MT: August 13-19, 2001

VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,323 / Monday – August 13, 2001
Houdini is featured in the New York Times book section with a review by Kenneth Silverman of the recent publications “Houdini’s Box: The Art of Escape” by Adam Phillips and “Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man” by John F. Kasson. Silverman commented, “Houdini wanted to be taken seriously. He protested his identification in Who’s Who as ‘magician,’ asking to be listed instead as ‘actor, inventor and author.’ Starting out in grubby sideshows and 10-cent circuses — as the self he ruefully called ”Dime Museum Houdini” — he wanted to be known for what he became: pioneer aviator and film producer; university lecturer and historian of magic; man of the theater, starring on Broadway beside Lunt and Fontanne.” To read the Aug. 12 article by Kenneth Silverman titled “Houdini, the ‘Magus of Manliness'” click: HERE.(8/13)

Also in the New York times are complete chapters from both of the above reviewed books.
–To read an excerpt from “Houdini’s Box: The Art of Escape” click: HERE.
–To read an excerpt from “Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man” click: HERE.(8/13)

Goldfinger & Dove, Bruce Cervon, Bob Jardine, Ice McDonald, Maverick, Fenik, Jason Tong, and Ron Saylor appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 13-19. Ice McDonald lectures on Sunday Aug. 19.(8/13)

CALIFORNIA: Max Maven lectures on Aug. 16 at 7:30pm at the Pruneyard Inn (1995 S. Bascom Ave.) in Campbell. Admission is $30 per person. For reservations and information phone: 408-256-3684 or e-mail:
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,324 / Tuesday – August 14, 2001
Lyn Dillies and her career in magic is featured in a Cape Cod Online story which promotes her upcoming shows at Marstons Mills East Elementary School. Dillies describes her show, “It has a lot of comedy, some intense drama and a lot of audience participation… But there’s nothing really far out; we certainly don’t want children to think that they can go around at home trying to slice somebody’s head off.” The story also pointed out that the show is “‘Broadway quality,’ and includes choreography, music and theatrical elements suitable for the whole family.” To read the Aug. 13 story by Erica Walsh titled “Lyn Dillies finds success with magic” click: HERE.(8/14)

Paul Daniels who will be bringing his show to the Zabeel Ballroom, Hotel Inter-Continental in Dubai on Sep. 25 is featured in a Khaleej Times article. He is also scheduled to appear in Bahrain on Sep. 26 and in Abu Dhabi on Sep. 27. To read the Aug. 13 story titled “British magician set to stage show in Dubai” click: HERE.(8/14)

Ted Outerbridge will be touring his “Magician Extraordinaire” show through August in Canada. You can catch him at the Charlottetown Civic Centre in Charlottetown, PEI (Aug. 16-18), Gothic Arches in Saint John, NB on (22), deCoste Centre in Pictou, NS (24-25), King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal, NS (26) and the Brome Fair in Brome, Quebec (Aug. 31-Sep. 3).(8/14)

Golfer/Magician Paul Devenport from New Zealand has just won a Golf tournament that The Montreal Gazette described as, “…a practicing magician, pulled off two sleight-of-hand tricks in a dramatic come-from-behind playoff win in the $207,200 TELUS Open yesterday. To read the Aug. 13 story by Randy Phillips titled “Devenport saves his best trick for playoff” click: HERE.(8/14)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,325 / Wednesday – August 15, 2001
Darren Romeo who is being called Siegfried’s protégé is getting closer to headlining his own show in Las Vegas. The show which is tentatively called “Siegfried & Roy Presents the Voice of Magic” is being pitched by Siegfried & Roy’s management. According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, “Meetings with Mandalay Bay and Paris Las Vegas have gone beyond the opening discussions, sources say. [Bernie] Yuman confirmed there have been negotiations, but declined to say how many properties have been approached.” Yuman is also quoted, “We think he’s a very talented entertainer who has the talent to captivate an audience.” To read the Aug. 12 article by Norm titled “Singing illusionist could be Strip’s next headliner” click: HERE.(8/15)

Penn Jillette is featured in a Las Vegas Sun article where he is described as, “He’s not simple, he’s definitely eccentric and he’s always looking for a challenge.” Most of the article is an interview with Jillette where he gives valuable advice, “Learn a language, an instrument. It’s just so good for the heart, so much better than watching TV. Always be learning something.” To read the Aug. 3 article by Kimberley McGee titled “Penn’s State” click: HERE.(8/15)

Eric Brouman performs at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on Thursday Aug. 16 and noon. The show, on the main stage, is free and will be taped by some local media.(8/15)

NEW JERSEY: Dave Corsaro lectures on Friday Aug. 17 at 8pm for S.A.M. #25 at the VFW Hall (Veterans Place) in Elmwood Park. For more information e-mail:
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,326 / Thursday – August 16, 2001
Robert Blau (Oct. 3, 1902 – Aug. 11, 2001) died on Saturday at the age of 98. Blau was a long time supporter of magic in Texas and was lovingly called the “Dean of Texas Magicians.” Houston’s IBM Ring #39 named after him, “The Bob Blau Ring,” and he was instrumental in forming the TAOM, SAM, and the Houston Association of Magicians. The Houston Chronicle quotes Steve Burton, “He was the last remaining founder of all the early magic organizations.”  Blau also authored two books on magic, “Spirits on the Stage” and “Bob Blau’s World of Magic.” To read the Aug. 14 obituary by Rosanna Ruiz titled “Robert Blau, magic club founder” click: HERE.(8/16)

More Darren Romeo rumors in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “If singing magician Darren Romeo ends up on the Strip, it won’t be at Mandalay Bay. I’m told magician Lance Burton, headliner at Mandalay Bay’s sister property, has an exclusivity clause that prohibits another magic act at either property.” To read the Aug. 15 article by Norm titled “Troubles continue to plague Brunei’s disgraced prince” click: HERE.(8/16)

Last week’s New York Times book review of John F. Kasson’s “Houdini, Tarzan and the Perfect Man” is reprinted in the International Herald Tribune. To read the Aug. 15 review by Michiko Kakutani of “Houdini, Tarzan and the Perfect Man” click: HERE.(8/16)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,327 / Friday – August 17, 2001
NEVADA: MAGIC…Live! has shaped up to be the event of the year — with the list of attendees being just as impressive as the scheduled performers. More than 800 magicians from around the world will be attending the event at The Orleans in Las Vegas on Aug. 19-22. The organizers have been very secretive about the many surprises they have planned, but MagicTimes found out that one of the special events is Lance Burton interviewing his idol Channing Pollock. Some of the announced performers and presenters are: Michael Ammar, Mike Caveney, Jim Cellini, Michael Close, Dana Daniels, Joseph Gabriel, Paul Gertner, Charles Greene III, Jeff Hobson, Mac King, Mark Kornhauser, Bill Malone, Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Billy McComb, Nicholas Night, The Pendragons, Channing Pollock, Gaston Quieto, Bob Sheets, Jim Steinmeyer, Marc Summers, Topas, Greg Wilson. There are very few openings available before this officially sells-out. This is your last chance to attend this once in a lifetime event. For more information phone: 702-798-0099, ext. 101 or click: HERE.(8/17)
–To read a MagicTimes feature on the event click: HERE.

The Majestix, Norm Nielsen, Eric Buss, and Chris Mitchell star in the annual Abracadabra show at the Cincinnati Playhouse this weekend. The Cincinnati Post ran a story with all the dates, prices and special events scheduled. To read the Aug. 16 story by Connie Yeager titled “Playhouse prepares magical weekend” click: HERE.(8/17)

CALIFORNIA: Aldo Colombini lectures on Monday Aug. 20  at 7pm at Mind Over Magic (2214 Burbank Blvd) in Burbank. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(8/17)
A very young Dai Vernon, David Copperfield and Shimada posing for Meir Yedid in the early 1980’s. (Photo: MagicTimes).(8/17)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,328 / Saturday – August 18, 2001
Le Cabaret which stars Jenny Alexander is reviewed in the I Go Shows where they describe her as, “Jenny Alexander is a wonderful magician. She has style, class, charm and panache. She was recently voted, “The Sexiest Woman in Las Vegas,” by City Life magazine–but don’t necessarily go to see her because of that. Go to see her because of what a talented performer she is. All of her illusions are very well executed. She is a joy to watch. I will certainly not be surprised if she is recognized by someone higher up on the ladder and given an entire show built around her and her magic. She is easily as good as most of the magicians on the Strip.” The show runs daily except Monday at the Union Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. To read the Aug. 2 review by Chuck Rounds click: HERE.(8/18)

David Copperfield discusses his hobby of collecting and restoring arcade machines in the Honolulu Advertiser where he explained, “I buy those old machines, like the fortune teller thing in the movie ‘Big,’ and I restore them… I find the real stuff, which tells your fortune and tests your strength, and even gives you an electric shock. I have about 100 of these machines now … and I love them. They’re like big toys for me.” To read the Aug. 17 article by Wayne Harada titled “Master of illusion” click: HERE.(8/18)

Jeff Evans who presents his Simply Magic show at the Southwest Washington Fair is featured in The Chronicle where they pointed out that, “There was plenty of laughter and fun from the large audience during the show.” To read the Aug. 18 article by Joelyn Hansen titled “Do you believe in magic? Many of us still wonder” click: HERE.(8/18)

David Copperfield is featured in the Honolulu Star Bulletin as part of his appearance at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Hawaii through Aug. 26. In the article Copperfield talks about his walking through a steel wall, “I actually melt through a little at a time — almost morphing — and you see it happening.” To read the Aug. 17 story by John Berger titled “David Copperfield’s return to Honolulu brings fresh magic” click: HERE.(8/18)

Torkova, RJ Lewis, Master Lee, Simon Lovell, Rich Cohn, Jamy Ian Swiss, and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 20 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(8/18)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,329 / Sunday – August 19, 2001
Joe Cole who won the Society of American Magicians’ close-up competition is featured in an Omaha World-Herald story which described his act “He began his act as the stereotypical magician, nerdy glasses, playing-card tie and squeaky voice. His character is used to working at T.G.I. Fridays and realizes he can’t do his magic trick outside of the restaurant. So Joe waves his jacket in front of himself, and reappears dressed in a Fridays uniform, complete with suspenders, apron and ’22 pieces of flair.'” Cole also received the coveted Originality Award for his performance. To read the Aug. 17 story by Rainbow Rowell titled “Magic Man Serves Winner” click: HERE.(8/19)

David Darkstone and Roya’s Vegas show “Illusions and Beyond” is featured in the Las Vegas Sun where they explained how they were able to get their own show at the young ages of 23 and 24. To read the Aug. 17 story by Jerry Fink titled “Young at Art: Magician, juggler among youngest players on the Strip” click: HERE.(8/19)

Erik Anderson who is appearing at the Iowa State Fair is featured in a Des Moines Register article which reported “Anderson, 39, of Des Moines has been doing magic since he was 10 and has been entertaining State Fair visitors with his tricks for 19 years. He also performs every Friday night at Mondo’s, a West Des Moines restaurant.” To read the Aug. 18 story titled “Magician amazes, teaches” click: HERE.(8/19)

Amos Levkovitch, Joe Monti, Tom Ogden, Mike Barger, Terry Lunceford, George Tovar, Losander, and Howard Jay appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 20-26. Losander lectures on Sunday Aug. 26.(8/19)

Tim Wright who performs under the name Skilldini will be opening for the Amazing Johnathan on Aug. 21-26 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. For more information click: HERE.(8/19)
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