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Harry Anderson lecturing to magicians in Waterbury, ConnecticutHarry Anderson lecturing to magicians in Waterbury, Connecticut on October 4, 2014. In the lecture Mr. Anderson explained the show he performed the previous night at the Palace Theater. Both events were produced by Dave Mirto. (10/4/14: A MagicTimes photo).
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 A new season of The Carbonaro Effect starts this month.
Nov 16:  The Illusionist on SHOWTIME.
Nov 16:  Just Kidding: Just An Illusion on DISNEY.
Nov 16:  Now You See Me on MAX.
Nov 17:  I Dream Of Jeannie: My Master, The Magician on ANTTV.
Nov 17:  King Of The Hill: Sleight Of Hank on TOON.
Nov 17:  Breaking Magic: Tesla Coil on D-KIDS.
Nov 17:  Breaking Magic: Voodoo Car on D-KIDS.
Nov 17:  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone on HBO.
Nov 17:  The Carbonaro Effect: An Elevated Ferret Alert on TRUE.
Nov 17:  The Carbonaro Effect: Just During The Previews on TRUE.
Nov 18:  The Carbonaro Effect: It's A Makeshift on TRUE.
Nov 19:  Breaking Magic: Vampire on D-KIDS.
Nov 19:  Breaking Magic: Dry Ice Bomb on D-KIDS.
Nov 21:  Tanked: Saved By The Spell on ANIMAL.
Nov 22:  No Escaping Houdini on PBS.
Nov 22:  Drake & Josh: The Great Doheny on THEN.
Nov 22:  Brain Games: Seeing Is Believing on NATGEO.
Nov 23:  Extreme Colectors: Captain America #1 on TDC.
Nov 25:  House: You Don't Want To Know on UHD.
Nov 25:  Jem And The Holograms: The Old Houdini Magic on D-KIDS.
Nov 25:  The Sorcerer's Apprentice on AMC.
Nov 27:  The Carbonaro Effect: Out Of Control on TRUE.
Nov 27:  The Carbonaro Effect: Serious Deja Vu on TRUE.
Nov 29:  Epic Meal Empire: Hocus Porkus on BIO.
Nov 29:  Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Vanishing Act on USA.
Meir Yedid opening the show at the premiere of Rich Marotta's Magic Mania
Meir Yedid opening the show at the premiere of Rich Marotta's Magic Mania that will run every Thursday night at the West End Lounge in New York City. Opening night was August 8, 2014 and joining Yedid on the bill were Marc Salem and Marotta who acts as host and performer. Coincidentally Yedid was also the opening act at the very first Monday Night Magic show many years ago. For more information on Magic Mania go: HERE. (8/14/14: A MagicTimes photo).
Shawn Farquhar receiving his Guest Of Honor plaque from Obie O'Brien
Shawn Farquhar receiving his Guest Of Honor plaque from Obie O'Brien at the 44th Annual Obie's 4F (Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic) Convention held on April 23-26 in Batavia, New York. The 2014 MVP as voted on by the attendees was Michael Dardant. (4/29/14: A MagicTimes photo).
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