MT: March 5-11, 2001

VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,162 / Monday – March 5, 2001
Mark Kalin and Jeff Hobson’s “Carnival of Wonders” just opened in their new theater at the Reno Hilton and the Sacramento Bee ran an overview of the changes and challenges. To enlarge the show for the new venue which features what is considered to be “the world’s largest” stage they are featuring “…what is billed as Nevada’s biggest disappearance — of a 747 jetliner.” The show concludes with Kalin saying,  “‘I’ve got a flight to catch…’ as the plane blasts its lights and comes forth. Curtains are raised on all sides and — presto! — the plane is gone.” The story ends with the observation “The move was a wise one and allows a talented cast and production team to make even a bigger mark than they have.” To read the Mar. 4 story by Mel Shields titled “‘Wonders’ never cease — in Reno, they increase” click: HERE.(3/5)

David Regal, Rich Bloch, Fernando Keops, Earl Nelson, Howard Jay, Jason Baney, Loren C. Michaels, and Howard Jay appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Mar. 5-11. Fernando Keops lectures on Sunday Mar. 11.(3/5)

Siegfried & Roy featured in a Las Vegas Review-Journal which goes behind the scenes of their spectaculars and what they are trying to do for Darren Romeo. To read the Mar. 4 story by Mike Weatherford titled “Success hard won on Strip” click: HERE.(3/5)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,163 / Tuesday – March 6, 2001
Alain Choquette opened with his new full-evening illusion show at the Casino de Montreal on Ile Notre on Feb. 27 and is scheduled to run through Apr. 8. Chaquette is a very popular Canadian magician who recently had his own show in Las Vegas he has also performed on many magic television specials. The show will run Tuesday to Sunday at 9pm. Prices begin at $37. For tickets and information phone: 514-790-1245 or click: HERE.(3/6)

VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,164 / Wednesday – March 7, 2001
Pete Geist is featured in a Lancaster Sunday News article which compares him to Buster Keaton. He describes how he came up with his character, “I was doing strolling magic and mime at a corporate dinner in Washington, D.C., so I was formally dressed in a white jacket and dark pants… In fact, my suit had a waiter-ish kind of feel to it, and I ended up watching the waiters and imitating them. Pretty soon I was serving hors d’oeuvres, one at a time, from a tray, getting lots of laughs. It just gradually grew from there.” To read the Mar. 4 story by Marty Crisp titled “Wacky Waiter channels spirit of Keaton” click: HERE.(3/7)

The 2001 edition of R.G. Smith’s Comedy & Magic Tour will feature Murray, Mike Miller, Ken Groves, Brackneys’ Madcap Mutts, Winston Helling, Jr. Ardan James and R.G. Smith. The will be performing in a total of six cities with the first three this month in Pennsylvania. The shows are benefits to fund local child abuse prevention efforts. The tour has raised more than a million dollars over the past 14 years. You can catch them at: the East High in West Chester on Mar. 10 at 2:30pm and 7pm, The Forum in Harrisburg on Mar. 30 at 7pm, and the Manor Middle School Auditorium in Lancaster on Mar. 31 at 7pm.(3/7)

“Big Daddy Cool” stars in “Jump, Jive & Swing!” at the Stardust Theater in Nashville, TN. The show opens on Mar. 9 at 8pm and will run every Friday and Saturday throughout the month. Proceeds from the show benefit the families of children with Juvenile Diabetes. Tickets are $10 per person and are available by phoning: 615-899-2992. There will also be magic matinees available for attendees of the evening shows.(3/7)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,165 / Thursday – March 8, 2001
André Kole is touring through the East Coast this month with his full-evening show. This is a rare treat for the magicians in the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas to see this magic star perform in his own environment. You can catch him in Arlington, VA (Mar. 9 – 703-525-8210), Annandale, VA (Mar. 11 – 703-256-6220), Bowie, MD (Mar. 13 – 301-809-0249), Medford, NJ (Mar. 14-16 – 609-953-7333), Dover, NJ (Mar. 17 – 973-361-7995), Jim Thorpe, PA (Mar. 18 – 570-722-0674), Columbia, MD (Mar. 19 – 410-964-9343), Woodbury, NJ (Mar. 21 – 856-848-8887), Philadelphia, PA (Mar. 23 – 610-380-4740), Union, NJ  (Mar. 24 – 908-687-0364) and Williamsport, PA  (Mar. 26 – 570-320-5515).(3/8)

Ace Greenberg in a New York Post story which mentions that he will be performing at “the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s April 2 dinner at The Pierre” in New York City. To read the Mar. 7 Page Six story by Neal Travis titled “An Ace Up Their Sleeve” click: HERE.(3/8)

T.C. Tahoe performs at the California Parenting Institute’s North Bay Family Expo on Mar. 10-11 at the Grace Pavilion at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Sonoma County, CA. Cost is $3-$6 per person. For more information phone: 585-6108.(3/8)

Penn & Teller will be performing at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas on Mar. 8-10. Tickets range from $21-$41 per person and are available by phoning: 972-473-9300.(3/8)

VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,166 / Friday – March 9, 2001
Penn & Teller who opened in Dallas this week are profiled in the Dallas Observer where they are described as, “Penn & Teller are also champions for the public, warning them against scam artists who wish to bilk them with parlor tricks or present themselves as something more than snake-oil salesmen.” The article tries to describe their essence, “Penn & Teller approach their profession (and the world) with cynicism while still maintaining an enthusiasm for their craft. They show their love of the process of the illusion, not the act of deceiving, often allowing their audiences to see the wizard behind the curtain. …But the unveiling makes it no less amazing. In fact, the process is at least as amazing and perhaps twice as entertaining. They show that sometimes reality is just as wondrous as the illusion.” To read the Mar. 8 story by Mark Hughes titled “Tricks and Treats” click: HERE.(3/9)

Harry Anderson is featured in a USA Today story but it is not about his magic or career but about a surgical procedure he had a few years ago. To read the Mar. 8 story by John Morgan and Stephen A. Shoop titled “Magician’s vasectomy makes fertility disappear” click: HERE.(3/9)

Bill Martin’s show is described in the Albuquerque Journal as he, “…spliced skillful tricks with ropes, cards and disappearing eggs between lessons he learned in the Vietnam War for students at Santa Fe High School.” To read the Mar 8 article by Wren Propp titled “Sharing the Magic” click: HERE.(3/9)

David Copperfield’s appearance in Tennessee next month is described as “His stage shows are among the most popular engagements presented by TPAC in its 20-year history. Anyone who wants to see the show should buy their tickets right away. We expect to sell out well in advance.” To read the Mar. 7, The Tennessean, article by Kevin Nance titled “David Copperfield brings his magic back to TPAC” click: HERE.(3/9)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,167 / Saturday – March 10, 2001
Norman Beck in a very interesting article about how was a witness in a case involving a card cheater. The writer of the article described Beck as, “Beck is a magician. His love is close-up magic, which is what the name implies—manipulations of objects, usually cards, done at close proximity to the audience. Close-up magic requires good hands, something magicians and gamblers alike call ‘good chops.'” The article concentrates on how the accused cheated by retaining the necessary cards on the bottom of the deck throughout the shuffles. The story is full of interesting anecdotes and a quote by Steve Forte. To read the story by Jeff Bowden from the March issue of “D Magazine” titled “To Catch a Cheat” click: HERE.(3/10)

Nothing Up My Sleeve is the working title for a new movie purchased by  20th Century Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter “The story revolves around a down-and-out magician who accidentally gains real magical powers but has comical difficulties controlling them.” To read the Mar. 9 story by Zorianna Kit titled “Fox rolls up ‘Sleeve’ for Farrellys” click: HERE.(3/10)

IBM Ring #117 is involved in the sixth annual March Magic & Dance 2001 on Saturday which will feature close-up magic and stage performances from the club members. According to a Palm Beach Post article “Proceeds will go to neighborhood improvement efforts, after-school arts and educational activities and family enrichment programs.” To read the Mar. 7 article titled “Escape To The Magic Show At The Duncan” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/10)

Tom Durnin, Torkova, Jamy Ian Swiss, Todd Robbins, Rich Cohn, Michael Chaut, and Dennis Kyriakos appear at Monday Night Magic on Mar. 12 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(3/10)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,168 / Sunday – March 11, 2001
Michael McPherson describes his show “Vertigo” in The Gazette as, “…a compilation of all the different acts that I do — grand illusions as well as the physical acts that I am known all over the world for: the strength acts, the balancing acts.” McPherson sums up, “This show is my lifetime’s worth of experience of doing shows… It’s a new creation, but I benefited from all the shows I have been in my whole life.” To read the Mar. 9 story titled “More than magic/ ‘Vertigo’ producer makes a physical statement in show” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/11)

Paul Daniels and  Debbie McGee featured in a Telegraph article about the documentary which aired last month. To read the Mar. 10 story by Deborah Bull titled “Do we still need Professor Higgins, asks Deborah Bull” click: HERE.(3/11)

Magician/Pastor Jeff Scott and Vic Reed use magic in their preaching to make it more interesting for young children. The Roanoke Times reported that they are going to try and form a local group of Christian magicians.  To read the Mar. 8 story by Robin Floyd titled “Pastor adds a little magic to his sermons” click: HERE.(3/11)

Paul Green, Enrico De La Vega, Jeffrey Steele, James Warren, Dick Barry, Bill Chaudet, Jack Kalvan, and Jim Skaggs appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Mar. 12-18. Jay Leslie lectures on Sunday Mar. 18.(3/11)

NEW JERSEY: David Cresey lectures on Wednesday Mar. 14 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit – Linden train station) in Linden. Cost to non-members is $12. For more information phone Al Hillman at: 732-257-3456 or click: HERE.(3/11)
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