MT: October 4-10, 1999

VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 644 / Monday – October 4, 1999
The Rudy Coby Show runs for three weeks at the Magicopolis Theater (1418 4th Street) in Santa Monica, CA. The run is being used as a showcase and will be taped for use in an upcoming television special. This is your chance to see the Labman pound spikes in his face, grow two extra legs, stretch his body, and battle homicidal clowns. The show opens on Wednesday Oct. 6 and will run through the end of the month with a special Halloween show on the 31st. Tickets are $15-20 and are available at the box office or by phoning: 310-451-2241.(10/4)

Jody Baran & Kathleen, Mark Matsumoto, Andrew Goldenhersh, Mark Hendrickson, Brandon Scott, Mark Haslam, and Jim Kopperman appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Oct. 4-10. Jody Baran lectures on Sunday Oct. 10.(10/4)

Monday, Oct. 4
Rough Magic (1995)- See 10/1.(10/3)
The Sucker’s Game episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Monday Oct. 4 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/3)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 645 / Tuesday – October 5, 1999
Larry Hass’ academic conference about magic at the Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA is featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer. According to Hass the purpose of “The Theory and Art of Magic” lecture series which is open to students and the public is about, “…educating audiences to care just a little less how it’s done, …The secrets are really mundane and that’s not the art of it.” Magicians mentioned in the article are Margaret Steele, Darwin Ortiz, Hiawatha, and Eugene Burger. To read the Sep. 14 Gwen Florio article click: HERE.(10/5)

DC: Darwin Ortiz is lecturing for IBM Ring #50 in Washington, DC on Wednesday Oct. 6. The lecture is free to members and $10 for non-members. For more info e-mail:

Tuesday, Oct. 5
The Amazing Jonathan on a rerun of Lounge Lizards (episode #007) on Tuesday Oct. 5 at 10:30pm ET on COM-TV (US-cable).(10/4)
Rough Magic (1995)- See 10/1.(10/4)
Lassie looks for a magician’s dove on Timmy and Lassie: Fine Feathered Friend on Tuesday Oct. 5 at 3:30am ET on AP-TV (US-cable).(10/4)
Women Conjurors episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Tuesday Oct. 5 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/4)
Magic For Sale episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Tuesday Oct. 5 at 9:30pm, and on Oct. 6 at 1:30am and 5:30am ET on Discovery Canada.(10/4)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 646 / Wednesday – October 6, 1999
Classical Magic: A Symphony of Sorcery & Sound is a new show by Jarrett Parker and Raja Rahman. The show is a mix of music and magic classics from the 18th and 19th centuries. Directed by Orlagh Cassidy, with Charles Reynolds as the magic consultant, and Ralph Farris as music consultant. It opens Off-Broadway on Thursday Oct. 7 and will run every Thursday at 7:30 and 9:30 for six weeks at Rose’s Turn Cabaret (55 Grove Street, West Village, NYC). Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for children, there is also a two drink minimum. For reservations and information phone: 212-366-5438. For more information click: HERE.(10/6)

OHIO: Ryan Swigert and Jason Wethington present their Briefly Above Ground lecture on Oct. 8 at 8pm at Haines’ House of Cards (2514 Leslie Ave. in Cincinnati). For more information email:

Wednesday, Oct. 6
The Maskelyne Dynasty episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Wednesday Oct. 6 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/5)
Magic For Sale episode- See 10/5.(10/5)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 647 / Thursday – October 7, 1999
Magical Homes is a one-hour special that showcases the homes of some of the world’s best known magicians. You will tour the homes of Marc Salem, Lance Burton, Kirby VanBurch, Mac King, Steve Wyrick, Joel Bauer and others. The show will air on Sunday Oct. 31 at 9pm ET on HGTV (US-cable). For more information read the Home & Garden Television Oct. 5 press release by clicking: HERE.(10/7)

David Copperfield opens at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV on Oct. 8. The show will run through Oct. 19. He will then come back for Halloween and perform on Oct. 29-31.(10/7)

JAPAN: Ton Onosaka’s Magic Millennium Convention on Oct. 8-10 in Akasaka, Tokyo features Max Maven, Bob Read, Tom Stone and many others. For more information phone: 03-3666-4749.(10/7)

Thursday, Oct. 7
Lance Burton’s third TV special, “Lance Burton, Master Magician: Top Secret” reruns on Thursday Oct. 7 at 10pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(10/6)
Busting The Fakes episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Thursday Oct. 7 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/6)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 648 / Friday – October 8, 1999
Lance Burton performs at Whitney Hall at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in Louisville, KY on Nov. 5-7. He will perform five shows at the 2,300-seat theater as well as taping a segment for his next TV special to be titled, “Lance Burton: Master Magician: On the Road.” Tickets cost $30-$45 and are available now by phoning: 800-775-7777 or 502-584-7777. For more information about Burton click: HERE. (10/8)

Friday, Oct. 8
World’s Greatest Magic I, featuring Lance Burton, Alain Choquette, Brett Daniels, Greg Frewin, Franz Harary, Max Maven, Melinda, The Pendragons, Princess Tenko, and Topas reruns on Friday Oct. 8 at 8pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(10/7)
A Day In The Life episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Friday Oct. 8 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(10/7)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 649 / Saturday – October 9, 1999
The legendary John Calvert does a two-hour lecture and headlines the evening show at Bob Little’s Super Sunday on Sunday Nov. 21 at The Warrington (Rt. 611, Warrington, PA). In addition to the auction, free Champagne, cake, and homemade chocolate you will also see Hank Moorehouse, and an array of magical talent. Admission is a very low $20 per person for this 12-hour, one-day convention. For more information phone: 215-672-3344.(10/9)

DENMARK: David Roth lectures for the Magic Circle of Denmark in Copenhagen on Monday Oct. 11. For more information e-mail:

Saturday, Oct. 9
Eternally Yours (1939) stars David Niven as a debonair magician on Saturday Oct. 9 at 1:20am ET on WLIW-TV (PBS). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings. (10/8)
The Jack in the Box episode of Jonathan Creek has him using his magic to solve a murder on Saturday Oct. 9 on at 10pm ET on WLIW-TV (PBS). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(10/8)
Ricky Jay as a gambler in David Mamet’s House of Games (1987) on Saturday Oct. 9 at 1:30pm and 11:30pm, Oct. 25 at 8pm and 11pm, and Oct. 26 at 4pm ET on BRAVO-TV (US-cable).(10/8,23)
VOLUME: 22 / ISSUE: 650 / Sunday – October 10, 1999
Rudy Coby who is performing at the Magicopolis this month is featured in the Los Angeles Times. The story is a brief biography of Coby’s career and how he got into magic it also describes his views on magic. The show is described as, “…pyrotechnic, cyberpunk, techno, action, and theater of the absurd, all wrapped in one.” Coby explains his show, “I thought if I combined magic with a comic book sensibility, my character would be as interesting as Batman. …I used magic as a special effect the way Spielberg creates images in ‘Jurassic Park.’ Magic in my show is a means rather than an end. We’re using magic to bring a cartoon life onstage.” To read the Oct. 7 article by Nedra Lindsey titled “Magic on the run” click: HERE.(10/10)

Fred Anderson, Michael Chaut, Rocco, and Todd Robbins appear at Monday Night Magic on Oct. 11 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(10/10)

US/EAST: Gaston Quieto lectures throughout the East Coast this month check with the local magic clubs for time and place. He will be in Baltimore, MD (Oct. 11- Phone: 410-686-3914), Philadelphia, PA (12- Phone: 610-941-4132), Lindan, NJ (13- Phone: 732-257-3456), New York, NY (15- Phone: 212-533-7184), and Connecticut (19).(10/10)

Sunday, Oct. 10
Siegfried & Roy profiled on Entertainers on Sunday Oct. 10 at 2am ET on FOX-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(10/9)
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