MT: April 20 – 26, 1998

VOLUME: 4 / ISSUE: 112 / Monday – April 20, 1998
The big winners at the 30th Academy of Magical Arts Annual Awards banquet on Apr. 18 were: Magician of the Year: Mark Kalin and Ginger. Close-Up Magician of the Year: Eugene Burger. Stage Magician of the Year: Jason Byrne. Parlour Magician of the Year: T.C. Tahoe. Lecturer of the Year: Tom Mullica.(4/20)

“Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets” featuring Lance Burton, The Pendragons, Brett Daniels, Max Maven, David Williamson, Mac King and footage of Houdini airs on Tuesday, Apr. 21 at 7pm on FAM-TV (US-cable).(4/20)

Appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Apr. 20-26 are: Rene Lavand, Jay Scott Berry, David Avadon, Dana Daniels, Larry Wilson, Skilldini, Robert Curtis & Co, and Howard Jay.(4/20)
VOLUME: 4 / ISSUE: 113 / Tuesday – April 21, 1998 
Tom Mullica opens in his own one-man show at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas on May 16. Presented by David Wright the show is titled, “Red Skelton, A Tribute by Tom Mullica.” Mullica will recreate many classic Red Skelton routines as a tribute to his mentor and friend of 17 years. Join Gertrude & Heathcliff, the mean widdle kid, Klem Kadiddlehopper and Freddy the Freeloader in what promises to be a hysterical show. Performances will be daily (except Friday) at 2pm and 4pm. For tickets and information call the Plaza at: 702-386-2444.(4/21)

Torkova headlining at the Governor’s Comedy Club (90 Division Ave., Levittown, NY) on Tuesday, Apr. 21. at 8pm. For reservations call: 516-731-3358,  admission: $11.(4/21)
VOLUME: 4 / ISSUE: 114 / Wednesday – April 22, 1998
The by invitation only F.F.F.F. convention takes place in Batavia, NY on Apr. 22-25. This year the guest of honor is Juan Tamariz.(4/22)

I.B.M. Ring #21 will host the ninth annual Hollywood Day of Magic on Apr. 24-25 in Los Angeles. Already booked: Max Maven, Rudy Coby, John Cornelius, David Acer, Mike Close and Dan Birch. For more info visit their website at: http//
VOLUME: 4 / ISSUE: 115 / Thursday – April 23, 1998
Steve Rodman performing at the Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore, L.I. on Apr. 23. and at C.J. Wellington in Franklin Square, L.I. on Apr. 28.(4/23)

The 29th Annual Magic Collector’s Weekend on Apr. 23-25 is dedicated to America’s foremost magical families, The Blackstone’s. It is held at the Hyatt Regency Woodfield Hotel in Schaumburg, IL.(4/23)

Magician gets murdered on “Diagnosis Murder,” starring Dick Van Dyke on Friday Apr. 24 at 12pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(4/23)

Eternally Yours starring David Niven as a magician airs on Friday Apr. 24 at 4am ET on A&E-TV (US-cable).(4/23)
VOLUME: 4 / ISSUE: 116 / Friday – April 24, 1998
Mike Ellis, Bill Tadlock, David Ginn, and Jim Magus are among the performers booked for the 2nd Annual “Seminar of Platform & Parlor Magic” in Macon, GA on April 24-25. For info call: Randy Sherrill 912-328-2072.(4/24)

Magicians appear on “The Science of Magic” on Saturday Apr. 25 at 9pm, Sunday Apr. 26 at 1am and Saturday, May 2 at 5pm ET on DSC-TV (US-cable).(4/24)

“The World’s Greatest Magic II” starring Dirk Arthur, Max Maven, Penn & Teller, and Melinda airs on Saturday, Apr. 25 at 6pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(4/24)
VOLUME: 4 / ISSUE: 117 / Saturday – April 25, 1998
The much promoted mini-series “Merlin” airs on NBC-TV (US) on Sunday Apr. 26 and Monday Apr. 27 at 9-11pm ET.(4/25)
VOLUME: 4 / ISSUE: 118 / Sunday – April 26, 1998
This year at the invitational F.F.F.F. convention, guest of honor, Juan Tamariz gets a standing ovation, Tom Gagnon voted as the MVP and Lennart Green is announced as the 1999 guest of honor.(4/26)
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