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April 11, 1938 – July 27, 2000

John Pomeroy along with his wife Mitsy operated Gem Mfg. Co. out of Edmonds, Washington for many years. He was the creative force behind many new illusions and parlor effects and modified existing effects to the point of becoming new. His work is held in high esteem by those fortunate enough to own a Gem made product.

Craftsmen as well as entertainers throughout the world sought John out for his expert advise and sage wisdom. He mastered many talents in his pursuit of excellence, becoming proficient in mold making, woodworking, machining, casting, electronics and so many more facets of our business. His restoration work was acclaimed by museums and collectors alike as some of the finest work of this century.

In 1980 he toured with an original show written by him complete with a dozen original illusions as well as many original smaller effects, all the fruits of his creative genius. The show entitled “Bloody Jack” was based on Jack the Ripper, as a magical musical which received rave reviews.

Most recently, he had joined forces with George Robinson of Viking Mfg. Co. not only to create even more original Gem mysteries, but to build another original show to be showcased around the Great Sebastian, John’s stage name and nom de plume. Sadly, the illusions that John built will sit silently as his dream was cut short.  He is now creating and witnessing mysteries far beyond those open to us mere mortals.

Shortly before his death, John managed to finish an exhaustive and most complete biography on one of magic’s most notorious and glamorous figures, The Great Alexander.  Never before revealed facts and photos will entrance the reader as no other book on this subject has. Alas, his passing has left the publishing of this eagerly awaited tome for some future date.

John leaves a wife, Mitsy, two daughters and a son as well as grandchildren and a host of friends. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends, but there remains a joy in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to be touched by his love and caring that will last a lifetime. May you Rest in Peace my friend…

A Broken Wand Ceremony was conducted before friends and family on the 6th of Aug. by his long time friend, George Robinson Jr.

George Robinson, Jr.

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