Saturday, May 8, 2021

Magic Gets Stamp(s) Of Approval

The first ever series of magic themed stamps Houdini, Kellar, Thurston and David Copperfield are the conjuring legends honored.

Memories For Sale

Attendees were assailed by an eye popping display of the wares offered as they were admitted at 2pm on Saturday afternoon for an inspection of Sunday's auction items and participation in Saturday's fixed price sale.

Masters of Illusion

Four Nations To Issue 'Postage Stamps' Honoring David Copperfield, Harry Houdini and Prior Magic Legends In A Public Ceremony At New York's Grand Central Station.

Egyptian Hall Reveals Treasures

One of the worlds largest collections of historic magic, David Prices’ Egyptian Hall Museum of Magical History was sold by his son Dave Price to collectors Mike Caveney and George Daily.

Magic On The Fringe

Five shows, all with themes of magic or "the allied arts" will be presented as part of the 4th Annual New York Fringe Festival.

Obituary: John Pomeroy

John Pomeroy along with his wife Mitsy operated Gem Mfg. Co. out of Edmonds, Washington for many years.

World’s Largest Magical Apparatus

Science and magic have been kin throughout the ages in most every culture. What can not be explained is often invested with mystic properties.

The Darkest Color Infinitely Amplified

There is an ongoing effort to convince the world at large that magic is an art form. Well, art it is -- literally -- at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Complete and Official FISM Results

One of the most difficult things of late was to find the actual competition results for the 21st FISM World Magic Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal on Jul. 3-8. We had two people at the awards ceremonies trying to get the winners list for us.

Malone Raises the Magic Bar

After six successful years at the Boca Baton Resort and Club, Bill Malone’s "Malone’s Magic Bar" will be completely revamped.
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