MT: June 25 – July 1, 2001

VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,274 / Monday – June 25, 2001
Jeff McBride appears at Pino Gareri’s Magical Arts Center (578 Warburton Avenue) in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY on Jun. 29 at 7:30pm with his “Magic and Mystery” show. General admission is $25 per person. McBride will also hold two events for magicians only: On Jun. 28 at 7pm he will present a five-hour “Secret Session with Jeff McBride” and on Jun. 29 at 9:30pm he will present a “Special Lecture.” For reservations and more information phone: 914-478-2680 or e-mail:

Johnny Fox who is best known for his outstanding sword swallowing performances is featured in a Denver Rocky Mountain News article which chronicles his career. Explaining why he moved from magic to sword swallowing, Fox explained “I used to get frustrated when people would copy my material. I figured people wouldn’t be so quick to knock off sword swallowing.” To read the Jun. 23 story by James B. Meadow titled “Buskerfest: Watching ‘Excalibur’ makes me hungry” click: HERE.(6/25)

Franco Sicilia appeared at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN on Jun. 21 where he featured his illusions during the closing event of the 21st annual International Nortel Networks Meridian Users’ Group (INNMUG) conference.(6/25)

Lyn Dillies’ “The Magic of Lyn” which appeared at the Union Theater is reviewed in a Sun Chronicle article which describes several of her routines. To read the Jun. 24 story by Michael Gelbwasser titled “Lyn works her magic” click: HERE.(6/25)

One of the characters of the new Martha Grimes book “The Lamorna Wink” is amateur magician Johnny Wells who explains that, “Magic was kind of like murder or a murder mystery: distract, dissuade — that was the way. Put a clue here and at the same time call attention to something quite different over there.” To read the Jun. 25 review of “The Lamorna Wink” by Sally Fellows in the Book Reporter click: HERE.(6/25)
–To buy a copy of “The Lamorna Wink” for $22.95 click: HERE.
–To buy a copy of “The Lamorna Wink” for $6.99 click: HERE.
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,275 / Tuesday – June 26, 2001
Igor will be presenting a special show on Thursday Jun. 28 at 8pm at VOID (19 Mercer Street) in New York City. The 30-minute stage show will feature segments from his off-Broadway show, “Memories From The Future.” After the stage show Igor will be performing walk-around magic for the guests which will be attending this benefit and fundraiser for Raccoon Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural exchange between immigrants and their homeland. Tickets are $35 per person. For more information e-mail:

A brief history of magic and its rise from the streets to becoming a theatrical art form appeared in the Jakarta Post. Magicians mentioned in the article include John Henry Anderson, The Davenport Brothers Ira Erastus and William Henry), Robert-Houdin, Houdini, Thurston, David Copperfield, and J.N. Maskelyne. To read the Jun. 25 story by Omar Katili-Niode titled “Focusing on conjuring and its many miracles” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/26)

Larry Anderson of “JawDroppers” fame told the Los Angeles Times that “He’d much rather discuss his life as an actor, producer, game-show host and “budding director.” And does not think of himself as a magician. The article also reprted that the “JawDroppers” infomercial have grossed $9 million. The article concludes with an interview. To read the Jun. 24 article by Hank Rosenfeld titled “Late-Night Legerdemain” click: HERE.(6/26)

Barry Brook and his 50-year career as a magician is profiled in a Dominion story. To read the Jun. 25 article titled “Abracadabra” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(6/26)

Giovanni Livera and Ken Preuss’ “The Amazing Dad: More Than 400 Ways to Wow the Kids” featured in a Journal Star — Peoria article where they explain one of the stunts. To read the Jun. 15 article titled “Matters of Relativity” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/26)US: The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and the Society of American Magicians (SAM) will be holding their annual conventions in July. The Annual IBM convention takes place in Orlando, Florida on Jul. 4-7 and the Annual SAM Convention will be in New Orleans, Louisiana on Jul. 12-15.
For information about the IBM Convention click: HERE.
For information about the SAM Convention click: HERE.(6/26)
David Roth teaching advanced coin magic during his lecture in Linden, New Jersey on June 20, 2001. (Photo: MagicTimes).(6/26)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,276 / Wednesday – June 27, 2001
Vanni Pulé, best known magician in Malta, is featured in a “First Sunday” story where He confides to the author, “Vanni tells me about secrecy and how it plays an important part in the performance of magic. ‘It is important but it is not everything because magic is the easiest thing to do but the most difficult thing to do well.’ He stresses the fact that secrets can be learnt but the important part is the artistry of the performance… ‘Tricks can be bought like one can buy a piano but playing that piano with mastery is a completely different thing altogether!'” To read the Jun. 22 article by Joe Demanuele titled “Man about Town: Vanni Pule” click: HERE.(6/27)

Greg Bordner, owner of Abbott’s Magic in Colon, MI, was released from the hospital and is back home after undergoing further tests on his heart. Although his doctors prescribed some rest, Hank Moorehouse told MagicTimes that the entire Abbott’s staff is working very hard to make this year’s Abbott’s Magic Get-Together (Aug. 1-4) a convention to remember. More good news is that the manufacturing operation, which suffered a fire recently, has been moved back to the main building where it was located in the 1980’s and all production is back to normal. For more information about the Abbott’s Magic Get-Together click: HERE.(6/27)

Milt Larsen explained about the Magic Castle “vermin infestation” in a Los Angeles Times article, “It just proves that cockroaches can multiply faster than magicians’ rabbits.” To read the Jun. 26 article by Steve Harvey titled “You Never Know What You’ll Need During Blackout, or How Long It’ll Last” click: HERE.(6/27)

Paul Arthur appears in “Celebrate America” on Jun. 28 at 7pm at the Robert B. Atkin Performing Arts Center in Kansas City, MO. The 90-minute patriotic revue is presented by Coldwell Banker. For more information and tickets phone: 816-358-3500.(6/27)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,277 / Thursday – June 28, 2001
David Copperfield is back in Singapore for 11 shows where he last performed in 1992. According to a Channel News Asia article the technology by which Copperfield and an audience member travel to a different country, “…is provided by Copperfield’s team of scientists, engineers, and psychologists who work with him to deliver his brand of magic.” The shows will run on Wednesday through Sunday. To read the Jun. 27 article by Ca-Mie De Souza titled “David Copperfield performs magic for Singaporeans” click: HERE.(6/28)

Ed Russell in a Contra Costa Times article talks about the difficulty in instructing children to perform, “It’s harder than a circus show… There are different kids and attitudes.” Speaking on his career, “I like to fool them with illusions and to see the surprise on their faces… There’s nothing else I’d rather do, or I’d be doing it.” To read the Jun. 27 story by Melissa Moy titled “Father, son get kids into act at fair” click: HERE.(6/28)

“Explosion – Mystical Entertainment Beyond Belief,” which opened in April and was being produced by Bonnie Saxe officially closed after many problems with backers and law suites. A Mountain Press article reported, “The show focused on several illusions, and also featured exotic animals, including three tigers and a camel.” To read the Jun. 24 article by Anna Garber titled “‘Explosion’ ends without a bang” click: HERE.(6/28)

VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,278 / Friday – June 29, 2001
Cary Durgin has been making a reputation for himself by combining gymnastics with card magic. A Skagit Valley Herald article explained that after he has a card selected he,  “…returns it to the deck and does a back flip as the cards riffle through the air above his head, then lands on his feet with your card held up high.” Durgin has been booked to perform at the All-Star FanFest at the Seattle Exhibition Center on Jul. 6-10. To read the Jun. 28 story by Peter Kelley titled “Don’t be tricked: Sedro-Woolley illusionist works Pure Magic” click: HERE.(6/29)

Dan Dyer is profiled in a Sentinel Correspondent story where his strengths are reported as, “…the most magical transformation conjured by this illusionist is on the faces of children who interact with Lake County’s ‘Dandy Dan,’ professional magician, teacher and entrepreneur.” Also recounted in the story is Dyer’s career progression. To read the Jun. 28 story by Sherry Boas titled “Magician has message: ‘The magic is you'” click: HERE.(6/29)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,279 / Saturday – June 30, 2001
“The Magic of David Darkstone — Illusions & Beyond” starring David Darkstone and Will Roya is the latest magic show to open in Las Vegas. What makes this show, at the New Frontier, unique is that the two stars, which are in their early 20’s, are producing it and backing it themselves. A Las Vegas Review-Journal review wrote of the show, “While it’s still a work in progress, the show already has a nice flow and comes across as a professional offering, thanks to some creative thinking and attention to technical details.” To read the Jun. 29 review by Mike Weatherford titled “Partners show some smarts in afternoon magic show” click: HERE.(6/30)

Peter Gossamer will be presenting his show on the Main Stage at the Meadowlands Fair (Giants Stadium) in Rutherford, NJ on Jul. 1,4,7 and 8. The Fair, which runs from Jun. 21-Jul. 8, also features strolling magician Steve Trash with his Ecological Magic Show and Hypnotist Steve Bayner. For more information click: HERE.(6/30)

Adrian Van Vactor presents “Illusion and Beyond: Mysteries for the Mind and Magic for the Heart” on Sunday Jul. 1 at 3pm and 6pm at the Victory Vineyard Church (13798 Parkwood Dr.) in Burnsville, MN. Admission is free. For more information phone: 952-892-1000.(6/30)

David Copperfield appears in Hawaii on Aug. 18-26 and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin ran a story about the upcoming “Portal” show whose tickets go on sale this weekend. To read the Jun. 28 story titled “Honolulu Star-Bulletin David Copperfield returns in August” click: HERE.(6/30)

Steve Wyrick hosted a benefit at the Sahara for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada. A Las Vegas Sun article reported that Wyrick, “…is a former Little Brother who was fortunately matched to a volunteer who encouraged his interest in magic.” To read the Jun. 27 story by Elizabeth Foyt titled “Epicurean Affair lends a hand to students” click: HERE.(6/30)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,280 / Sunday – July 1, 2001
FLORIDA: The 73rd Annual I.B.M. Convention takes place on Jul. 4-7 in Orlando where an outstanding lineup of talent will be showcased in performances and seminars. Featured performers include: Jerry Andrus, Tom Mullica, The Pendragons, Mark Wilson, Gay Blackstone, Fukai & Kimika, Fielding West, Greg Wilson, Shimada, Jay Marshall, Rich Bloch, George Saterial, Rick Walker, Dario, Henry Evans, Barrie Richardson, Dale Salwak, Murray, Randy Pryor, Trevor Lewis, Boris Wild, Bob King, and Lee Bayless. Registration is $120 for members and $175 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(7/1)

David Blaine performed his brand of card magic at the Serpentine Gallery party in London. A This Is London article reported that, “Among the more unusual guests were Uri Geller who was wearing a parrot print Hawaiian shirt and sneakers.”To read the Jun. 29 story by David Hayes titled “Magic moments at the Serpentine” click: HERE.(7/1)

Milo’s Hat Trick is a new children’s book by Jon Agee about “An inept magician and a talking bear that can jump into a hat make this a magically fun book.” A Denver Rocky Mountain News review surmised, “The book moves along at a perfect clip and the artwork is as entertaining as the story.” To read the Jun. 29 review by Natalie Soto click: HERE.(7/1)
–To buy the book for $15.95 click: HERE.

Zeek’s Real Magic Trick is recommended a Montreal Gazette article which comments, See how long it takes you to figure this one out. …Do it a few times and all will be revealed.” To read the Jun. 30 article titled “Sites to see when you’re on the Web with nowhere to go” click: HERE.(7/1)

David Copperfield continues touring through Asia during July with shows in Singapore on Jul. 1, Hong Kong on Jul. 4-8, Guangzhou Jul. 10-15, Osaka Jul. 20-22 and Nagoya Jul. 28-29.(7/1)

Puck, Peter Kougasian, Simon Lovell, Rich Marotta, Rick Franceschini, and Asi Wind appear at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 2 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(7/1)
Jackie and Hank Moorehouse manning their display at Bob Little’s Super Sunday in Warrington, Pennsylvania on June 24, 2001. (Photo: MagicTimes).(7/1)
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