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Gregg Webb has announced a newsletter on close-up and mental magic, with an occasional stand-up manipulative piece.

Gregg, known for his many contributions to Magic Show on the Web, his work in several books, GENII Magazine, NEW PABULAR, and French periodicals MAGICUS and REVUE de PRESTIDIGI­TATION, has created a format that presents three strong tricks and an opinion column in each issue, monthly.

Usually one card item, one coin item, and one mental item will be the makeup, although this will vary. Sometimes the card slot will be filled with a non-card and non-coin item.

Gregg always loved THE PHOENIX by the great Bruce Elliott, and in FEEN-X the non-slick look of work done by an individual with a typewriter and a pot of glue will be continued, though the material will be thought provoking.

The first three issues have been tested on a core group that includes some of the heavy hitters in magic — they liked it!

Therefore, FEEN-X is going forward. Only 100 issues of #1 will be printed and signed by the author and illustrator to try to create some collectability for issue #1. Only the first 100 subscribers will receive a #1. The rest will receive 2-13 for the subscription.

The subscription price is $30.00 for 12 monthly issues.

Send check or money order to:

Gregg Webb
28-32 208th St.
Bayside, NY 11360

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