Realized prices of the Houdini items.

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Below you will find the unofficial results for the Swann Galleries Auction #1911 which was held on Tuesday Oct. 30, 2001. The results are limited to the Houdini items only. A complete and more accurate realized prices list will appear on their website at:

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Item #DescriptionEstimatesRealized
Lots 1-108
1Fine scissor-cut silhouette profile by Dai Vernon2500-3500$3,400.00
2Postcard Portrait and Initialed by Houdini3500-5000$3,500.00
3Signed Real Photo Postcard portrait of Houdini3000-4000PASS
4Color picture postcard Signed by Houdini1500-2500$1,100.00
5Card Signed and Dated by Houdini1500-2500$1,000.00
6Postcard Inscribed and Signed by Houdini1500-2500$1,000.00
7Postcard Signed by Houdini1500-2500PASS
8Postcard Signed by Houdini1200-1800PASS
9Typed Letter Signed “Houdini”2500-3500$2,000.00
10Typed Letter Signed “Houdini”1500-2500$1,900.00
11Typed Note Signed “H”1200-1800PASS
12Inscribed and Signed Salutation800-1200$1,300.00
13Important Autograph Letter Signed to Houdini2000-3000$1,800.00
14Important Autograph Letter Signed to Harry Houdini2000-3000PASS
15Frank Carver Autograph Letter Signed to Houdini500-750$550.00
16Typed Letter sent to Houdini by Bernard Ernst400-600$300.00
17Letter sent to Houdini by Ms. Beusel150-250$90.00
18Jules Bisles Typed Letter Signed500-750$650.00
19Postcard Inscribed and Signed by Houdini to his sister4000-6000$3,000.00
20Color picture postcard Inscribed and Signed by Houdini3500-5000PASS
21Signed Real Photo Postcard of Houdini in chains3000-4000$3,600.00
22Real Photo Postcard Inscribed and Signed by Houdini2500-3500$3,300.00
23Postcard Signed and Dated by Houdini2500-3500PASS
24Signed Real Photo postcard picturing Houdini and his wife2500-3500$1,800.00
25Real Photo Postcard of Houdini flying his Voisin biplane2000-3000$1,800.00
26Typed Letter Signed3000-4000$1,900.00
27Typed Letter Signed “Houdini”2500-3500$1,500.00
28Typed Letter Signed “Houdini”1500-2500$1,800.00
29Typed Letter Signed “Houdini”1500-2500PASS
30Typed Letter Signed “H Houdini”1200-1800$1,300.00
31Typed Letter Signed in Type500-700$275.00
32Signature accompanied by autograph address1000-1500$550.00
33Fine full-length scissor-cut silhouette of Houdini6000-9000$8,000.00
34Cloth pocket from a pajama top owned by Houdini5000-7000$3,400.00
35Leather wallet belonging at one time to Houdini12000-18000$7,500.00
36Inscribed and Signed Photographic portrait2500-3500$3,200.00
37Signed Photographic bust portrait of Houdini2500-3500PASS
38Photographic Portrait of Houdini with Ira Davenport2000-3000$1,300.00
39Signed Photographic bust portrait in profile1500-2000$1,100.00
40Photographic silver print bust portrait of Houdini700-1000$600.00
41Photographic Portrait of Houdini in a radio studio700-1000PASS
42Photographic portrait of Houdini hanging upside down600-900$950.00
43Photographic portrait of Houdini with Blackstone500-750$800.00
44Pair of photos showing Houdini’s name on the marquee500-750$850.00
45Photographic portrait of Houdini after freeing himself400-600$1,600.00
46Small photographic portrait of Houdini350-500$1,000.00
47Small group photo of Houdini, Goldstone, and Wilson350-500$350.00
48Small unpublished photographic portrait250-350$200.00
49Small photographic image showing a theatre250-350$500.00
50Unpublished photographic group portrait500-750$650.00
51Photographic portrait of Houdini and two men300-400$175.00
52Unpublished silver print photographic half-length400-600$275.00
53Silver print photographic portrait of Houdini400-600$800.00
54Pair of photographs from a Houdini family album1500-2500$1,100.00
55Pair of small silver print “before” and after” shots1500-2500$1,100.00
56Small photographic portrait of Houdini’s mother1000-1500$550.00
57Photographic portrait of Mr. And Mrs. Harry Houdini700-1000$650.00
58Photographic group portrait of Houdini, his wife and700-1000$550.00
59Small photographic group portrait of Houdini and others500-750$700.00
60Photograph showing Houdini talking to a Paris postman500-750$425.00
61Full-length photographic portrait of Houdini500-750$500.00
62Photographic portrait of a nude Houdini500-750$950.00
63Unpublished photographic portrait of Houdini400-600$900.00
64Photograph showing a manacled Houdini jumping400-600$750.00
65Small photographic portrait of Houdini hoding a camera400-600$450.00
66Photographic portrait of Houdini about to dive350-500$600.00
67Typed, Signed and Notarized Document10000-15000$7,000.00
68Playing card inscribed and signed2000-3000$7,500.00
69Autograph Quotation Signed on an album page1500-2500$2,000.00
70Manuscript page of notes in Houdini’s hand1500-2500$800.00
71Signed Program for St. Paul’s Orpheum1500-2500$1,900.00
72Signed Invitation card for the famous Hotel Shelton1200-1800$1,400.00
73Signed Invitation card for the famous Hotel Shelton1200-1800$1,000.00
74Membership card for The Society of American Magicians1200-1800$1,700.00
75Houdini Coast to Coast Tour1000-1500$750.00
76Printed Menu Inscribed and Signed by Houdini1000-1500$700.00
77Playing card inscribed and signed1000-1500$1,600.00
78Admission Ticket to a performance by Houdini400-600$800.00
79Shipping Label bearing Houdini’s name350-500$400.00
80Celluloid photographic negative of Houdini300-400$150.00
81Christmas Sentiment Card250-350$1,600.00
82Printed Guest Pass for a Houdini performance250-350$275.00
83Inscribed and Signed hand-tinted Real Photo Postcard2500-3500$3,800.00
84Signed Real Photo Postcard of Houdini in chains2500-3500$3,400.00
85Fine hand-tinted postcard portrait2000-3000$1,600.00
86Signed hand-tinted Real Photo postcard2000-3000$2,800.00
87Signed Real Photo postcard of Houdini1500-2500$1,900.00
88Color postcard Signed by Houdini1000-1500$900.00
89Hand-tinted postcard picturing actress Lila Lee800-1200PASS
90The Unmasking of Robert-Houdini2500-3500$3,200.00
91A Review of the Margery case1200-1800$1,800.00
92Curiosities of Natural History1000-1500$850.00
93Wilson’s Wonderful Characters1000-1500$800.00
94Houdini’s Paper Magic1000-1500$1,100.00
95Canvas Bag and small piece of rope2000-3000$1,100.00
96Molded lead plate in the shape of a part of Houdini’s leg2000-3000$3,000.00
98Hand-fashioned handcuff pick of metal and wood1500-2500$2,800.00
99Adjustable metal lock pick1000-1500$2,400.00
100Harry Houdini Official Magic Puzzle1000-1500$1,700.00
101Early metal Printing Plate2000-3000$1,800.00
102Small wooden Divination Clock800-1200PASS
103Flat steel shaped lock800-1200$650.00
104Hand-fashioned wire lock pick500-750$325.00
105Hand-fashioned wire lock pick500-750$325.00
106Hand-fashioned metal lock pick500-750$350.00
107Autograph Note Signed by Beatrice Houdini400-600$275.00
108Autograph Note Signed by Beatrice Houdini250-350PASS
Lots 109-122
14 lots of small magic props and gimmicks$1,040.00
Lots 123-145
23 lots of magic and circus posters$16,025.00
Lots 146-202
164Theater Program Signed by Theo Hardeen100-200$250.00
167Miracle Mongers and Their Methods20000-30000$15,000.00
168Houdini’s Paper Magic100-150$150.00
169The Right Way to Do Wrong300-400PASS
170Inscribed and Signed photographic bust portrait1200-1800PASS
171New Orleans Item Challenges Houdini3000-4000$3,600.00
172Houdini Picture Corporation5000-7500$3,800.00
173The Unmasking of Robert-Houdini2000-3000$1,700.00
174Hand-tinted Glass Projection Slide2000-3000$3,200.00
175Der Zauberspiegel1000-1500$700.00
176Houdini Souvenir Program100-150$600.00
193Red Magic80-120$100.00
The 45 other lots in this group not relating to Houdini$15,080.00
Lots 203-231
29 lots of ventriloquism broadsides and posters$9,889.00

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—Meir Yedid

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