MT: February 5-11, 2001

VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,134 / Monday – February 5, 2001
Harry Anderson and Turk Pipkin’s book “Games You Can’t Lose: A Guide For Suckers” has just been republished by Burford Books. The book which was originally released in 1989 by Simon and Schuster has had an incredible run — selling tens of thousands. It has been out of print for a while but due to its high demand, used book dealers have been easily selling them for twice the original price. It is full of scams and cons to swindle your friends with or incorporate within your magic presentations. The new edition which features and new cover is currently shipping and is available from for only $10.36 each. The first chapter of the book is also available to read for free on the web. To purchase a copy or to read the first chapter click: HERE.(2/5)

Amos Levkovitch, Larry Wilson & Co., Tom Ogden, Andrew Goldenhersh, Mark Matsumoto, Len Reid, and J. C. Dunn appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Feb. 5-11.(2/5)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,135 / Tuesday – February 6, 2001
Siegfried & Roy will be featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue where their animals will be photographed as part of the showcase of models in bikinis. According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal article “Siegfried & Roy are not merely props for the issue. They are featured in an interview as well.” The issue should hit newsstands later this month. To read the Feb. 5 story by Norm titled “Mirage’s mega-act featured among supermodels in SI’s swimsuit issue” click: HERE.(2/6)

David Blaine, while attending a basketball game with Sixers president Pat Croce performed magic for the guests in Croce’s suit. A Philadelphia Daily News reporter asked about the magicians who have been putting him down, he said “There’s a lot of jealous magicians out there… When you’re at the top of your field and the other guys do schlocky work, they’re bound to bicker like little girls.” To read the Feb. 5 article by Regina Medina titled “David Blaine casts a spell on Sixers’ guru Pat Croce” click: HERE.(2/6)

Glen Gerard performs at Giggles Comedy Pub in Milwaukee, WI on Feb. 8-10. Formore information and reservations phone: 262-437-JOKE.(2/6)

Kendrick “Ice” MacDonald was one of the performers who appeared in “Turning the Poison into Medicine” on Monday as a benifit in the memory of actor Anthony Lee. To read the Feb. 5 Los Angeles Times article by Carol Chambers titled “Benefit Performance to Honor Slain Actor” click: HERE.(2/6)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,136 / Wednesday – February 7, 2001
Marvin Berglas and his magic company “Marvin’s Magic” are featured in a This Is London story where a reporter and three children visit his counter at Hamley’s department store. Berglas explained that since, “…the Harry Potter thing, business has been stupendous over the past year – plus his Magic Club for children is the UK’s fastest-growing magic club.” He also explained what it takes to become a good magician, “Dedication and dexterity. But, mostly, what it comes down to is ‘personality and style’.” To read the Feb. 2 article by Deborah Ross titled “Pick a card, any card” click: HERE.(2/7)

André Kole continues to tour all over the U.S. with his February dates concentrated in the Florida, South Carolina and Georgia areas. You can catch him in Melbourne, FL (Feb. 9 – phone: 321-724-5433), Eustis, FL (Feb. 10 – phone: 352-483-3888), Lakeland, FL (Feb. 12 – phone: 863-688-2771), Tampa, FL (Feb. 13-14 – phone: 813-264-1515), Naples, FL (Feb. 15 – phone: 941-592-1677), Titusville, FL (Feb. 16-17 – phone: 407-264-0061), Ponte Vidra, FL (Feb. 18 – phone: 904-285-8225), Mt. Pleasant, SC (Feb. 21 – phone: 843-884-8521), and Peachtree City, GA (Feb. 23-24 – phone: 770-487-6691).(2/7)

“A Little Black Magic” featuring Don Camp, Alton Knight and Derrek Jay, and Chris Capehart performed on Tuesday to benefit BEBASHI, an  AIDS awareness program. To read the Feb. 6 Philadelphia Daily News article by Damon C. Williams titled “And for my next trick” click: HERE.(2/7)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,137 / Thursday – February 8, 2001
David Copperfield will be releasing a new DVD which will feature the complete “David Copperfield Illusions” videos plus some new footage of live performances, TV promos, a tour of his collection and some never before seen footage from various appearances. The announcement about the DVD appears on the recently purchased web domain “” and the just launched new Copperfield store on the web. Available for sale are his videos, books, stamps and some hard to get collectible memorabilia like a silver token, dishes, shirts and a limited edition boxed set of his videos. To visit the David Copperfield store click: HERE.(2/8)

Lee Yun Fei who performed at the Impian Home for the Underprivileged and Abandoned is featured in a Malay Mail article. To read the Feb. 5 story titled “Magic brings on the smiles” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/8)

Michael Night’s Hypno-Magic Concert takes place on Saturday Feb. 10 at 8pm and 11pm at DeSimone’s Bar & Restaurant (1633 W. Laskey) in Toledo, OH. Tickets are $10 per person. For more information click: HERE.(2/8)

NEW JERSEY: Craig Dickson lectures for SAM Assembly #161 at the The Willows (1013 Washington Avenue) in Greenbrook on Feb. 12. For more information click: HERE.(2/8)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,138 / Friday – February 9, 2001
Kevin Wilson who has been performing magic shows for children for more than 30 years in featured in a South Bend Tribune story which tries to determine why magicians are still very popular entertainers at children’s birthday parties. Wilson is described as the “original practitioner of virtual reality–the magician” and “Like most children’s entertainers, Wilson specializes in giving kids a hands-on, interactive party. Not only will Wilson pull a rabbit out of his hat, he’ll allow the children to pet the rabbit.” One of the parents at a party is quoted, “…seeing magic performed in front of them is something children don’t forget.” To read the Feb. 6 story by Howard Dukes titled “Birthday Magic: Old-fashioned parties casting their spell on children” click: HERE.(2/9)

Le Grand David’s Anthology of Stage Magic will appear on Saturday Feb. 10 and 24 at 2pm at the Larcom Theatre (13 Wallis Street) in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more information and tickets phone: 978-927-3677.(2/9)

Drew Dicostanzo created illusions for OperaCadabra, a children’s project which the Cincinnati Enquirer describes as “…a flashy magical mystery tour in which a tenor, soprano, mezzo and baritone belt out about 15 greatest hits.” To read the Feb. 4 story by Jim Knippenberg titled “Not your mother’s opera” click: HERE.(2/9)

A blurb about Siegfried and Roy’s appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appeared in the Chicago Sun Times. To read the Feb. 8 article by Elliott Harris titled “Mental muscles show definition” click: HERE.(2/9)

Williams Magic & Novelties in Tucson is featured in an Arizona Daily Star article which describes what they have to offer to people who want to learn magic. Also featured in the article is the statewide magic competition sponsored by IBM Ring #172. Magicians mentioned include: John Shryock, Adrian Van Vactor, Eric Buss, Alan Roscoe, Steve Ehlers, Jered Schaugaard, Tim Leahy and Jim Davidson, and Scott C. Willoughby. To read the Jan. 29 article titled “Arizona’s best magicians will compete in Tucson Friday for the state title” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/9)

NEW YORK: George Schindler will be lecturing for SAM Assembly #24 and IBM Ring #186 in Troy on Feb. 12 (Phone: 518-434-4001) and for SAM Assembly #35 in Poughkeepsie on Feb. 13 (Phone: 845-463-4033).(2/9)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,139 / Saturday – February 10, 2001
Prodip Chandra Sorcar (junior) tells the Times Of India, “I am just an entertainer… I’m not a godman… Like in films where nothing is real, in our world of magic, it’s purely make-believe.” While doing benefits to aid the cancer patients and earthquake victims in Gujarat, India Sorcar said about the recent earthquake, “…no religion can predict anything. It’s just your will-power that can help you survive. And, that’s the greatest magic,” Sorcar is also the president of the Magicians Society of India with according to the article has 21,000 members. To read the Feb. 10 story by Nirmal Mishra titled “I can make the Gateway vanish” click: HERE.(2/10)

Larry White, Al Manson, Bruce Kalver, and Michele Bourget held a séance to contact Lizzie Borden in what a Herald News article described as “Besides an entertaining evening, the  puts a new spin on an old mystery and actually comes one step closer to solving it.” To read the Jan. 29 article by Deborah Allard-Bernardi titled “Performers take a whack at Lizzie” click: HERE.(2/10)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,140 / Sunday – February 11, 2001
Paul Daniels admits in a Northern Echo article that the question he is most asked is, “why haven’t you left Britain?” It seems that four years ago he said that he would move if the Labour party takes over the government — and they did. The article centers around Daniels’ new venture which he will be touring throughout England. The one-man show titled, “An Audience With Paul Daniels,” will begin with his lifestory, comedy and a question answer session and conclude with the magic he is best known for. The article concludes with Daniels giving his views on everything from TV shows to the Queen of England which he describes as, “The most knowledgeable person on foreign affairs in the country… and the only person standing in the way of a President Blair or President Hague.” To read the Feb. 8 story titled “Keeping the magic alive” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/11)

Puck, Master Lee, Rocco, Todd Robbins, Peter Kougasian, Carl Mercurio and Michael Chaut appear at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 12 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(2/11)
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