MT: October 23-29, 2000

VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,029 / Monday – October 23, 2000
Magic Gets Stamp(s) Of Approval
Vanderbilt Hall at New York’s Grand Central Station was crowded with media personal, stamp collectors, magic aficionados and the just plain curious, on Thursday October 19th at 11am, as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority kicked off the Celebration of Grand Central’s 87th year with a promotional tie-in with the first ever series of magic themed stamps Houdini, Kellar, Thurston and David Copperfield are the conjuring legends honored on these commemorative issues from Grenada, Nevis, Dominica, and St. Vincent. Exclusive story and photos in Spotlight News. …Go to full story.(10/23)

David Blaine played softball at the Jayson Williams Celebrity Softball Challenge at Riverfront Stadium in Newark, NJ on Jul. 29. Blaine played several infield positions and was wearing number six his team defeated the Turnpikes in an 8-7 final score. Money raised from the event went to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. The game aired in its entirety on Sunday Oct. 22 on local cable stations — There is a good chance it will be rerun.(10/23)

The annual “It’s Magic” show is previewed in The Los Angeles Times. Seven shows will appear at The Alex Theatre. Milt Larsen who has been producing the shows since 1956 said, “You could go to Las Vegas and Paris and London to see the top magicians in the world and you’d have to travel thousands of miles, …We bring them to the stage at one time.” Appearing this year are Omar Pasha, Roy Davenport, James Dimmare, Passing Zone, Ayala, and Fielding West. To read the Oct. 21 article by Robert G. Phipps titled “Magicians mystify at ‘It’s Magic’ show” click: HERE.(10/23)

Alakazam! which is presented by the IBM Ring 56 as a benefit for the Tri-State Food Bank is featured in the Courier Express. Mentioned in the article were Raven, Don Baggett,  Bill DeMar, Norris Priest, Joe Franklin, and Stephanie Griswold. To read the Oct. 21 story by Rebecca Coudret titled “Feed sense of fun with magic” click: HERE.(10/23)

David Blaine, “…wants to be the coolest conjurer in the world – by sealing himself for three days inside a giant block of ice,” in a Sunday Mail article. To read the Oct. 22 article titled “Magician puts his life on ice” click: HERE.(10/23)

Paul Green, Whit Haydn, Fitzgerald, Gazzo, Terry Seabrooke, Andrew Goldenhersh, Amos Levkovitch, and Howard Jay appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Oct. 23-29. Gazzo lectures on Sunday Oct. 29.(10/23)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,030 / Tuesday – October 24, 2000
“An Evening of Magic and Illusion” sponsored by the Virginia Magical Society (SAM #146) takes place on Thursday Oct. 26, at 6:30pm (with close-up beginning at 5:30pm) at the Central Library (4100 Virginia Beach Blvd.) in Virginia Beach, VA. Featured performers are: Jose Villarisco, John Kingry & Family, Phillip Wade, George West, Evan Morris, and Al Albers & Co, Pete Pedersen and Maria Razos. For information phone: 757-431-3001.(10/24)

PENNSYLVANIA: Jeff McBride lectures on Friday Oct. 27 for Marc DeSouza in Gulf Mills. The cost is $30. For more information phone: 610-941-4132 or 6l0-668-9300. There will also be a special “No Holds Barred Super Session” with McBride at 1pm for an extra $70.(10/24)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,031 / Wednesday – October 25, 2000
The 2000 edition of It’s Magic featuring, Omar Pasha, Roy Davenport, James Dimmare, The Passing Zone, Ayala, and Fielding West, opens at The Alex Theatre (216 N. Brand Blvd.) in Glendale, CA on Wednesday Oct. 26 and runs through Sunday Oct. 29 with seven shows. Produced by Milt Larsen and Terry Hill the show promises, “…performances by some of the world’s best-known magicians as well as some of magic’s most promising rising stars.” Tickets range from $20-$30 and are available through Telecharge at: 800-233-3123. For more information click: HERE.(10/25)

Dr. Phantasm’s Madhouse Of Mayhem Magic and Ghost Show will run On Oct. 28 at midnight at the Allen Theatre (36 East Main St.) in Anneville, PA. The show features a recreation of the magic and ghost shows of the past. Tickets are available at the theater box office at: 717-867-4766. Also scheduled is an upside down straight jacket escape by Almar on Oct. 26 outside the Dallas Theater (18 E. Main St.) in Dallastown, where they will be performing on Oct. 27 at 8pm. Tickets for the Dallas Theater are available by phoning: 717-244-2405. For more information e-mail:

David Copperfield’s stamp event in New York City is reported in a Florida Today article. To read the Oct. 24 article by Milt Salamon titled “Copperfield magic is on stamps” click: HERE.(10/25)

NEW YORK: A tribute to Doug Henning at the N.Y.U. Magic Club’s 5th Great Magician’s Night on Friday Oct. 27 at 8pm. A number of Henning’s friends will speak and there will be video performances shown. The meeting will end by the members of the Magic Club when they perform some of Henning’s favorite close-up effects. The event is open to all SAM Parent Assembly members and will be held at the N.Y.U.’s Greenwich Village campus (l6 Waverly Place) in New York City. For more information e-mail:
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,032 / Thursday – October 26, 2000
The annual “Official” Houdini Séance directed by Sid Radner will take place at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center, (790 N. Van Buren St.) in Milwaukee on Oct. 31. Radner explained about the location, “The Masonic setting is particularly appropriate, said Sidney H. Radner, because Houdini – who spent his boyhood years in Appleton as Ehrich Weiss and who later moved to Milwaukee – was an active Mason.” Radner added, “To date, no contact has been established.” Scheduled to participate in the séance will be Richard Mossey, Morris Young, Capt. Kenneth Force, Geno Munari, and Gene Gamache. To read the Oct. 24, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, article by James Auer titled “Annual Houdini séance comes to Milwaukee: Experts hope to get sign from master illusionist” click: HERE.(10/26)

The Swann Galleries annual magic auction takes place on Thursday Oct. 26 at 104 East 25th St. in New York City at 10:30am. For more information click: HERE. (10/26)

David Blaine who will be encased in a block of ice on Nov. 27 on Broadway and 44th Street in NYC is the subject of a Daily News Daily Dish where he kids “If I fall asleep in the ice and my face pushes against it, they will have to cut my face off.” There was also a luncheon in his honor on Monday by Jann Wenner at Us Weekly. To read the Oct. 24 article by Mitchel Fink titled “The Ice Magician Cometh” click: HERE.(10/26)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,033 / Friday – October 27, 2000
Magic Christian was honored by the federal president of Austria with the title of “Professor.” The honor was handed to him on Sep. 15 by the States Secretary for the Arts in recognition of Christian’s 35 years of work as an entertainer and for his groundbreaking research on Hofzinser. Currently working on a three volume set of books about Hofzinser. Christian told MagicTimes, “Many magicians are not aware that there are still 280 manuscripts of Hofzinser, Heubeck, and Pospischil and Marchini (Hofzinsers closest friends) around as well as the write ups of Ottokar Fischer which all are very interesting to read.”(10/27)

Paul Gertner, Joel Bauer, Eric Citron, Jay Alexander, and David Levitan, can be seen at the “Internet World” trade show at the Javits center in New York City on Oct. 25-28.(10/27)

Fielding West, Mac King, Dixie Dooley, and Rick Thomas are mentioned in a Las Vegas Sun article which looks at the many Las Vegas afternoon shows which are doing exceptionally well with very low ticket prices. An interesting fact was that Rick Thomas’ show at the Tropicana is getting an attendance to rival their nighttime review “Les Follies Bergere.” Also mentioned are the nighttime stars Siegfried & Roy, Lance Burton, Steve Wyrick, and Melinda. To read the Oct. 26 article by Joe Delaney titled “Plenty of afternoon delights are on schedule” click: HERE.(10/27)

INDIANA: The third annual Magic Spectacular presented by IBM Ring #310 takes place on Sunday, Oct. 29 at 2pm and 6pm at the Millcreek Civic Center in Chesterfield. Tickets are $3-$5 per person. For more information phone: 765-282-9430 or 765-284-0691.(10/27)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,034 / Saturday – October 28, 2000
Maro Anglero who produces the Public Access “I Am Magic Show” was nominated for two Beta Awards (A Public Cable Access Award) and it won the Beta for Best Youth Program on Oct. 26. Anglero has been taping magicians performing in the New York City area and then editing the segments into a regular show for the past several years. Performers who have appeared on the show include Meir Yedid, Torkova, Infantino, Thomas Solomon, Polaris, Mike Randazzo, The Gamesters, Murry, Frank Reyes, and many others.(10/28)

Stephen Shellabarger who recovered from open brain surgery to cure his epilepsy credits, “…the sleight of hand magic tricks he worked while in the hospital with helping him regain the coordination in his hand and fingers.” A Times & Free Press article profiling Shellabarger recounts his battle and is current career as a magician and motivational speaker. Shellabarger will be appearing at Saturday’s Make a Difference Day celebration. To read the Oct. 27 story by Clint Cooper titled “Magician wants to ‘spread hope'” click: HERE.(10/28)

Penn & Teller perform at the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV on Oct. 30 through Nov. 15. For tickets and information phone: 800-929-1111.(10/28)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,035 / Sunday – October 29, 2000
Tony DeLap who is a magician and a well known artist opened an exhibit of his works at the Orange County Museum of Art in California. A Los Angeles Times article described the works as, “More relevant than determining what DeLap’s works are is enjoying what they do. They tease the boundary between serious and slight. They amuse, confuse and sometimes thoroughly satisfy. They can be zingers, emitting the temporary jolt of a one-liner. Or they can fester and linger in the mind with the cryptic elegance of a Zen koan.” Some of his pieces have magic names such as, “Houdin’s House,” “The Conjurer,” “The Sorcerer,” “The Man Who Walked Through Walls” and “Floating Lady.” To read the Oct. 28 article by Leah Ollman titled “DeLap Tweaks the Status Quo With a Sly but Uneven Elegance A survey covers 40 years of visual statements that walk the line between serious and slight” click: HERE.(10/29)

Michael Chaut, Master Lee, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, R.J. Lewis, and Simon Lovell will be celebrating Halloween and Monday Night Magic‘s anniversary on Oct. 30 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(10/29)
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