rates and show tickets available at the door. For more information click: HERE.(7/31)

Scott Bernard is profiled in a Palm Beach Post article that looks at the world of corporate magicians. Bernard explained, “It’s a niche market… It’s interactive marketing and branding all in one.” George Schindler is quoted, “Corporations understand they can get attention and get a message across with magic at the same time.” Also mentioned in the article is Dick Swandby. To read the Jul. 30 story by Susan T. Port titled “Companies believe in magic” click: HERE.(7/31)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,311 / Wednesday – August 1, 2001
Harry Anderson has just purchased a 200-year old, four-story building in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA. On Thursday Jul. 26 he took control of the ground floor where his future “Spade & Archer” magic shop will be located. Later in the year he will take over the rest of the building where he plans to create a workshop, which will manufacture some exclusive magic products. Anderson told MagicTimes that his current plans are to have the shop open for business on Jan. 1. Even bigger news is the scheduled opening of a live show written by Turk Pipkin and starring Harry Anderson titled “Beside Himself.” The show could open as early as April 2002 in a 400-seat theater a few blocks from the store.(8/1)

The Abbott Magic Company and their 64th annual Magic Get-together are featured in a Sturgis Journal where they report that “Award winning acts from around the world will be featured in evening performances at Colon High School and include comedy, large stage illusions, animal and variety acts.” To read the Jul. 31 story by Rachael Sylvester Sturgis titled “Magicians ready for annual get-together” click: HERE.(8/1)

Jim Schofield who will be doing a blindfold drive through the streets of Colon, MI on Wednesday is featured in the Sturgis Journal. To read the Jul. 31 article by Ardis Baad titled “Schofield making magic – blindfolded” click: HERE.(8/1)

Big Daddy Cool stars in the variety review “Jump, Jive & Swing” on Aug. 3, 4, 10 and 11 at the Center for the Arts in Murfreesboro, TN. In addition to the magic from his parlor/nightclub act the show also features music from the mid 20th century and The Swing Cats dance troupe. Tickets are $8 – $13 per person and are available by phoning: 615-904-ARTS.(8/1)

VIRGINIA: “Magic Virginia” is a one day convention sponsored by IBM Ring 103 in Virginia Beach on Saturday Aug. 4, 2001. Featured performers are Bev Bergeron, Woody Landers, Phil Tatton, Alberts & Co. and Dr. Madblood. Registration is $30 per person or $7 per person for the evening show. For more information e-mail Al Albers at: or phone: 757-471-6066.(8/1)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,312 / Thursday – August 2, 2001
Marc Salem’s Mind Games opens on Friday Aug. 3 at The Assembly Rooms (54 George Street) in Edinburgh, Scotland, just three days after his six-month engagement in Detroit ended. The show will run through Aug. 27 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The one-hour version of the show, which the New York Post called “Extraordinary! Miraculous! Brilliantly entertaining!” runs nightly at 9:45pm at a cost of £5-£11 per person. For more information click: HERE.(8/2)

Murray will be performing at The Miss North America Teen Pageant at SeaWorld’s Shiver’s Pavilion in Orlando, FL on Aug. 4 at 9:30pm.(8/2)

If you missed the Monday Night Magic crew of Michael Chaut, Jamy Ian Swiss, Peter Samelson, and Harley Newman on the Today show on Aug. 1. You can still see the segment on the MSNBC website by clicking: HERE.(8/2)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,313 / Friday – August 3, 2001
The Abbott’s Magic Get-Together is featured in a Kalamazoo Gazette article, which reported that the convention “will transform the sleepy streets of Colon into a busy world of illusion, trickery and summertime fun.” Hank Moorehouse explained, “You can come here and see some real variety theater… We have jugglers, illusionists, manipulators and, of course, famous magicians.” Magicians mentioned in the article include James Schofield and John Calvert. To read the Aug. 2 story by Chris Meehan titled “Do you believe in magic?” click: HERE.(8/3)

David Blaine talks to a New York Post reporter during a Zampolli party where he tells about his next stunt of “…standing on top of a 50-foot-tall pillar for 48 hours straight with no net to break his fall.” To read the Aug. 2 article by Jared Paul Stern titled “Nightcrawler” click: HERE.(8/3)

Paul Daniels presents his new show “An Audience with Paul Daniels” every Sunday in August (5, 12, 19,26) at 7:30pm at The Pavilion Theatre in Weymouth, England. Tickets are £6-12 per person. For more information phone: 01305 783225.(8/3)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,314 / Saturday – August 4, 2001
A Chinese Magic DVD/TV special has been announced by Dynamic Media as part of a $30 million joint venture with China to produce TV shows and DVDs shot on location throughout China. The magic program is described as, “The most ancient of all art forms is conjuring and China holds claim to this mystical art form from its earliest roots. Today, some of the best known of modern magicians hail from China. The interactive DVD will unveil some of the secrets to Chinese magic.” To read the Jul. 27 press release titled “A Historical First; Company to Produce Largest Broadcast DVD” click: HERE.(8/4)

Tom Durnin, Rich Marotta, Simon Lovell, Jamy Ian Swiss, R.J. Lewis, Michael Chaut, and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 6 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(8/4)

CALIFORNIA: David Roth lectures on Tuesday Aug. 7 at 7:30pm for the Misdirections Magic Shop at Fort Mason Center (Building C Room 370) in San Francisco. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(8/4)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,315 / Sunday – August 5, 2001
Paul Earle presented a dry edition of the Houdini Milk Can Escape at the Chatham High School where he dedicated it to the memory of local magician Stuart Jan Smith who died at the age of 37 a couple of years ago. The Cape Cod Times described the annual event, “This is the 12th year that Magic by the Sea members have presented summer magic shows on the Cape. They’ll continue performing at Chatham High School on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. through Aug. 23, as well as this Monday and Aug. 20.” To read the Aug. 3 story by Jack Coleman titled “Spirit of Houdini returns” click: HERE.(8/5)

Abbott’s Magic Get-Together is featured in an Associated Press article. To read the Aug. 4  article in the Detroit Free Press titled “Small Michigan city in the midst of a Magic Week” click: HERE.(8/5)

Gregory Wilson, Kenji Minemura, George Tovar, Pete Lamont, Jack Murray, Howard Jay, James Holguin,  and Stoil Stoilov the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 6-12. Dennis Marks lectures on Sunday Aug. 12.(8/5)
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