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R.G. Smith, producer of the S.A.M. 2000 Convention shows has just announced the addition of award winning magician ChaPeau to the roster of international acts in Milwaukee  (June 21-22-23-24)  ChaPeau, a most incredible quick change artist and magician took top honors at the S.A.M.-Austria convention last June. He will close the  final Saturday Gala emceed by  Terry Seabrooke from the UK . Seabrooke will guide us through the acts of David Nagymolnar and his lovely assistant, presenting their FISM award  winning manipulation act. (Dresden 2nd Place 1997). This Hungarian team is Europe’s busiest cruise ship performers and has won magic awards in Hungary, Germany, Monte Carlo and in Austria.   Swiss magician Peter Lohmann is making his first US appearance at the convention. We will see his award winning “Tramp Act”.  The first Australian magicians ever to perform at FISM (1997) Tim Ellis and Sue Anne Webster will bring their illusions to our stage. We’ll see why they are so popular “down -under”.

Gerry (pronounced Gary) is another award wining close-up act, whose unusual dice stacking act is large enough for the stage. We will see an unusual multi-media presentation from this  Guinness Book  record breaker.

From Japan, Bravo Nakaya and his assistant bring us the colorful and comedy magic that won them the stage award at the S.A.M Japan convention last August.  The only American act on the bill will be Jay Sterling of Lancaster PA., first place winner in the British Ring Convention Competition. His “Perception Versus Reality” act is a highlight of his corporate magic presentations.Four convention shows will be held at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. A new show every night will feature a People’s Choice contest award show, plus Comedy and Illusion shows including the Gala.

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