Sunday, February 5, 2023

[MyMagic] Shellshocked

Phil Cass’ Three Shell Game routine is considered the best.

[MyMagic] Pierced

I on the other hand always look at the break even point first and let luck decide on the profit end. That way I can work on stuff that I like, that might have a limited audience, and once in a while what I like also becomes a big commercial success.

[MyMagic] First 2023 Release

I first saw Rocco Silano perform with his Countdown Coins gimmick at a lecture many years ago and I was impressed with the applications.

[MyMagic] Latta

Geoff Latta was a friend of mine. We spent tens, if not hundreds, of hours showing each other magic during the time I worked at Tannen’s and for a few years after.

[MyMagic] Squirt

Today I will introduce you to the first limited edition exclusive of the year. But first a little backstory.

[MyMagic] 2022 Recap

It has become traditional for the first newsletter of the year to share the results of the year-end analysis of the best sellers as voted by your purchasing power.

[MyMagic] Peekaboo

I have had a love/hate relationship with peek wallets even though I bought and played with many of them and even offered some for sale.

[MyMagic] Blizzard

Many years ago, when Dean Dill first released his Blizzard routine he showed it to me at my booth and fooled me with it.

[MyMagic] McBride

The magician equivalent of that is likely Jeff McBride who has legions of listeners. He has done it all, thought about it, codified it, lived it, and is happy to share everything he knows.
[MyMagic] Triple Blades

[MyMagic] Break Lights

Meir's MusesMyMagic eNewsletter #1,066December 19, 2022 Just received another shipment of the Taillight Color Changing Knives in all versions. They continue to sell out and...
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