MT: January 22-28, 2001

VOLUME: 37 / ISSUE: 1,120 / Monday – January 22, 2001
You would be hard pressed to find a better lineup of talent than what the Magic Castle is presenting this week (Jan. 22-28). Many of the acts came to the U.S. for last week’s Vegas convention and stayed to perform at the Castle. You will get to see Chuck Fayne (Australia), Carl Andrews, Jr. (Hawaii), Pat-Trick (Australia), Guy Bavli (Israel), The Pendragons (California), and Bill Perron (California). For more information click: HERE.(1/22)

Houdini’s Magic in Las Vegas has recently purchased the entire line of Bro. John Hamman’s card magic which was previously released through Dennis Schoen. Geno Munari, president of Houdini’s Magic, told MagicTimes that “I look forward in continuing Bro. Hamman’s legacy.”(1/22)

Paul Gertner describes his experience performing at the Bush pre-inaugural parties in a Post-Gazette story. Gertner mentioned that several magicians created magic with ballots but, “They asked us not to do it, just in the event someone would take it the wrong way.” To read the Jan. 22 article by Adrian McCoy titled “Local magician performs in D.C.” click: HERE.(1/22)

Lyn Dillies who said that she was inspired to get into magic when watching Bill Bixby star in the TV series “The Magician” is featured in the Allentown Morning Call. To read the Jan. 19 article by Pat Bosha titled “Magic The Catalyst That Transformed Lyn Dillies Into A Premier Illusionist” click: HERE.(1/22)

Raghu who performed a fire escape at the Gymkhana Grounds in India on Saturday is reviewed in The Hindu. To read the Jan. 21 article by R. Ravikanth Reddy titled “All fire no smoke” click: HERE.(1/22)
VOLUME: 37 / ISSUE: 1,121 / Tuesday – January 23, 2001
J.B. Benn who appeared on the “Champions Of Magic III” TV special in 1999 is featured in the February, 2001 issue of Interview. The story by Patrick Giles is titled ” This Magician Travels The World To Take You On A Journey Of Belief” and says that Benn’s New York apartment makes you “…feel you’ve inadvertently uttered ‘Open Sesame’ and time and space are as fluid as they are in your imagination.”  Explaining what he does Benn said, “I basically do miracles in front of people… I’m going to bring you through magic to a higher state of awareness.” Due to the fashion nature of the magazine we find that the modeled photo of Benn has him wearing a $168 Kenneth Cole shirt, a $79 pair of pants, and his grooming was by Tracey Grantham.(1/23)

Penn & Teller open at the Merriam Theatre (250 S. Broad St.) in Philadelphia on Jan. 23 and will run through the 28th. Tickets range from $21.50-31.50 and are available by phoning: 215-336-2000.(1/23)

P. M. Mithra and his “Mayajal” troupe are featured in The Hindu where they describe his specialty, “His speciality is the woman who goes up in levitation and the bamboo suspension where three women simply stand in mid air and even attempt a dance.” To read the Jan. 22 story by Akila Dinakar titled “Tricks and treats galore” click: HERE.(1/23)

Due to Siegfried’s flu the Siegfried & Roy show has been dark for more than a week now. An interesting take in the Las Vegas Review-Journal stated that, “…a total of 16 shows have been called off this year because of Siegfried’s battle with the flu. Do the math: At $100 a seat in the 1,500-seat theatre, that’s almost $2.5 million in lost revenue.” To read the Jan. 21 article by Norm titled “Sinatra did it his way at Kennedy inaugural” click: HERE.(1/23)

Patrick Martin’s appearance at George W. Bush pre-inaugural parties is covered in The Sacramento Bee. To read the Jan. 16 article titled “North Coast news briefs” click: HERE.(1/23)

NEW YORK: George Schindler will be lecturing for I.B.M. Ring #26 in New York City on Friday Jan. 26. The lecture titled, “Entertainment First,” takes place at the Soldier, Sailors and Airman’s Club (283 Lexington Avenue). Admission is free to members and $10 for non-members.(1/23)

VOLUME: 37 / ISSUE: 1,122 / Wednesday – January 24, 2001
Gary Ouellet’s new ventures include producing “Lumiere” at the Aladdin in Las Vegas which will star Carmen Electra. According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal article he and his partners are also in final negotiations to take over the showroom, tentatively called “The Vortex” with a 30-year lease. Lumiere will have an Alice In Wonderland type of story where Electra’s guide will be the magician. Hans Klok is mentioned as the possible illusionist in the show. To read the Jan. 23 story by Mike Weatherford titled “Carmen Electra closer to deal for new show at Aladdin” click: HERE.(1/24)

Donald Bevan who has been the editor of Abracadabra, magic’s only weekly, for more than 20 years is featured in an Evening Mail story. The weekly magazine started in 1946 and has not missed a single issue in all that time. Bevan is quoted, “We were always determined to deliver the magazine to our readers and Abracadabra reflects the close fraternity that exists between magicians.” To read the Jan. 22 article titled “Spellbinding Donald’s 21 years of magic” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/24)

P.C. Sorcar Jr., and his daughter Maneka appeared on the last day of Maaya-2001 to watch India’s the up and coming magicians perform and compete. Maneka Sorcar is quoted in The Hindu, “This is an experience of a lifetime because I had never attended such a festival before… I wasn’t prepared to perform as my father insists I complete my education first. And, that’s right because we don’t need uneducated magicians…” The winners were: Shah, Dayanidhi, Shelly and Ali (senior division) and T. Krishna, Teja and Apranji (junior division). To read the Jan. 23 article by V. Geetanath titled “All in the family” click: HERE.(1/24)

Nate Staniforth, a High School senior, will present his magic show this week a benefit for the school’s drama department. A Des Moines Register article quoted him, “I think magic as an art doesn’t receive the attention other arts do… I think it often gets dismissed as something for the kids. It can be powerful if done well.” To read the Jan. 23 story by Joanne Boeckman titled “Teen magician knows tricks of the trade” click: HERE.(1/24)

Mareema, a 72-year-old magician in Colorado Springs is featured in The Gazette. Mareema explained that to set herself apart from her male counterparts, “I go for a more feminine look. It isn’t just the trick, but total ambience I’m after.” To read the Jan. 22 article by Tanya Bell titled “Springs magician takes feminine approach” click: HERE.(1/24)

Uri Geller will be getting married to his wife in March and according to the New York Post’s Page Six Michael Jackson will be supporting the chupah during the traditional Jewish ceremony. To read the Jan. 22 article by Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson titled “Kosher Jacko” click: HERE.(1/24)

Penn & Teller’s show in Philadelphia gets a mention in the Philadelphia Daily News. To read the Jan. 23 article by  Damon C. Williams titled “How’s tricks?” click: HERE.(1/24)
VOLUME: 37 / ISSUE: 1,123 / Thursday – January 25, 2001
Fred Moore is a finalist in this week’s Comedy division of “Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star” a Star Search type of show which is a web based competition that also appears on the road and with the winners making it on videos and eventual television specials. Moore, an Orlando based magician, whose character is of a nerd who reacts to magical situations performs a fire eating routine, a sponge ball sequence, a levitating broom, and finishes with a transformation. To view Fred Moore’s act and vote for him click: HERE.(1/25)

P.C. Sorcar Jr. is described in The Hindu as “The great magician showed that not only was he a fantastic conjurer but was also a man with a large heart.” To read the Jan. 24 story by J.S. Ifthekhar, V. Geetanath and K. Srinivas Reddy titled “A penny for your thoughts” click: HERE/(1/25)

Paul Gertner’s appearance at the Bush pre-inaugural party is reported on WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh on Wednesday Jan. 24. The segment was called “Watch Me Pull A Dangling Chad Out Of My Hat!” To read a transcript of the report click: HERE.(1/25)

OHIO: Rick Fisher lectures and performs on Sunday Jan. 28 at 3pm for I.B.M. Ring #205 in Findlay. For more information phone: 419-424-1986.(1/25)

MARYLAND: Bob Sheets and  Jon Jenson present a special workshop on Saturday and Sunday Jan. 27-28 at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. For more information phone: 410-686-3914.(1/25)
VOLUME: 37 / ISSUE: 1,124 / Friday – January 26, 2001
TEXAS: David Ben, who stared in his one-man shows The Conjuror and The Conjuror’s Suite, will be giving one of his very rare workshops on Monday Jan. 29 at 7pm for H& R Magic Books (518 First Street East) in Humble. He was a protégé of Ross Bertram and a confidant of Stewart James and he will speak about sleight-of-hand, history, performance theory, magic as an art and much more. Admission is $50 per person and reservations must be made by phoning: 281-540-7229.(1/26)

“Lorenzo and Lorraine: Comedy Magic with a Criminal Past” closes it’s sold-out run at  Stage West in Omaha, NB on Saturday Jan. 27. The show which is a spoof of organized crime syndicates and stage magicians has been running since November 2000.(1/26)

Le Grand David’s Anthology of Stage Magic will appear on Saturday Jan. 27 at 2pm at the Larcom Theatre (13 Wallis Street) in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more information and tickets phone: 978-927-3677.(1/26)
VOLUME: 37 / ISSUE: 1,125 / Saturday – January 27, 2001
Siegfried is still out with the flu causing the Siefgried & Roy show to remain closed through the weekend — making it a total of 24 cancelled shows in a row. The Las Vegas Sun also reported that Siegfried & Roy’s previously scheduled press conference on Monday the 29th, where they were supposed to announce their future plans in Las Vegas, has also been postponed. To read the Jan. 26 story by Kate Maddox titled “Still no new home for ‘Plaid'” click: HERE.(1/27)

David Copperfield who made a Super Bowl prediction Thursday with Tampa’s mayor is reported in an Associated Press story. To read the Jan. 26 story by Mike Branom titled “Tampa Consumed With Super Bowl Game” click: HERE.(1/27)
VOLUME: 37 / ISSUE: 1,126 / Sunday – January 28, 2001
Lance Burton is interviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where talks about his upcoming TV specials in March, his newly found son, how he got into magic, his support of children’s charities, and much more. Speaking about experiencing wonder he said, “I don’t get to experience that feeling very much myself  — being amazed. Although it still happens sometimes when I see somebody like Penn & Teller. They really amaze me.” To read the Jan. 27 interview by Kimberley Mcgee titled “Illusion Allusion” click: HERE.(1/28)

David Copperfield appeared on CBS’s The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson on Friday Jan. 26 to show a pre-taped video of him sealing a prediction and an audio tape which contain the Super Bowl results. On Thursday Jan. 25 the audio cassette and prediction were signed by Tampa, Florida’s Mayor Dick Greco, they were dropped inside a wooden box which was locked, sealed with wax and encased in Plexiglas. The prediction box is now in the custody of the local police station and is scheduled to be opened live on Monday Jan. 29 on The Early Show on CBS-TV at 7-9am ET. The segment was also reported on Access Hollywood. You can see the Early Show spot by clicking: HERE.(1/27)

Torkova, Peter Kougasian, Peter Samelson, Jamy Ian Swiss, Dennis Kyriakos and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Jan. 29 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(1/28)

More information about Siegfried’s flu relapse is reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where they quote a source close to Siegfried & Roy saying “He’s still got it and he’s not doing well.” The show has now been dark for more than three weeks. To read the Jan. 26 article by Norm titled “Stern won’t need a place that accepts a $1 million bet after all” click: HERE.(1/28)
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