MT: April 12-18, 1999

VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 469 / Monday – April 12, 1999
Time Out New York magazine held a party (sponsored by Mor Vodka) for David Blaine on Tuesday Mar. 30 at Joe’s Pub in New York City. The occasion was to celebrate his appearance on the cover of their Apr. 1-8 issue. The magazine devoted five pages on David Blaine and his upcoming endeavors and four more pages about magic in New York which highlighted: Benjamin Levy, Belinda Sinclair, Houdini, Silly Billy, Martinka’s, Tannen’s, Monday Night Magic, and much more. The party was reported on in the New York Daily News and The New York Post.(4/12)

Fukai & Kimika, David Regal, Fernando Keops, George Tovar, Brian Gillis, Patrick Albanese, Dan Birch, and Gerry Frenette appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Apr. 12-18. Fukai lectures on Sunday Apr. 18.(4/12)

Lance Burton will do a live, half-hour, chat on Monday Apr. 12 at 10pm ET for Excite’s Live Chat. To find out more click: HERE.(4/12)

Spend a day with five or six magicians and see what they do in the “A Day In The Life” episode of “Grand Illusions: The Story Of Magic” on the Canadian Discovery channel, Tuesday Apr. 13 at 9:30pm and again on Apr. 14 at 1:30am & 4:30am, Apr. 17 at 7:30pm and Apr. 18 at 3:30pm ET.(4/12)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 470 / Tuesday – April 13, 1999
David Blaine successfully accomplishes his feat of being buried for seven days in New York City. On Monday Apr. 12 at 10am he climbed out of his coffin to thunderous applauds from the several hundred spectators present at the site. Thousands of people have visited during the past week, many of which were there on a daily basis. Blaine’s comment after emerging was, “I saw something very prophetic … a vision of every race, every religion, every age group banding together, and that made all this worthwhile.” Read more and view a video of the day’s Blaine events:(4/13)
–To read Melene Jensen’s Associated Press article click: HERE.
–To read Ellen Wulfhorst’s Reuters article click: HERE.
–To read CBS News’ article click: HERE.
–To view Kendra Farn’s CBS News report with footage of Blaine being pulled out of the grave click: HERE.(4/13)

Uri Geller who was staying at the Warwick Hotel in NYC noticed that there was a SAM meeting taking place on Friday Apr. 9. He decided to call down and see if he would be welcomed. The Parent Assembly which was having its annual auction accepted. He brought a copy of his new book, “Uri Geller: Magician or Mystic?” which will be released in the US soon, and donated it to the auction. The magicians in attendance coaxed him to bend one of the hotel’s spoons and he did. The winning bidder for the book, Joe Devlin, received the personally autographed book and as a bonus Geller autographed the bent spoon for him – all for $95.(4/14)

Magicians & Spirits celebrates its Three Year Anniversary on Tuesday Apr. 13 with a special show featuring: Todd Robbins, Marcelo Contento, Mike Bent, Alexander, Norman Barrett, Steve Kradolfer, and David Oliver. The show takes place at The Green Street Grill in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday Dec. 7. Show starts at 10pm, bar magic at 9pm. All seats $10. For more info phone: 617-876-1655.(4/13)

David Blaine appears on “The View” on Wednesday Apr. 14 at 11am ET on ABC-TV (US).(4/13)

David Blaine appears on the Rosie O’Donnell Show on Tuesday Apr. 13 at 10am ET on ABC-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(4/13)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 471 / Wednesday – April 14, 1999
Marie Blood, Harry Houdini’s niece, and Uri Geller were among the fans who cheered David Blaine upon his emergence from the coffin on Monday. To read Gersh Kuntzman’s article about this from the Apr. 13 New York Post click: HERE.(4/14)

David Blaine burial reported by Paul Anstiss from New York for BBC-TV and BBC Online. To see the RealVideo clip and read the article from Monday Apr. 12 click: HERE.(4/14)

“A spokesman for ABC’s daytime talk show ‘The View’ said [David] Blaine was booked to appear on the show tomorrow, but canceled because he was exhausted.” To read the full story by Michael Starr which appeared in the Apr. 13 New York Post click: HERE.(4/14)

“David Blaine: Magic Man,” Blaine’s second TV special, takes him to New York, New Orleans, Tennessee, Haiti and South America where he continues to stun people with his magic on Wednesday Apr. 14 at 10pm ET on ABC-TV (US).(4/14)

Lance Burton and his animals are featured in Amazing Tails on Thursday Apr. 15 at 10:30am and 1:30pm ET on APL-TV (US-cable).(4/14)

Penn & Teller perform on a rerun of “Aspen Comedy Festival I” on Thursday Apr. 15 at noon and 10pm, Apr. 24 at 7am and 7pm, and Apr. 28 at 9pm and 3am ET on Comedy Central (US-cable-TV).(4/14)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 472 / Thursday – April 15, 1999
Yigal Mesika the Israeli magician who has been gaining quite a reputation worldwide for his work with animation and levitation of objects will be doing his very first lecture outside of Israel on Friday Apr. 16 at 8pm for the S.A.M. Rouclere Assembly #25. The lecture takes place at the V.F.W. Hall, Veterans Place in Elmwood Park, NJ. Admission is free to SAM #25 members and $10 for non-members.(4/15)

Danny Archer, Paul Cummins, Glen Ghirardi, Howard Hale, Jon Racherbaumer, and Samuel Patrick Smith are among the performers at the Louisiana Magic Weekend on Apr. 16-18 in Baton Rouge, LA. Registration is $35 per person. For more information phone 225-767-4693 or e-mail:

S.A.M. Assembly #61 presents “An Evening of Magic & Comedy” with Mark Bond, Izzy deJesus, Paul Diamond (of DanceMagic), Glen Gerard, Mike Miller, Dan Pollack, Bob Rath, Jason Scott and Rex Steven Sikes on Friday Apr. 16 at 8pm. The show takes place at the Broadway Baby Dinner Theater (5132 W. Mill Road, Brown Deer, Wisconsin a Milwaukee suburb). Tickets are $6 each. For more information phone: 414-358-2020 or visit their website by clicking: HERE.(4/15)

A review of “David Blaine: Magic Man” appeared in the Apr. 14 issue of the Post-Gazette Online. To read the review by Tony Norman click: HERE.(4/15)

Bill Kalush is quoted in the Apr. 12 New York Daily News saying, “…he’ll [David Blaine] be taken to a secret location to be checked by a doctor. …His immune system is depressed, …The last thing we want to do is put him in a hospital around sick people.” To read the story by Bill Hutchinson click: HERE.(4/15)

“Magician’s Freed After Week in Tomb” is an article by Virginia Breen which ran in the Apr. 13 New York Daily News. To read it on the web click: HERE.(4/15)

World’s Greatest Magic III with Bob Arno, Dirk Arthur, Nathan Burton, Brett Daniels, Michael Finney, Greg Frewin, Joseph Gabriel, Galina, Hans & Sittah, Guy Hollingworth, Peter Marvey, The Pendragon’s, Jean Piere Valerino, David Williamson, and Steve Wyrick reruns on Thursday Apr. 15 at 7pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(4/15)

Penn & Teller are the special guests on a rerun of Saturday Night Live episode #444 from the 1985-86 season on Friday Apr. 16 at 2pm ET on Comedy Central (US-cable-TV).(4/15)

A magic themed episode of “Quantum Leap” titled, “The Great Spontini – May 9, 1974” airs on Thursday Apr. 15 at 6pm ET on SCIFI-TV (US-cable).(4/15)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 473 / Friday – April 16, 1999
Johnny and Pam Thompson, “The Great Tomsoni & Co.,” will be honored as the S.A.M. Parent Assembly #1’s Magicians of the Year for 1999. The honor will be awarded on April 17, 1999 as part of the annual “Salute to Magic” show. Appearing on the show will be Finn Jon, Tom Ogden, Will Shaw, and Devlin & Kim who will be doing the second half. The show will be held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in NYC. For tickets and information phone Ted Lee at: 914-949-0372.(4/16)

The 12th annual Comedy & Magic Show produced and emceed by R.G. Smith will feature: Bob Whitcomb, Andrew Martin, Jay Sterling, Howard Mincone, and Brackney’s Madcap Mutts. All profits from the shows go toward the prevention of child abuse. The show appears at the Weinberg Centre in Frederick, MD on Apr. 17, The Forum in Harrisburg, PA on Apr. 23, and the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, PA (Sold Out) on Apr. 24. All shows start at 7pm with tickets available at the door. Ticket prices range from $8-12. For more information e-mail:

Tommy Wonder and the Spencers star in “Kimo Magic” at the Kimo Theater (5th and Central, NW) in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday April 17, 1999 at 7:30pm. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster by phoning 800-736-1420.(4/16)

Two magic shows on Saturday Apr. 17, at 2pm and 7pm at the Walker High School (32nd and Burnham) in Milwaukee, WI. Rex Steven Sikes will emcee the afternoon show and Aye Jaye the evening show. The shows are part of I.B.M. Ring #41’s “Food Drive” for the Milwaukee Food Pantry. For more information visit their website by clicking: HERE.(4/16)

A magic themed episode of Gilligan’s Island titled “It’s Magic” airs on Saturday Apr. 17 at 8:30am ET on TBS-TV (US-cable).(4/16)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 474 / Saturday – April 17, 1999
A wonderful quote by Richard Robinson, “Actors often quote Shakespeare to point out that ‘All the world’s a stage.’ But David Blaine seems to be the only one to actually believe it.” The quote comes from a special David Blaine feature in Magic Show which includes an interview with Blaine and a report by Eric DeCamps which you can view by clicking: HERE. An interesting review of the show by Bryan Dean Toder at Magic & Illusion can be read by clicking: HERE. And if you would like to own the autographed Buried Alive poster which Blaine gave to Rosie O’Donnell to auction on ebay as a donation to the “All Kids Foundation” click: HERE.(4/17)

Don Alan (McWethy) died on Apr. 15 at the age of 73. Alan pioneered close-up magic on TV with his first show “Magic” and the more popular “Don Alan’s Magic Ranch” which was recently released on video. Alan also made numerous appearances on leading talk shows and was a very popular and successful corporate party entertainer. He is best known for his presentations for the Chop Cup, Invisible Deck, Rising Cards, Benson Bowl and the larger than life final loads and kicker endings which he liked to use.(4/17)

Yigal Mesika, Jason Baney, Daryl, Lennart Green, Terry Guyatt, Finn Jon, and The Great Tomsoni & Company featured at the East Coast Magic Spectacular this year to be held in a new location at the Excelsior Scottish Rite Temple (315 White Horse Pike, West Collingswood, NJ) on Apr. 17-18. Registration is $60 for the two days if purchased in advance. For more information e-mail: F or visit their website by clicking: HERE.(4/17)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 475 / Sunday – April 18, 1999
Dean Gunnarson, Margo, Tony Clark, Anthony Reed, Steve Wyrick, and Michael Grandinetti have taped segments for “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II” which is scheduled to air on Sunday May 2 on NBC-TV (US).(4/18)

Rafael Benatar, Patrick Slaughter, and Jamy Ian Swiss appear at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 19 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(4/18)

Penn & Teller are the special guests on a rerun of Saturday Night Live episode #449 from the 1985-86 season on Monday Apr. 19 at 2pm and midnight ET on Comedy Central (US-cable-TV).(4/18)

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