Friday, November 26, 2021

[MyMagic] Well I Never

I was very happy with the response to my latest release. All orders were shipped, and I know you will love them when you get them.

[MyMagic] New Roth Release

Very proud of the new David Roth release. David single handedly changed the world of coin box magic with his first release in 1973 as part of the New Stars Of Magic series.

[MyMagic] Springy

There is a trend of magicians wanting softer and softer sponge balls, but in my opinion the softer they are the less springy they are. I always liked the balls that exploded out of the spectator’s hand and flew all over the place when their hand opened.

[MyMagic] Blanked

Bernardo Sedlacek is my favorite of the “Tamariz/Spanish School” magicians because he can consistently fool me and when he explains why he fooled me I am even more impressed by the subtle and clever methods and psychology he used.

[MyMagic] Bridges

I used to demo Svengali Decks when representing the Marshall Brodien magic line at trade shows so I thought I would take this opportunity to demonstrate my basic routine which has some interesting handlings.

[MyMagic] Wedgies

After a week of pitching you slum magic I feel dirty. So, let’s take a detour for a moment.

[MyMagic] Bendable

Below you will see two more heavily discounted items which I don’t think you will be able to clean me out of, since I have four times as many.

[MyMagic] Ring Escape

Bob McAllister was a friend of mine and he invented many good and clever routines. His main obsession was tricks using magnets.

[MyMagic] Just Ton

My friend Just Alan who recently closed his magic shop in Woodstock contacted me about some scarce inventory he had left over and asked if I would be interested in them.

[MyMagic] Besties

Instead of introducing you to a new item today I wanted to remind you of three items that arrived this week. All three immediately sold out when I first introduced them to you.
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