Source: Society Of American Magicians

Ray Goulet, producer of the Young Magicians show at the annual Society of American  Magicians National Convention announced the line-up for this year’s show on June 24 at 1:30 PM at the ballroom of the Midewest Express Center in Milwaukee.

The title “Stars of Tomorrow” accurately states the Society’s mission to bring young persons to the forefront of the magic scene. The cast was chosen from videotapes submitted by the performers who are under the age of seventeen.

This year’s show will be emceed by Kristoffer Olson of Red Wing, MN who will also perform with his assistant Heather Olson. Other featured acts announced are Danny Hill of Palm, FL; West O’Dell from Concord, NC; Max Nover of Arlington, MA.; David Hubelbank of Sudbury, MA; and Ben Pilat from Columbus, OH.  As always the Society predicts a great show and predicts that the performers seen today will in fact be the “stars” of tomorrow.

For other show information go to the SAM website: www.magicsam.com.

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