MT: July 27 – August 2, 1998

VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 210 / Monday – July 27, 1998
Tom Ogden had a letter published in the Jul. 26 L.A. Times. He comments on Cruise Lines getting higher quality performers. To read the letter click: HERE.(7/27)

Penn and Teller make a special guest appearance on “Saturday Night Live” from the 1986-87 season on Tuesday, Jul. 28 and 29 at 11am and midnight, Jul. 30 at 11am and 3pm ET on COM-TV (US-cable). Steve Guttenberg hosts.(7/27)

It’s Juniors Week at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Jul. 27- Aug. 2. Performing are: Joseph Tran, Josh Sadowsky, Gavin Greer, Susan & Megan Murphy, David Avadon, Bob Dorian – Raushan Hammond, Bryan Stoops – James Holguin, Danny Cole – Joel Broock, Brian Dow – The Krzanowskis, and Billy McComb.(7/27)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 211 / Tuesday – July 28, 1998 
Rick Anderson, Jerry Andrus, Jack Carpenter, Kirk Charles, David Charvet, Steve Dobson, John Lovick, Steve Mayhew, Woody Pittman, Steve Taylor, and Tommy Wonder appear at PCAM ’98 on Jul. 29 to Aug.1. The convention is sponsored by the Western Regional Magic Conference, Magigals International and the Tacoma Magic Club. Held at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. For info visit their website by clicking: HERE.(7/28)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 212 / Wednesday – July 29, 1998
The Pendragons appear on “Super Bloopers & New Practical Jokes” on Thursday Jul. 30 at 6pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(7/29)

The classic 1953 Houdini movie starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh airs on Thursday Jul. 30 at 4pm ET on MAX2-TV (US-cable).(7/29)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 213 / Thursday – July 30, 1998
Penn and Teller are taping several more episodes of their new variety series, “Sin City Spectacular,” on Jul 30 and 31at the Luxor Theater in Las Vegas, NV. Free tickets are available from the Luxor box office at 702-262-4000 or 800-557-7428. The series begins on Monday Aug. 10 at 9pm ET on FX-TV (US-cable).(7/30)

Danny Archer, Arian Black, Tony Blanco, Earl Chaney, Daryl, Dixie Dooley, Michael Finney, Christopher Hart, Mike Michaels, Armando Vera, Victor & Diamond appear at Robert Allen’s Rocky Mountain Magic Convention on Jul. 30 to Aug. 2 in Leadville, Colorado. For more info call: 702-434-5204 or e-mail:
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 214 / Friday – July 31, 1998
Rudy Coby is performing his full show at the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo from Jul. 29 through Aug. 5.(7/31)

Amazing Jonathan Live From Vegas on “Lounge Lizards,” Saturday, Aug. 1 at 1:30pm and 7pm ET on COM-TV (US-cable).(7/31)

Franz Harary, Shintaro Fujiama, Junge Junge, K.C.NG, Kaza Katayama, Peter Marvey, Ken Masaki, Max Maven, Petrick & Mia, and Veronin & Svetlana, appear at FORMOSA Jul. 31- Aug. 2 at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taiwan. For more info contact Black Hat Magic (886-2) 2720-3164.(7/31)
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 215 / Saturday – August 1, 1998
Stanley Burns died on Friday morning Jul. 31, of health complications while being hospitalized in New York City. Services will be held on Sunday Aug. 2 at noon at the Park-West Riverside Chapels (333 Amsterdam Ave- off 76th Street), 212-362-3600. He was a world renowned ventriloquist, magician and a mainstay of the New York magic scene — he will be missed.(8/1)

Le Grand David Spectacular Magic Company, now in its 22nd year, closes its summer season on Sunday Aug. 2 at 3pm at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more info and tickets call: 978-927-3677. The show re-opens for the autumn season on Sunday, Sep. 20.(8/1)

Orson Welles performs magic with Lucille Ball on “I Love Lucy” on Sunday Aug. 2 at 8:30pm on NICK-TV (US-cable).(8/1)

Penn and Teller are featured on “Aspen Comedy Festival I” on Sunday, Aug. 2 at 6pm ET on COM-TV (US-cable).(8/1)

Amazing Jonathan Live From Vegas on “Lounge Lizards,” Saturday, Aug. 1 at 1:30pm and 7pm ET on COM-TV (US-cable).(8/1)
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 216 / Sunday – August 2, 1998
A short article by Susan R. Pollack about the Abbott’s upcoming magic convention appeared in the Friday, Jul. 31 edition of the Detroit News. To read it click: HERE.(8/2)

Alba, Steve Bedwell, Frank Brents, Michael Chaut, Will Fern, Matt Furman, Derek Hughes, David Kaye, R.J. Lewis, Rich Marotta, and Todd Robbins appear at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 3 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(8/2)

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