MT: August 23-29, 1999

VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 602 / Monday – August 23, 1999
Classical Magic is a new show by Jarrett Parker and concert pianist Raja Rahman. The show is a mix of music and magic classics from the 18th and 19th centuries. Directed by Orlagh Cassidy, with Charles Reynolds as the magic consultant, and Ralph Farris as music consultant. It is scheduled to open Off-Broadway on Oct. 7 and run for six weeks at Rose’s Turn Cabaret (55 Grove Street, West Village, NYC). For reservations and information phone: 212-366-5438. For more information click: HERE.(8/23)

Martin Lewis, Alistair Cook, David Penn, Chris DePalma, Jeff Martin, Brad Cummings, John Shryock, and Dan Jordan appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 23-29. Alistair Cook lectures on Sunday Aug. 29.(8/23)

America’s Funniest Home Videos features “not-quite-professional magicians” on Tuesday Aug. 24 at 8am ET on USA-TV (US-cable).(8/23)

A magic themed Fraggle Rock titiled The Wizard of Fraggle Rock on Tuesday Aug. 24 at 7am ET on ODSY-TV (US-cable).(8/23)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 603 / Tuesday – August 24, 1999
Siegfried & Roy taped the Larry King Show on Aug. 19 in Los Angeles. They will be promoting their new movie, “Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box” which will open next month in New York City. The Larry King show is scheduled to air on Monday Sep. 6.(8/24)

Eli Kerr IV and Curtis Adams who perform at the Carson Nugget are featured in an article by Christina Harvey in the Aug. 14 Lake Tahoe News Network. To read the article click: HERE.(8/24)

Scott Bray discusses his recovery from a stunt gone wrong on Inside Edition on Thursday Aug. 26 at 1:37am ET on CBS-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(8/24)

My Favorite Magician episode of the Incredible Hulk starring Bill Bixby on Wednesday Aug. 25 at 8am ET on SCIFI-TV (US-cable).(8/24)

Ricky Jay in the 1997 movie Sink or Swim on Wednesday Aug. 25 at 12:05am on STARZ-TV (US-cable).(8/24)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 604 / Wednesday – August 25, 1999
Walter Glod commented about Silvania Machado, a Brazilian woman who claims that gold dust pours out of her skin when she prays and it is a sign from God. Glod says, “…could I duplicate this particular miracle as an illusion? Yes. By duplicating it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be true. But I think we’re all looking for the miracle that can’t be reproduced. …And that miracle would not be a difficult illusion to do…In fact, it would be easy.” To read the Aug. 22 article by Sibella C. Giorello titled, “Raining Gold / Worshippers moved by the ‘miracle’ that believers say shone brightly in Ashland,” which appeared in the Times-Dispatch click: HERE.(8/25)

Harry Anderson appears on a rerun of Night Stand on Friday Aug. 27 at 1:30am ET on E!-TV (US-cable).(8/25)

Magic episode of Mad About You revolves around Paul Reiser accidentally getting stuck in David Copperfield’s pants on Thursday Aug. 26 at 5:30pm ET on FOX-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(8/25)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 605 / Thursday – August 26, 1999
The rerun of David Blaine: Magic Man finished 29th in the Nielsen ratings for the week of Aug. 16-22 with a rating of 6.8 which means that it was watched in 6-7 million homes.(8/26)

The award winners at the recent Abbott’s convention were: George Schindler (Comedy Award), Mahka Tendo (Manipulation Award), and Jerry Conklin (All Around Magic Award).(8/26)

ENGLAND: Steve Beam will begin his 20-lecture tour through the British Isles on Monday Aug. 31 at the Magic Circle in London and then continue to: Reading, Glouceser, Weston-super-Mare, Exeter, Cardiff, Birmingham, Stoke-On-Trent, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Middlesbrough, Hull, Derby, Ipswich, Upminster and Leatherhead. For more information you can contact Tony Griffith, the tour organizer, by phone: 01275 837017 or by e-mail:

Lance Burton and his animals are featured on a rerun of Amazing Tails on Friday Aug. 27 at 10:30am and 1:30pm ET on ANPLAN-TV (US-cable).(8/26)

Johnny Mysto Boy Wizard (1996) has Los Angeles magician being whisked away to King Arthur’s court on Friday Aug. 27 at 10am, ET on MAX2-TV (US-cable).(8/26)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 606 / Friday – August 27, 1999
Meir Yedid Muses comes back with its 59th installment in Richard Robinson’s Magic Show. This edition titled Tipping Muses discusses several strategies on how to increase the chances of getting a tip while table hopping. You will also find out all of the latest about the upcoming Siegfried & Roy movie, a quote by John Booth and more about David Regal’s Special Delivery. To go to Magic Show and read the free column click: HERE.(8/27)

Ricky Jay in The Spanish Prisoner (1998) on Saturday Aug.28 at 8pm on SHOW-TV (US-cable).(8/27)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 607 / Saturday – August 28, 1999
Lennart Green and Fantasio have just been added to the lineup of IBM Ring #45’s Fifth Annual Magic on the Beach Convention on Oct. 15-17 at the Ramada Plaza Marco Polo Beach Resort on Miami Beach, FL. Already on the bill are: Juliana Chen, Dan Garrett, Loren C. Michaels, Kenrick “Ice” McDonald, Armando Vera, Alfonso Guerra, and Raley. Fore more information e-mail:

James Randi appears on Oracles and Revelations to discuss and examine prophecies on Sunday Aug. 29 at 10pm and 1am ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(8/28)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 608 / Sunday – August 29, 1999
Tony Clark’s, full-evening show, Phantasy which has been running at the Horizon Hotel and Casino at Lake Tahoe, NV for the past four years is scheduled to end its run on Oct. 10. Hotel statistics show that Phantasy which runs six nights a week has been one of the most successful magic attractions ever to appear at the Horizon. Clark’s plans include a vacation prior to accepting other engagements.(8/29)
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