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After the great success of last years Phoenix Gathering, the Phoenix will rise again this year for another amazing flight. Now in its second year, this year’s gathering will be taking place on May 31-June 3, 2001, in it’s new location just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. We are please to announce that Hiawatha will be our special guest of honor this year. As most of you know, it is not often that we get a chance to see this true master of magic work his artistry. He will be performing and lecturing at this convention, but on top of all this, he will also be bringing in his performing arts ensemble from Randolph-Macon College (where he is a professor of modern dance) to debut one of their theatrical magic pieces at our gala show event entitled “The Language of Magic.” Come learn and hang out with “Phoenix Professors,” Stan Davis, John Tudor, Alain Nu, Kevin Dunn, Margaret Steele, and Just Alan. Great magicians, the likes of Bob Fitch, Robert Neale, Brother Shadow, Suzanne, Andrew Goldenhersh, and many others have come in the first year as ordinary attendees just to be a part of the creative energy of this gathering. You can expect to see more of this happening in the future!

What is the Phoenix Gathering, you may ask. Well, if you were to throw out all the things you don’t like about magic conventions, and magnify all the stuff you do like, you have The Phoenix Gathering! You will love the creativity and energy that this gathering provides, almost as much as you will love the people. Come share your ideas and get constructive feedback. Witness some of the most intriguing and unusual performances that you will ever see at a magic convention. Come together with magicians from all walks of life as they share their love for the art of magic. Join us for an experience you will never forget!

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